What is Xa Loi Tower? The meaning of the stupa of relics in Buddhism

Tháp Xá Lợi thường được làm từ chất liệu thủy tinh, pha lê, hình dáng giống các bảo tháp ở Tây Tạng

The relic stupa has a very important meaning in Buddhism, it is a testimony to the results of the practice of the Buddha and a number of high monks and nuns at home or monastic life. Xa Loi Towers are not only large towers built in temples, monasteries and viharas, but are also worshiped at home by many Buddhists and families.

What is Xa Loi Tower?

The stupa is a stupa that contains the relics of the Buddha or the relics of the high monks and revered ones. The tower is used for worshiping on Buddhist altars in temples, monasteries, Buddhist places of worship, or devotional worship in the home of Buddhists. Not only is it a place to store relics and dharma objects, but in Buddhism, the stupa is also a symbol of Buddha’s wisdom.

The stupa is a stupa that contains the relics of the Buddha, the high monks The stupa is a stupa that contains the relics of the Buddha, the high monks

As mentioned, this is the place where the relics of Buddha or the relics of saints, high monks, and great enlightened virtues are stored. In particular, the relics are small round beads, which look like crystals or pearls, formed after the cremation of the body of the Buddha, high monks of Buddhism. The relics have many different colors such as pink, blue, gold, silver, and some even shine like granite.

There are many kinds of relics, such as Buddha’s relics, practitioners’ relics. Depending on the morality, the relics will have different shapes and colors. According to the ancestor An Quang, the relics are created by the strength of the practitioner’s precepts – concentration – wisdom, not by refining – gas – god. It is a symbol of the mind that is compatible with the Way, not only when you die and burn it, but even while you are alive, the flesh, bone, and hair of the body can become relics.

In the history of Buddhism, stupas have appeared since the time of the Buddha. At that time, the Buddha’s disciple, the venerable Sariputta, passed away before the Buddha. After the cremation ceremony, his body left behind relics. The relics are kept in the monastery for all to admire. However, one day the monastery had to close, people could not come to admire the cult, so it was very sad.

Because he was predestined, at this time he must build a stupa to contain the relics. This stupa contains relics, Buddha images, Dharma objects, it is a symbol of wisdom, it is also a gathering place for deity and protector buddhas… Nowadays, based on the image of the stupa, people create many . Many small stupas are modeled after the stupas of the Buddha’s time for worship.

Meaning of stupa in Buddhism

In Buddhism, the stupa is a symbol of wisdom. The relics are not simply crystallized matter, formed by the process of eating and practicing as many people think. The relics are the result of Faith, Vows, Conduct, and Concentration Precepts, and are proof of the results of the practice of the Buddha, various high and venerable monks. Not everyone who practices when they die and are cremated will have relics.

The relics are usually obtained after cremating the body of high monks and saints after they have passed away, depending on the person’s wishes, the color and shape of the relics will be different. According to many documents, after the death of the Buddha, his body was cremated, in his ashes people collected many transparent and shiny pearls, filled with 8 boxes and 4 matches.

According to Buddhism, relics are the result of the process of cultivating morality, cultivation, and hard work, found only in people with great compassion. Only those who have a predestined relationship with the Buddha, practice and accumulate virtue, always do good deeds, and do good deeds will have the opportunity to know the Buddha’s relics. Those who are ungrateful do not have good roots, even if the relics are displayed in front of their eyes, they will not be touched.

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Relic towers were built in many temples. In addition, the tower is also made in a small form, often using the shape of the tower to represent the Xa Loi Tower. These towers are often used for worship at temple altars or home Buddha altars to increase holiness, blessings, and increase the fated relationship between the worshiper and the Buddha.

Relics are known to be usually placed in a glass container, in a glass relic tower and placed on altars in temples, placed on top of a pagoda in a temple, or placed on a Buddha image. In Vietnam, the jade relics of Shakyamuni Buddha worshiped in Xa Loi Pagoda were donated by Venerable Narada Mahathera in 1953. In the garden of Hue Quang Tower on Yen Tu Mountain, there are also relics of King Tran Nhan Tong.

The meaning of the tower in spiritual life.

This stupa was not only built on a large scale in temples and monasteries, but also invited many people to worship at home. Asking for Buddha relics, Sangha relics or just a stupa has great spiritual significance. By worshiping the Buddha’s relics or relics, we express our desire to live and follow the Buddha’s teachings, to be partially enlightened by his wisdom lamp.

In particular, when we worship the relics of a holy monk or the relics of the Buddha, that is, we deeply respect and hope to learn from their virtues. The stupa is considered a very sacred treasure and is revered in many temples around the world. Not everyone gets a chance to see the relics.

