You wonder, human being: Who made you?

You wonder, human being: Who made you?

Man’s need for the message of Muhammad (ﷺ)

You wonder, human being: Who made you?

Why was I created?

Why am I on earth in this earthly life?

In fact, the One who created you is Allah (the Vietnamese call it Heaven), not a stone statue, not an ox, not even Masih Ysa (Jesus), not nature, not even you. The Most High says:

{Are they created out of nothing or do they create themselves?} (chapter 52 – At-Tur: 35).

If they cannot exist without a creator and cannot create themselves, that proves that Allah is the Creator.

There are so many people who are ignorant of these truths of belief: that Allah is their Lord and Creator, and that He is their God, whom only they should worship.

Surely Allah has created you and provided you with food so that you can worship Him alone and have nothing in common with Him, says the Most High:

{(56) We did not create the Jinas and the human race except to adore Me alone, (57) We did not want any gratification from them nor do we want them to feed Us.} (chapter 51 – Azd-Zdariyat: 56, 57).

If you are sure that your Creator is Allah, then He commands you to worship Him. Consequently, he should ask someone to explain to him how to worship his God, to teach him how to please him, and for that, Allah has sent him Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).He is the last Messenger, the Most High says:

{(Oh Angel!) You say: “Oh humanity! I am the true Messenger of Allah sent to all of you. He is the Sovereign of heaven and earth, there is no true God but He, the one who gives life and gives death. Therefore, you (O mankind) have faith in Allah and his Messenger, an illiterate Prophet who has faith in Him and his Revelations. Follow Y, so that you may be guided (on the right path).”} (Chapter 7 – Al-‘Araf: 158). Men desperately need a Messenger to call them to their God in a good and wise way so as not to be shunned by all, said the Most High:

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{(O Prophet Muhammad!) You invite the path of your God with wisdom and good advice; and discuss with them in the best way possible. Truly, your God knows best who strays from his path, and He knows best who is led (the right path).} (chapter 16 – An-Nahl: 125).

Prophet (ﷺ) he is the messenger of Allah, the Lord of the universe, so there is no way to know what Allah loves and hates except through the Prophet (ﷺ) hello said:

{People, nothing will bring you closer to Heaven or away from Hell, except that I have commanded you. And one thing brings you closer to Hell and further from Heaven, except that I have decreed against you about them.} (Al-Hakim).

Certainly people must have a path to follow in life, regulate their lives and teach them how to treat each other, and anyone who studies the code of law made by Muhammad (ﷺ) You will find your communication and guidance truly miraculous because it includes all human interests, everything you need to be precise, merciful, and self-improving. For example, consider the teachings of Muhammad (ﷺ) on the neighbor-to-neighbor relationship:

Message about them: Prophet (ﷺ) talk:

{Jibril keeps talking to me about love neighbors, so many that I thought they would inherit.} (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Mandate to respect them: Prophet (ﷺ) talk:

{Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, respect his neighbor.} (Al-Bukhari).

Do not harm them: Prophet (ﷺ) talk:

{Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him not harm his neighbor.} (Al-Bukhari).

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Asking and helping neighbors when they need it: Prophet (ﷺ) talk:

{Not the man who believes in Me for the man who eats his fill and knows full well that his next-door neighbor is hungry.} (Jame Saghir).

I wonder if there is a law in this world or a man-made system that respects the neighbor like the commandments of Muhammad (ﷺ) like this?!

People desperately need a person like them to be a role model who watches their actions and imitates them in good deeds and encourages them to do righteous deeds. See is the Prophet (ﷺ) perfect example for all humanity at all times, says the Most High:

{In fact, you (believers) have in the Messenger of Allah a good example. (That is a good example) for those who hope for (good things in) Allah and the Hereafter and for those who remember Allah a lot.} (chapter 33 – Al-Ahzab: 21).

The Messenger of Allah, although he is not with us in His body, is with us by His commandments, His Hadiths, and the best direction is that of Muhammad (ﷺ)Therefore, we need to return to what was guided by Him and follow His noble direction.

Indeed, Muhammad (ﷺ) it is the pinnacle of moral sophistication for those who wish to follow suit. He is an example of honesty, reliability, generosity, courage, forgiveness where possible, humility, purity, patience, asceticism, patience, and all the other noble virtues. This is witnessed by his enemies before they submit to Him, says Allah Most:

{on the contrary, if you obey Y, you will be guided in the right direction. (And know) the duty of the Messenger is only to convey clearly (the Message of Allaah).} (chapter 24 – An-Nur: 54).