Who is Dieu Tri Mother Earth? Symbolic meaning and worship.

Diêu Trì Địa Mẫu có công đức to lớn trong việc tạo ra sinh linh vạn vật, giúp con người phát triển


  • Who is Dieu Tri Mother Earth?
  • The meaning of the image of Dieu Tri Mother Earth
  • The Virtue and Power of Mother Earth
  • How to worship Dieu Tri Mother Earth
  • Dieu Tri Dia Mother or Buddha Mother is not only worshiped in the palace, but is also invited by many owners to worship at home. If you have ever heard of Dieu Tri Dia Mau but don’t know who she is, what does she mean the image of her, how to worship, don’t ignore the information in the article below.

    Who is Dieu Tri Mother Earth?

    There are many recorded documents about Dieu Tri Diem. Depending on the religious beliefs and each locality, he was honored with many different titles such as Dieu Tri Kim Mau, Mother Buddha, Mother Buddha Kim Ban, Cuu Thien Huyen Nu, Thien Hau, Dia Mau, Dai Tu Mau. , Mau Hoang.. In addition, Dieu Tri Dia Mau is also commonly known by the name of Tay Vuong Mau, in Vietnam it is often called Ba Troi or Dia Mau.

    Dieu Tri Earth Mother has great merit in creating creatures of all things, helping people to developDieu Tri Earth Mother has great merit in creating creatures of all things, helping people to develop

    According to legend, Dieu Tri Dia Mau is a gentle and compassionate-looking goddess, with the appearance of an old woman. According to Taoism and some other legends, she is the goddess of supreme status, typical in the East Asian belief system. She lived on Kunlun Mountain, a famous mountain range in Chinese mythology. It is believed that Kim Ba Phat Mau lives in the Dao Tri palace on Con Lon Mountain, there is a garden planted with many peach tables, which is a variety of fairy peach that can make people eat forever young and not old.

    Meanwhile, another theory holds that, during the Chaos period when there was neither Heaven nor Earth, there was only chaotic gas called Void gas in the universe. This qi condenses to produce a mass of Great Spiritual Light called Tai Chi, omniscient, omniscient, and capable of dominating the Universe. The ruler of this Tai Chi throne is the Jade God Emperor. He divided Tai Chi into Duan Nghi, Duong Quang and Am Quang, in which Yang Quang was in charge. He then incarnated into Mother Buddha in charge of the Yin Quang gas.

    Another theory is that, in the time of chaos, heaven and earth gave birth to Nguyen Thuy Thien Vuong, then gave birth to the jade female Thai Nguyen, the jade female gave birth to the emperor, and Tay Vuong Mau , Thien Hoang gave birth to the Emperor of Earth and Earth The Emperor gave birth to the Emperor. Or there is a theory that the Western Queen Mother named Duong Hoi, and her husband Hoa Thien Thien De, harmonize the yin and yang of heaven and earth, are the masters of everything in the world.

    Sitting Buddha Statue of Mother Earth DTDM-004Sitting Buddha Statue of Mother Earth DTDM-004

    Dieu Tri Earth Mother formed by the two qi of yin and yang, has unlimited power, takes over the heavens and the universe, is called Kim Ban Buddha Mother. She rules over the goddesses, furthermore, in Tam The, who attains enlightenment and becomes a fairy upon ascending to heaven, she has to worship Kim Mau or Dieu Tri Dia Mau in order to ascend to the nine clouds. In Taoism, Dieu Tri Kim Mau Day is March 3, as this is her birthday and also the day she opened the Ban Dao Festival. In the Cao Dai religion, Dieu Tri Kim Mau day is the full moon day in August, also known as the Yen Dieu Tri Festival. Meanwhile, the festival of Madre Dieu Tri Madre Tierra is usually celebrated on October 18.

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    The meaning of the image of Dieu Tri Mother Earth

    According to Mother Buddha Chan Kinh, each person in the holy realm has two bodies. In it, the True Spirit, also known as Soul, is a point of Spiritual Light extracted by the Supreme Being from the Dai Linh Quang block and given to each person to have spirituality and life. The remaining body is the monad, that is, the body, the form created by Mother Buddha, which encloses the true spirit. Therefore, the Buddha is also known as the Great Father Tu, the Buddha Mother is called the Great Mother.

    DTDM-002 Diocese of Mother Earth Mineral Stone Dust StatueDTDM-002 Diocese of Mother Earth Mineral Stone Dust Statue

    In the mortal realm, man has 3 bodies, one is a true spirit, one is a monad, and the other is a mortal body created by his parents. Therefore, in addition to the two parents in the mortal world, humans also have two common spiritual parents, the Supreme Being and Mother Buddha. Some documents say that Mother Buddha currently resides in the Dieu Tri Palace in the ninth heaven, also known as the heaven of creation in Cuu Trung Thien.

    Dieu Tri Earth Mother is depicted with many different images. In ancient texts, she is sometimes described as a shining goddess with tiger teeth, leopard tail, sometimes described as having 9 fox tails. Over time, she is now described as a beautiful and benevolent goddess, often accompanied by beautiful maidens. She often sits on a phoenix or a peacock, wearing a headscarf. She is also often shown with cranes or other birds.