The relics carry a strong energy, which can help bring many blessings and luck in life. Some people share the miracle of seeing the relics, that since they were able to see it, their spirits have been relaxed and happy, their spirits have improved significantly, and their health has also improved. There is an intense state of consciousness, as if the Buddha were present. This state is strangely peaceful, the feeling of stillness, endless peace, purity of mind becomes calmer.

Devout families often worship the tower to pray for blessings, peace, and luck for their families. Many documents record that, upon entering Nirvana, the Buddha once remembered that after his departure, paying homage to the Buddha’s relics is the same as seeing the Buddha, worshiping the Buddha’s relics, or worshiping the tower of relics. .

Buddha’s relics are said to be treasures that symbolize the presence of the Buddha. Worship the relics of the Buddha, worship the spirit of worship, diligently do good deeds, good deeds will help accumulate immeasurable blessings, can help eliminate calamities and suffering, help people to be honest, have a more beautiful good life.

The meaning of tower worship

Worshiping a stupa is a way to show our devotion, to increase our virtue, to accumulate merit, to get closer to the path of enlightenment. The stupa itself is already a precious and significant treasure. Therefore, although the relics of the Buddha and the relics of the Sangha are not enough, the worship of stupas has brought many effects and meanings.

Shariputra stupas are generally made of glass and crystal, shaped like stupas in Tibet.Shariputra stupas are generally made of glass and crystal, shaped like stupas in Tibet.

The current Shariputra stupa is a miniature model of the stupa containing relics and dharma objects in Tibet, the land considered the cradle of Tantric Buddhism. The stupa is a symbol of wisdom, it is also considered a symbol of holiness, peace and luck. The stupa is often engraved with words such as “Nest Tiet Tathagata Full Body Relic Bao Khiem An Da La Ni”.

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The stupa may contain relics of the Buddha, relics of monks, or no relics at all. In case there is no predestined relationship with the relics, when visiting the tower for worship, it is possible to store a set of sutras or a mantra, especially “Bao Khiep An Da La Ni” in the tower. According to the Buddhist scriptures:

If there are sentient beings who write this sutra and place it in a stupa, that stupa would be the Vajra organ of all the Tathagatas, and also the secret dharani of all the blessings of all. The Tathagata, i.e. 99 one hundred thousand ten thousand cuchi Tathagata rate-dump-three, is also the name of Buddha, Buddha’s eye-to-go-three of all Tathagatas, i.e. all Tathagatas with great power divine and protection.“.

The effect of worshiping the Xa Loi Tower

The merit of worshiping the Shari stupa is very great, so when worshiping the stupa, the owner must be sincere, show respect during the worship process, this is also a way to show sincerity to the Buddhas. Today’s relics are often made of lapis lazuli, crystal, or copper combined with glass.

As mentioned, if there are no Buddha relics and Sangha relics, placing Buddhist scriptures in the relic tower for worship is blessed by all Tathagatas. The meaning and effects of worshiping relics are as follows:

Bring peace, help peace of mind: Many people share that when they go to places with Buddha relics, they feel unusual relaxation, comfort, joy, and peace. Worshiping the Dharma will also partly help people’s spirit and spirit to be more peaceful, peaceful and calm in daily life. From there, you will be able to behave more appropriately and adequately, your body and mind will be at peace, you will be good and you will do many good things for life.

Worship helps remove karma: Worshiping a stupa is also an effective thing to dispel people’s karma, thus relieving pressure, problems and difficulties in life. Because the merit of worshiping stupas, worshiping Buddha images, copying Buddhist scriptures, diligently reciting Buddhist scriptures is indescribable.

Increase spiritual connection: Those who are predestined to worship the relics will have a greater ability to interact with the spirit and will have the opportunity to feel the presence of the Buddha’s spirit. This contributes to increasing the relationship between the worshipers and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, which can increase their ability to perceive the lamp of wisdom.

Remind people to live righteously: Worshiping a stupa or worshiping a Buddha image is a way of reminding ourselves that we should always live in accordance with the Buddha’s teachings, without falling or holding wrong views. Help people to have the motivation to renew themselves, live according to Buddhist values, seek positive things and bring joy, happiness and peace to all.

Helps in intellectual growth.: Worshiping the stupa also helps the human mind to easily reach a state of peace, tranquility and to realize the simple and ordinary joys of life. Helping worshipers with clear wisdom can calmly overcome difficulties and obstacles in life.

Thus, it can be seen that the stupa is a stupa used to store relics of the Buddha, relics of the Sangha, of great significance in Buddhism. Not everyone gets the chance to see the relics or be able to worship them, however, we can also worship the relic stupa, which is considered to represent the Buddha and high monks.

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