Where should the statue of Maitreya Buddha be kept to bring luck and fortune? The statue of Maitreya Buddha represents bliss and complete happiness…

Where should the statue of Maitreya Buddha be kept to bring luck and fortune?  The statue of Maitreya Buddha represents bliss and complete happiness...

Maitreya Buddha Statue Representing happiness and complete happiness, many Buddhists have been choosing it recently. Maitreya Buddha Statue When placed in the right position, it will bring good luck, prosperity and peace to the homeowner’s family. However, not everyone knows where to place the Maitreya Buddha statue so that the object can fully promote its feng shui value.

Together Buddhist objects know about Where should the statue of Maitreya Buddha be kept to bring luck and fortune? In the following article.

Who is Maitreya Buddha? What is the story of Maitreya Buddha?

In Sanskrit Maitreya Buddha is called Metteyya, Zhampa (Tibetan), Milo (Japanese), Tu Thi (Chinese), and means merciful – one who has immense compassion and saves sentient beings. Avoid greed, anger and ignorance in this mortal world. According to the Dai Nhat Sutra, tu thi means compassion. This compassion arises from the nature of Tathāgata or Buddhism. In the Bhikkhu Joy of the Lotus Sutra and the similar Enlightenment Sutra, Maitreya is a descendant of Shakyamuni Buddha.

According to legend, when he was reborn in the earthly world to save sentient beings, he incarnated in the house of a Brahmin named Tu Pham Na. From birth, he had an extraordinary appearance, fine qualities and special knowledge. When he grew up, he became a monk and went to Ke Tuk Mountain to collect the Buddha’s robe and bowl given by Patriarch Ma Ha Ca. Lettuce handed it back, then he sat under the Dragon Flower tree and stopped the vajra to completely eliminate ignorance and attain supreme bodhi.

6 768x768 1Wood and stone statue of Maitreya Buddha with five blessings, 50-60 cm tall

From here he began preaching in the Hoa Lam Lecture Hall under the Long Hoa tree. The result of his teachings was to introduce sentient beings to the Buddha Dharma and to control greed, anger, ignorance, sadness and suffering in their minds. The first Sangha qualified 96 people. In the second meeting, 94 people attained Arhatpada. In the third meeting, 92 people were saved from becoming Arhat Saints. Therefore, he was also called by the honorific name Long Hoa Tam Hoi by later generations. He preached the Dharma for sixty thousand years, saving countless sentient beings from the fog of worldly suffering to practice enlightenment and attain nirvana.

Because of this premise, Chinese Buddhism and Vietnamese Buddhism often create statues to worship with gentle, radiant faces and large, kind smiles. Because he represents the source of complete happiness, knowing enough to be happy, knowing peace clearly. Therefore, the statue of Maitreya Buddha was carved in the image of a large, chubby Buddha, sitting comfortably, ears open, chest open shirt and a radiant smile.

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Meaning of Maitreya Buddha Statue

Maitreya holds a very important place in the Vietnamese Buddhist tradition. The Vietnamese people have been worshiping him for almost a thousand years, from the Lê Dynasty to the present day. His image is based on a Chinese legend. During the Five Dynasties period (907-960), there was a fat monk, wearing a shirt that exposed his stomach, with a very happy face and a cloth bag on his shoulder. Wherever he went, he would ask and whatever people gave him, he would keep it in a cloth bag. Then, when he met the children, he gave them everything. Hence, the children liked it very much and kept roaming and playing with them. People call him “Great Respected Father”. “Bo Dai” means cloth bag, “Bo Dai Venerable” means the venerable one who carries the cloth bag. Because he was only playing with children, some adults saw this and did not like him. Some scolded him and even spit on his face. But he was still calm and smiling. It seems as if there is always a smile on his lips. Even though his body is fat, he is always free.

Maitreya Buddha’s iconography today is depicted with a healthy, well-built body, wearing a shirt that reveals his stomach, showing his navel, and walking barefoot. Maitreya Buddha’s personality is described as strange as his body, his speech is uncertain and he sleeps wherever he wants. The most striking thing every time you look at the statue of Maitreya Buddha is his everlasting smile of happiness and limitless tolerance. Buddha’s smile makes the audience feel immense compassion, peace and gentleness. Long ears represent kindness, ears that know how to listen to the one who compliments and smile, which laugh at the one who criticizes without offending anyone. The round belly represents great compassion that will include all the suffering in the world.

Where should the statue of Maitreya Buddha be kept to bring luck and fortune?

Due to its great importance in Feng Shui, the Maitreya Buddha statue can be placed in the home, workplace or car. so Where should the statue of Maitreya Buddha be kept?In any suitable situation.

Place the statue in the north-west direction

West and north-west are the directions of sunset. It symbolizes the coming of the end, of completion. Placing the idol of Maitreya in the north-west direction of the house is the best position to attract luck, fame, promotion and fortune. Therefore, placing the idol in this direction will help the owner to get good luck, success in life and good fortune on career growth path.

Place the idol in the south-east direction

South-east is the direction of sunrise and the sunlight will shine in this direction in the morning. It holds the meaning of growth and awakening of all things, symbolizing perfection. According to Feng Shui, placing the statue in Thien Lok Palace (south-east direction) in the office and reception desk will help the homeowner attract prosperity, luck and fortune.

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Or you can also order Maitreya Buddha Statue On the desk, for people who hold high positions or are politicians. In this position, he will always bless and protect the home owner with a clear mind, cheerful and optimistic personality, good relationships with customers and employees, helping his/her career run smoothly.

tdt dlnn21 5 768x768 1Bronze statue of Reclining Maitreya in high quality bronze, 21.5 cm

place the statue in the east direction

The sun rises in the east, ushering in a new day, full of energy and vitality. Therefore, it symbolizes existence, eternity and infinity. You should keep the idol of Maitreya Buddha in the east direction of the house, this will always keep your family harmonious and happy. It is difficult to avoid arguments and conflicts in life. So in this situation, he will bless the family, solve all the troubles and unite the members.

Place the statue according to the lion qi palace

Vitality means generating lots of good energy. Sinh Khi Palace belongs to Bat Trach (4 directions, 8 directions), belongs to Tham Lang Star, attracts luck, wealth, promotion. Hence it symbolizes fame, fortune and fortune. If placed Maitreya Buddha Statue In this direction, it will help the homeowner to attract wealth, luck and success in his/her career. Keeping idols according to the energy zodiac sign in the living room also provides comfort and friendliness to the guests coming to the house.

Place the Laughing Buddha statue on your desk or study table

Keeping a small wooden statue of Maitreya on your desk or study table has many good feng shui meanings. The idol of Maitreya will help the homeowner to move ahead in his career and prevent conflicts.

Keeping a statue of Laughing Buddha on the study desk will keep the mind clear, increase motivation to learn and increase concentration and creativity.

Place the statue of Laughing Buddha on the car

In a closed space in the car, if left for a long time, bad odors will appear from the engine, gasoline, etc. Therefore, choose a Laughing Buddha statue made of sheesham or green cypress wood with a pleasant, cool scent. Helps eliminate foul smell from cars.

In addition, in terms of Feng Shui, the Maitreya Buddha statue protects the home owner safely on the road, thereby avoiding accidents and unnecessary troubles on the road. Long distance drivers in particular are often stressed and tired. The Laughing Buddha statue will help relieve fatigue and help the driver feel more relaxed.

Where is the address to buy beautiful, prestigious and quality Maitreya Buddha statues?

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