    There are many legends about the image of the Western Queen Mother. According to Taoism, she is depicted as a gentle old woman, sometimes as a goddess with a beautiful face. According to another legend, Tay Vuong Mau wears a golden robe, wears a lingzhi headband, a large flower-shaped bow on her head, and carries a sword at her waist. The costume is full of beautiful patterns, the face of her is about thirty, the beauty is amazing. On her head she wears a Thai Chan Than Anh hat and Huyen Quynh Phung Van shoes on her feet.

    Currently, the statues of Dieu Tri Diem are shown standing on the globe that symbolizes the earth. His face was beautiful, his head had a big bow with many beautiful decorations. His body is dressed in ao dai, usually gray, black, or dark gray, with his hands holding the teaching seal.

    DTDM-002 Diocese of Mother Earth Mineral Stone Dust StatueDTDM-002 Diocese of Mother Earth Mineral Stone Dust Statue

    The Dieu Tri Earth Mother image symbolizes the good things in life. Often associated with a life of opulence, wealth, longevity, fame, and good reputation. In addition, in her name there is the word “Madre”, which means mother, which is understood in the sense that she is usually a woman who gives birth, so she is usually worshiped to pray for the family to have intelligent and obedient children. . At the same time, we also wish that life between generations and family members be harmonious, avoiding quarrels and disagreements.

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    The Virtue and Power of Mother Earth

    There are many different documents documenting the merits of the Dieu Tri Earth Mother. Consequently, Mother Earth is the deity who divides the sky as yang and the earth as yin, helping the earth and sky to be no longer dark and cloudy, and also creating an atmosphere that brings vitality to all things. Mother Earth rules the three lights of Tinh, the Sun and the Moon and the four and eight directions. Therefore, people worship her to commemorate and respect the person who cares for all things and all species on earth.

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    Mother Earth helps transform human beings, silently supports crops and land, and helps people determine direction. At the same time, the origin of the raindrops that help grain growth is also said to come from the delicate glass core of Mother Earth. The ancients also believed that the dragon was one of the gods created by him to help the wind and rain in favorable places, forming ponds, rivers and streams.

    30 cm tall composite statue of Mother Earth Mother 30 cm tall composite statue of Mother Earth Mother

    The power of Mother Earth is known through the Praise of Virtue of Dieu Tri Buddha and the True Mother Buddha Sutra. In it, her power is to dominate yin and light, that is, to dominate yin in the entire universe. Mother Buddha also rules over Kim Ban, this is the container for the pure substances used to create the true divinity of human beings in the divine realm. In addition, Dieu Tri Dia Mau also manages the Fairy Peach Garden, using Fairy Peaches to reward those who have achieved enlightenment.

    Furthermore, Mother Buddha also saved human lives, taking advantage of all forms of teaching to save sentient beings. She is in charge of creation, according to Maitreya Chan Kinh, Kim Ban Buddha Mother has the power to empower all living things, she often comes to Ta Ba realm to care for sentient beings, helping true spirits to return to your buddha fountain. nature. Dieu Tri Diem is the mother of ten thousand spirits, but her authority is not higher than that of Buddha Duc Nhien Dang Co.

    Mother Earth helps create and nurture rice, fruits, vegetables, spices, all thanks to her care and upbringing. Mother Earth is also believed to help maintain fame, fame, fortune, possessions, health, and knowledge. The knowledge of her is spread in the Chan Sutra Mother Buddha, whoever comprehends the truth in the sutra will have a clear mind and extraordinary wisdom.

    Color Changing Mineral Stone Statue of Mother Earth Buddha DTDM-003Color Changing Mineral Stone Statue of Mother Earth Buddha DTDM-003

    How to worship Dieu Tri Mother Earth

    Dieu Tri Earth Mother or Buddha Mother has biochemistry, creates all things, resides in the Dieu Tri palace, where the monad and body are created. This is a jade palace. Under her authority, there were the Nine Immortals and innumerable Buddhas to take care of the universal law. Normally, Mother Buddha is worshiped at large shrines, not temples.

    The way to worship Mother Dieu Tri in the shrines, first of all, there should be a portrait of Mother Buddha riding Thanh Loan, then 9 statues of the Nine Goddesses. Below are 4 statues of 4 female musicians following Dieu Tri Kim Mau. Below is the statue of Mr. Dong Phuong Soc kneeling and raising a plate with the first 4 fruits over his head, the statue is to the right of Dieu Tri’s mother. Finally, there is a kneeling statue of Duc Cao Thuong Pham in front of the temple.

    Dieu Tri Mother Earth Seated Statue in Red Brocade DTDM-005Dieu Tri Mother Earth Seated Statue in Red Brocade DTDM-005

    In order to worship Mother of Dieu Tri Diem, first of all, owners must choose a suitable address to worship Mother of Dieu Tri. Then go through the steps to set up the shrine according to the ritual. Depending on the conditions as well as the worship space, the owner chooses the appropriate model. Currently, the Dieu Tri Dia Mau statue is not only worshiped in temples and large halls, but the owners can invite the Buddha statue to worship at home.

    Dieu Tri Earth Mother or Kim Ban Buddha Mother is the Buddha Mother in charge of Kim Ban who resides in Dieu Tri Palace. The appearance of Dieu Tri’s mother is variable, influenced by the beliefs and religions of the time and the minds of the people. Hopefully, the information in the article will help you understand Dieu Tri Kim Mau and how to worship her.

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