What is vowel sound? Signs of being predisposed in religion According to folklore, people who are predisposed to sound are not objects…

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According to folklore, people who have a predestined relationship say that the absence of a beautiful love story often leaves them alone for the rest of their lives if they don’t know how to resolve it. Let us learn about predefined pledges and how to neutralize them in the article below.

I. What is vowel sound?

According to ancient records, it is understood as a connection between the living and the dead. When the dead get caught up in a love affair that hasn’t been resolved before they die, they will be bound to them endlessly and won’t let the living protect or give them new love.

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concept of prerecorded sound

Second. Synthesize the four types of attractions today

1. Predestined Life

It is a predestined relationship with a soul who is secretly in love with you or has been married to you in a past life. Although they have reincarnated in another life, they still have feelings for you, so they follow you.

It can also come from this life when they fall in love with you by mistake, so they follow you so that they can help you and support you when someone wants to harm you.

2. Following leads to many bad things

The evil death is generally the death that cannot be freed, do not worship someone if they love you, they will follow you and destroy your happiness and fortune.

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It is also possible that in the previous life you had promised someone or had enmity with someone, in this life also they will follow you and spoil your life and also hurt you.

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thinking bad things while observing a predetermined fast

3. Repaying the debt of previous birth

This predestined relationship happened in a previous life. When you give your love to someone but that person does not love you back. When reborn and reincarnated, that person will follow you to repay the predestined relationship you gave to that person in your past life, not with the intention of harming you.

4. Luck exists in life

This fate is the person you accidentally met in this life and they felt sorry for you without knowing it.

  • Use the furniture that the deceased used to use.
  • When you look at someone’s tablet, compliment or flirt, feel sorry for their fate.
  • There are behaviors that do not respect holy places because of which you can be easily harassed.
  • Going out at night or drying clothes overnight in a place with too much yin also leads to death.
  • When you go to the beach or river and accidentally lose your belongings or you are born on the same day as the deceased, they will also die.

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Present a predetermined relationship between a yin person and a person living in the earthly world

Third. Does predestination really exist?

Conditional sound is now considered a spiritual entity that many people are interested in and research on. Till date scientists have not been able to prove the secret of this phenomenon.

In fact, there are people who are troubled by emotional problems that lead to unhappy family situations. After worshiping he detected the predestined sound and cut the solution. After this the love life of these people became favorable, the family became happy.

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Recently, many stories have also come to the fore regarding this issue, in which many people have also had to listen to the talk of appearing pregnant with ghosts. But according to science this cannot happen, it will depend on the religious beliefs of every person.

From the point of view of the Buddha, predestined sounds exist. Because, the emergence of many other stories related to predestination which science cannot explain. There are good and bad things, so if you live honestly, you will be peaceful and happy.

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Does predestined sound exist or not?

IV. Should I cut the charm or not?

According to the Buddhist concept, everyone has their own predestined relationship. So it will be bad, it will be good it depends on each person.

Sometimes, it also gives you many positive things in life when the spirits they follow just want to protect and bless us. When you accidentally break that predetermined relationship, it will cause you to lose a good relationship with that person without you even knowing it. Therefore, it is your right to cut or not cut the voice, no one can force you for this.

V. How to cut vowel sounds according to Buddhist concepts

When an evil predestined yin follows you and haunts you. You can go to the temple to end this predestined relationship. This is done in the following ways: making offerings to the Buddha, repenting, freeing living beings, not committing social evils, not thinking of adultery, etc. If you do more good deeds, you will definitely get evil spirits. Will torment you and give you sorrow for a long time.

In addition, you can also perform a ceremony to pray for the souls of the dead, marrying the Three Jewels to create conditions for the spirits to quickly take refuge at the Buddha’s Gate and be free and no longer bother you. .

post on Buddhist objects Explained in detail about predestination. Hopefully, this will help you better understand the signs and cut vowels properly for notating in daily life.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!