What is the origin and meaning of human nature? The idea of ​​”humans are…” has long been expressed in Chinese doctrine.

nhan chi so tinh ban thien

Chinese doctrine has long expressed the idea that “Staff Spent Natural Goodness Profile“Also known as the basic human nature of the good. This ethical idea continues to circulate and exist today, especially in personality training, educating people about good awareness and fulfillment in true nature. Let us give below Get to know more about the nature of humanity through the given article.

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The idea that “human nature is first and foremost” was created by Mencius

I. Humanity is simple, nature is good in Chinese characters

Human nature is the first principle of good nature, it is an early principle in the book Tam Tu Kinh (三字經). In ancient times this book was used to teach Chinese children how to initiate. Around 385 – 303 BCE, the idea was later inherited by Confucius (who founded Confucianism) and developed by his student Mencius (孟子 – meng zu) through the saying that humanity is primitive. goodwill.

In Chinese characters, human nature is written as: “人之初,”

1. What is Human Profile?

  • Human (人 /ren/): a person.
  • Chi (之 /zhī/): means time.
  • sister (初 /chū/): beginning or beginning

Primitive Humanity: It means that the original human was just born.

2. What is Philanthropy?

  • character (性 /xìng/): personality or temperament
  • ban (本 /běn/): means inherent, naturally
  • kindness (善 /shàn/): honesty or perfection

goodness/good nature: it can be understood that human nature is naturally honest

The basic nature of goodness is explained in the three Atma Sutras through the following four sentences:

  • Human nature, good nature (人之初,性本善 – ren zhī chū, xong běn shàn): Initially, people are born with good capital.
  • Similarity, Future Aggregate (性相近,俠相远 – Xiong Xiang Jin, Xi Xiang Yuen): The habit of making the same underlying nature different.
  • Unrighteous stork, natural nature (苟不教,性乃遷 – gu bo jiao, zong ni qian): nature will change if not educated.
  • Method of Teaching and Learning (教之道,貴以專 – jiao zhī o, guì yǐ zhuān): The only way to dictatorship can be education.
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Mencius inherited and developed the ideas of Confucius

Second. Where does the human nature of goodness come from?

Mencius was born in the Buffalo Country, and grew up in the Warring States era. Under the respect of the Confucian doctrine of Confucius, in order to establish a school that he always wanted, he traveled to many countries such as Song, Qi, Lu, .. and served as an official in the country of Qi.

However, the vassals did not put their faith in those policies, so he returned to the Buffalo Country and together with his disciples prepared a book of principles to be disseminated later.

Mencius mentioned “human chi is the first of good nature or human nature is the first of good nature” through the above 4 sentences (Chinese writing: 人之初, 性本善), which means: the birth of man That’s why it has its own nature. goodness and goodness.

The external factors of the society bring changes in human nature depending on the conditions of development. Therefore, in the process of growing up, people should be taught and trained in a good environment so that evil does not arise, good can be preserved and developed by living a healthy life.

Unlike Mencius, Xun Tu has the opposite idea of ​​”human nature and evil” in Chinese, which is 人之初, 性本坡. This evil theory of Tuan Tu says that people are born evil, full of desires like greed, lust for color etc.

If they are not taught and nurtured in a good environment then anarchy will arise and a chaotic society will be created where people will not be able to live in peace. Therefore, people should be educated to have “manners” in the rules, to know good and bad, to respect, and to learn moral etiquette, so that they can adjust and modify human nature.

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“Human nature is good and nature is bad” are two opposing views.

Third. What is the meaning of human nature?

1. First Thought Meaning of Idioms

The first meaning in Mencius’s view was to inherit and develop the word “ren” from Confucius used in politics and proposed the theory of “human righteousness”.

Mencius believed that the people should have an origin, then a za tac, and finally a king. As the king can only survive if he is protected by the people, the commune can only prosper forever if it is trusted by the people. If the people are dissatisfied, it is only a matter of time before minor conflicts for a change of king occur. His views advocated a peaceful way, strongly opposed disputes, and seized power from the mandarins.

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2. The second ideological meaning of idioms

The goodness of man comes to the fore in the second conceptual characteristic “human nature is good nature”. Coming close to Confucian doctrine, a person must be “German”, have love, value the good, and shun evil. He believes that human nature is inherently good, has compassion and knows the difference between right and wrong, not just blindly selling its morals for trivial gains.

3. The third ideological meaning of idioms

The word “prime” here means not only a newborn baby, but also a primitive, original human being. The “good” in perfection is the perfection that all things in the world that come from the “lesser” stage aspire to.

Long ago in China, the theory of Mencius was considered a major turning point in human ideology and has been handed down to the present day. His view of human nature and compassion is also mentioned in Zen Buddhism.

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Human nature has 3 layers of meaning

IV. What are the ways to remove evil?

If the children are taught by their parents to live in a selfless social spirit, then the evil will be reduced to some extent. Avoid saying hurtful, insulting or sarcastic things to your children.

Psychoanalysts claim that an awakened conscience heals evil. To eliminate the evil of the wicked, we have to give them the consequences of their actions so that they can make themselves suffer.

In a society where material values ​​are given so much importance, the value of compassion should be given more importance to counter cruelty as it is the weapon of the weak. Therefore, justice and solidarity must be directed at all. Confucius believed that: “If you do not want to live, do nothing to yourself” (ie (do not do to others what you do not want)). However, it is very difficult to maintain altruism.

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Good or bad nature depends on the development process of each person

It can be said that the doctrine of Mencius deeply inherited the quintessence of Confucianism and is a culture that deserves to be passed on to future generations. hope the above information Buddhist objects Helped you get the exact perspective of the sentence “Humanity is simple, good natured”, helped you to aim for meaningful and good things in life.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!