Who is the patron Buddha of people born in the year of Horse? 1.Who is the patron Buddha of people born in the year of Horse? Buddha’s destiny…

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										1.Vị Phật Bổn Mệnh của người tuổi Ngọ là ai?  Phật Bổn Mệnh của người...

1.Who is the patron Buddha of people born in the year of Horse?

Buddha’s destiny The number of people born in the year of the Horse is Mahastamprapt Bodhisattva, He symbolizes the light of knowledge. People use the power of intellectual light to help people born in the year of the Horse gain clear intelligence, a successful career, and develop their abilities.

Bodhisattva Mahasthamprapata is also known as Bodhisattva Mahasthamprapata or Boundless Light Bodhisattva. Among the Western Three Saints, he is the bodhisattva who stands to the right of Amitabha Buddha, wearing a rosary around his neck and holding a blue lotus flower in his hand.

Mahastamrapta Bodhisattva is the representative of wisdom, he uses the light of wisdom to illuminate everything, helping all living beings to leave the evil world. And when he moved, there was an earthquake in the world in all ten directions, hence he was called Mahasthamprapta.

He incarnated as an ordinary person to show his vocation to remain close to sentient beings. If he wants sentient beings to hear the Dharma and understand the Dharma, he must be sympathetic towards them. Only by being close to living beings and becoming good friends can we do this. Hence, he is a simple person who easily travels across the world to interact with people.

If you want to save sentient beings on the Pure Land, you must first teach them to get rid of their suffering and impurities. Therefore, his title conveys the meaning of using the light of knowledge to illuminate sentient beings to see their impurities clearly, and at the same time help give them the strength to eliminate the impurities and move towards the Pure Land .

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2. Meaning of wearing Buddha necklace of Mahastamprapt Bodhisattva for people born in the year of Horse

For people born in the year of the Horse, while carrying it with you Buddha, Mahastamprapt Bodhisattva With open eyes and great compassion, they will find meaningful protections such as:

People born in the year of the Horse often have a creative and active spirit. Buddha head necklace of Mahastamprapt BodhisattvaRepresenting the compassion and kindness of the Bodhisattva Mahastamprapt, it can bring peace and balance to the creative spirit of those born in the year of the Horse. It helps them find peace and concentration, creating favorable conditions to develop new ideas and explore their inner creative potential.

People born in the year of the Horse are often decisive and determined in achieving their goals. Mahastamprapt Bodhisattva Buddha necklace can become a source of support and direction in life for them. It encourages patience and determination, helping them overcome difficulties and achieve success.

People born in the year of the Horse often have good and keen intuition. Bodhisattva Mahasthamrapta Buddha is a means to connect with spirituality and increase awareness. By wearing it, people born in the year of the Horse can enhance their analytical skills and deeper understanding of situations and people.

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People born in the year of the Horse have broad vision and high ideals. The Bodhisattva Mahastamprataptha, a symbol of compassion and kindness, supports the development of good character for those born in the year of the Horse. It encourages kindness, respect and care for the people around them, helping them become contributors to community development and peace.

In what year was Buddha born in the year of the Horse?

Buddha’s destiny Naham Ngo -person giving birth 1942

Buddha’s destiny Giap NGO -person giving birth year 1954

Buddha’s destiny without any reason -person giving birth 1966

Buddha’s destiny Mau NGO -person giving birth year 1978

Buddha’s destiny Kanh Ngo -person giving birth 1990

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