Who is the Buddha of the Year of the Rooster? 1. Who is the Buddha of the Year of the Rooster for the Rooster? Lord Buddha…

Who is the Buddha of the Year of the Rooster?  1. Who is the Buddha of the Year of the Rooster for the Rooster?  Lord Buddha...

1. Who is the Buddha of the Year of the Rooster for the Rooster?

There is a Buddha of luck for the chicken Real Estate Minh Vuong Bodhisattva,

Achal Minh Vuong is a Dharmapala who is primarily worshiped in Vajrayana. He is seen as an angry incarnation of the great Sun Tathagata to subdue the most obstinate beings and to protect the three jewels in the future life. His other name is Achal Vajra Minh Vuong, Achal Ton, Achal Ton, Bodhisattva Achal, code name Eternal Pillar Vajra.

His powerful form can scare away evil spirits, demons and ghosts. The sharp sword in the right hand represents the complete task of destroying greed-hatred.

The left-handed rope can bind all those who are strong-willed. The raging fire behind him can burn away all kinds of miseries. Therefore, all other manifestations are meant to reveal His great compassion.

2. The meaning of wearing the Buddha’s rosary of Minh Vung, the immovable obligation with the people in the year of the rooster

For those born in the Year of the Rooster, wear Buddha Face Necklace Real Mandate Minh Vuong It helps in removing obstacles and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the soul. In particular, each time reciting the mantra Achal Minh Vung, those born in the Year of the Rooster will find that it purifies the mind, dispels the hard-to-avoid ignorance, and more quickly approaches the path of enlightenment. Is.

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He is the symbol of the protector and the light of knowledge. He always follows the rooster silently and protects it to teach it right from wrong and can take advantage of the opportunity to have a successful career and a happy family.

For those who have a lot of bad luck and difficulties in life, he will help to neutralize it. May the rooster cross all the hurdles and lead a peaceful and happy life.

In addition, the real estate Minh Vuong bodhisattva also favors those born in the year of the Rooster to always bring abundant wealth and good fortune. Help people born in the Year of the Rooster to stay away from evil, avoid being harmed by scoundrels, and stop trouble before it happens. Rooster family is always happy. Work is getting better and more stable. With their help, social relations will be a little better.

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In what year was the Rooster Buddha born?

Buddha’s Destiny Age year of the rooster -born person [1945[1945

Buddha’s Destiny Age ding cock -born person 1957

Buddha’s Destiny Age year of the rooster -born person 1969

Buddha’s Destiny Age new cock -born person 1981

Buddha’s Destiny Age Rooster -born person 1993

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3. Pay attention when wearing necklaces of Buddha and Bodhisattva images

when worn Buddha face necklace One should respect Buddha, have a good heart and not do bad things.

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Do not leave in unhygienic, unhygienic places.

Don’t let the face of Buddha get dirty.

While washing, keep Buddha’s face in a clean place, take care that it is not broken, wash it with clean water.

When not wearing the chain should be kept in a clean place, can be covered with yellow cloth or red cloth. Do not place the face of Buddha under any other object.

Buddha pendant necklace is a very sacred item, so when using it, you have to be careful not to do any taboo that will reduce your fortune.

Hope the above information is really helpful for you to learn Buddha of the Year of the Rooster and help you find yourself Buddha face necklace Best fit.

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