When is Buddha’s birthday? How to worship Buddha’s birthday at home

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  • When is Buddha’s birthday?
  • The story of when Buddha was born
  • How to worship Buddha’s birthday at home
  • Buddha bathing ceremony on Buddha’s birthday
  • Buddha’s birthday is the most important holiday in Buddhism, originating in India. This is the day that commemorates the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. On Buddha’s birthday, the Buddhist Church organizes many Buddhist rituals, lectures, parades, lanterns, lanterns, etc. Buddhists usually fast, don’t kill, work, be kind, listen to sermons, reflect on oneself in order to have a pure soul. So to know”When is Buddha’s birthday? How to worship Buddha’s birthday at home“How to do it right, please follow the article below.

    When is Buddha's birthday?  How to worship Buddha's birthday at homeBuddha Birth Statue White Jade Stone Powder

    When is Buddha’s birthday?

    Referring to the life of Shakyamuni Buddha, we often mention four important events. These four events are also four milestones in the time of the Buddha’s earthly manifestation. These are the events: the date of birth, the day of enlightenment, the time of turning the wheel of Dharma, and the date of Buddha Shakyamuni’s parinirvana.

    Buddha’s birthday is the biggest, most important and most sacred holiday in Buddhism. In the recorded documents there are differences when it comes to Buddha’s birthday. In which, two days are mentioned that are April 8 and 15 of the lunar calendar.

    Buddha Shakyamuni’s date of birth is not specified in the Buddhist scriptures. But only recorded Buddha was born on a full moon day in the month of Vesaka according to the Indian calendar. According to the ancient Indian calendar, the full moon day is the 8th, and according to the lunar calendar, the month of Vesaka is the 4th lunar month. The 8th day of the 4th lunar month according to the old Indian calendar is the 15th day of the 4th lunar month, or the 15th day of the 4th lunar month according to the calendar we use today.

    In Vietnam, Buddha’s birthday is celebrated on the 15th day of the fourth lunar month of each year. He came into this world to rebuild what falls apart and to reconnect what is broken. The fourth lunar month is also the season when lotus flowers begin to bloom, as if to welcome the birth of the Buddha.

    When is Buddha's birthday?  How to worship Buddha's birthday at homeWhen is Buddha’s birthday? How to worship Buddha’s birthday at home

    The story of when Buddha was born

    Shakyamuni Buddha, whose real name is Siddhartha Gautama, was born in 624 B.C. His and King Tinh San’s father, his mother is Queen Ma Da. In the Buddhist scriptures, there is a record of the Buddha’s birth as follows:

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    Queen Ma Da dreamed that a six-tusked white elephant turned into a halo and became pregnant. As the due date approached, Queen Ma Da asked King Tinh San to return to her home. With the king’s consent, she and her retinue set out to return to her homeland. When she passed the Lumbini garden with many sala trees, she stopped to rest.

    At this time, Queen Ma Da felt burdened, the entourage covered a curtain around her and withdrew. While the queen was still standing and clinging to a branch of the sala tree, she gave birth to him from the right side. Naturally, a lotus flower bounced to support it. At that moment nine dragons came down from heaven, throwing two streams of hot and cold water to bathe him. Four great Brahmas wearing a golden net then appeared and wrapped that net around him. After leaving the hands of the four great Brahmas, he was picked up by the Four Great Heavenly Kings and wrapped in a cloth made of black antelope skin.

    As soon as he was born, the gods took care of him. As soon as he put it down, he took seven steps and under each step a lotus flower appeared. When he took seven steps, he pointed to the sky with one hand, and with one hand pointing to the ground, he said aloud: “Heavenly, Thien Ha, Only Self, Single Ton” (meaning: “In heaven and on earth I am the most noble person).

    When is Buddha's birthday?  How to worship Buddha's birthday at home

    The meaning of the phrase “Heavenly Thien Ha Duy Ngan Single Ton”

    “Own Tongue of Heavenly Thien Ha Duy” is a common saying of the Buddhas when they appear. It means “In heaven and on earth I am the noblest. I (I) – Represents all beings from heaven to earth. The self here is the True Self, the permanent dharmakaya, unborn and immortal, without past or future, the true mind of all sentient beings. But because they are obscured by ignorance, afflictions, and discrimination, sentient beings do not see their own “True Self.” He must have to endure the suffering of birth, old age, disease and death, always suffering.

    The Buddha appeared in the world to help sentient beings rediscover their “True Self, find immeasurable virtue in their own nature.” He helps sentient beings to get rid of suffering and become Buddhas.

    When is Buddha's birthday?  How to worship Buddha's birthday at home

    How to worship Buddha’s birthday at home

    The Buddha statue is often crafted with soft, simple and pure beauty. The Buddha statue is depicted standing, with one hand pointing to the sky and the other to the ground. The Buddha’s Birth Statue depicts the good looks of the Buddha when he was born. Worshiping the birth of the Buddha, understanding the meaning of the Buddha image, every day trying to practice without sacrificing the merits of the Buddha.

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    The Buddha birthday statue worshiped at home is often placed in front of the balcony, on the terrace, in front of the house, in the living room or in the garden. Depending on the worship space, the owner chooses the statues of the appropriate size.

    When choosing a Buddha birthday statue, owners can choose a Buddha birth statue standing on a lotus. Or the model has more details to simulate the image of the Buddha in the birth of the Buddha in the Lumbini garden. Or homeowners can also design a template according to their own creative ideas.

    If the owner makes a Lumbini garden with the same model as the construction project, there is a born Buddha, Queen Ma Da, Chu Thien, a maid, a water-sprinkling dragon, seven lotus flowers, grass, etc., then There is no need for altar incense again.

    Use decorative items such as electric lights, lanterns, Buddhist flags, banners to celebrate Buddha’s birthday, etc. To decorate beautifully, show sincerity and cost less.

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    Buddha bathing ceremony on Buddha’s birthday

    Before performing the Buddha bath ceremony, you should prepare: A bowl of warm water, a bowl of clean water to clean the Buddha image before placing it on the table for the Buddha bathing ceremony. A container with clean water is placed in the center of the table, a ladle or cup to collect the water from the Buddha bath, a clean cotton towel to wipe the newborn Buddha image. A bowl of fragrant water to bathe the Buddha during the ceremony. Agarwood incense, candles to burn, incense to the Buddha. Use flowers to decorate around the Buddha’s birthday or if the statue is placed in the brass, use jasmine flowers scattered around the outside and inside of the bowl. A cake to offer to the Buddha with the words “Happy Birthday” placed in front of or next to the Buddha image.

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    Buddha bathing ceremony: Sometimes the Buddha statue is born, please wash it with warm water, then wash it with clean water to make the statue very clean, no longer sticky with dirt. Use a clean towel to dry the statue. Place the statue in a clean container and perform the Buddha bath ritual. In the Buddha bathroom shelf reading, while reading, take a ladle to scoop out fragrant water, and slowly pour it on the Buddha image. The first ladle is poured over the top of the Buddha image, the second is thrown over the Buddha’s right shoulder, and the third is poured over the Buddha’s left shoulder. While bathing the Buddha thinking that by virtue of the Buddha’s bath these buckets of water will wash away any karma and troubles. Make the three karmas of our body, speech and mind pure, our bodies dignified and beautiful.


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