What is the mind of life, the general form of life? Can the form change according to nature? Old people have a saying “look at the face but hold the image” or “the mind is born”.

What is the mind of life, the general form of life?  Can the form change according to nature?  Old people have a saying "look at the face but hold the image" or "the mind is born".

The ancients have a saying “Look at the face, the image” or “The mind is born”. It is always believed that the mental state of a person will affect and change his/her face. So what is birth mind and what does it mean? Is it true when applied in practice or not? let’s go Buddhist objects Find the correct answer in the article below.

What is birth rate?

“A general made by the mind – a general destroyed by the will”

I. Mind of Life, General of Life

1. What is the mind of birth?

According to Taoism and Buddhism, mind and form are understood to:

Mind is the mental manifestation, thinking, thought and consciousness of each individual. People with good intentions will be seen in their thinking and thinking. Especially the person’s mind will be exposed from his personality and daily behavior. A good mind is honest, sincere, not selfish, not selfish for self, always generous, tolerant, selfless, kind and ready to help others, wicked, deceitful etc.

Chess is the anatomical features of a person’s face. The face of a person with a cruel mind is also bad. It is part of the anthropology of the face.

The sign is the part which appears outside while the mind is the part which is inside each person. The “mind of birth” refers to how the mind would appear outwardly through appearances. The sign is a mirror that accurately reflects each person’s mind, or it can be said that the mind is the “cause” and the sign is the “effect”.

What is birth rate?

Appearance is a visible reflection of a person’s attitude

2. What is normal of life?

People often rely on facial appearance to predict a person’s future thinking, thoughts or fortune. Furthermore, the appearance can change from day to day according to temperament. Actually, there will be some changes in the appearance of every person from birth to adulthood. Appearance is a reflection of a person’s temperament, personality and behavior over a long period of time. People’s thoughts, thoughts and ideas will slowly trickle down over time and manifest outwardly in actions and personalities. If the mind is good, then signs can change in a good direction, luck can change, people’s luck can change.

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Good mind, good commander, good fortune, happy life, fun. On the contrary, an evil mind gives rise to bad omens and difficult fortunes.

What is birth rate?

A person’s fate can be predicted by his appearance and face.

Second. Meaning of mind of life and symptoms of life.

1. Heart of life – An honest mind will have a kind face

In the “Four Records of the Complete Book”: “The general is the general, the first person is the Chi Bar of the audience; the audience Chi Bar, the first murderer acts Chi; the actions of the murderer, the heart of the audience.” When evaluating people, don’t look at people from their first appearance, but listen first, don’t listen to the voice first, but observe the behavior first, don’t observe the behavior first, but see it. It can be said that the mind determines the form, a change in the nature will also lead to a change in the form.

In addition, there is an old saying that: “Being of mind is not mutual, being is born of mind; existence has no mind, and ends according to mind.” The implication is that, with mind but without any sign, form is also born from mind, with sign but without good mind, form will also self-destruct by following mind.

In short, the life-form of the mind is what a person’s personality resembles. As the mind changes, the form will change. A good mind is good, a bad mind is a bad person. People with good heart will show themselves by their appearance, kind and gentle face. In contrast, the faces and demeanor of people with an evil mind will often be curt and aggressive.

What is birth rate?

Whether a person’s mood is good or bad, sad or happy, it is known from his face.

2. Face clearly reflects the personality of every person

Many studies have shown that good or bad temperament can be recognized from the face. A person who is always happy will have a soft, rosy face and will create a pleasant and welcoming feeling with the opposite person. This is because copious amounts of blood rushes to the face, making the skin pinker and more vibrant.

Meanwhile, people who are often stressed, tired, and scared will often have pale and lifeless faces. If the fatigue persists for a long time, then gradually wrinkles and dryness will start appearing on the face. To explain this, scientists believe that when stressed the human body becomes prone to endocrine disorders, which reduces the amount of blood pumped to the face, which leads to dryness, roughness and lack of luster. Stays here.

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Apart from this, when the mood is not good, it also affects the secretion of hormones. Obstructed sweat and sebaceous glands can lead to skin problems, such as loose skin or enlarged pores, making the face unattractive and rough.

Third. Is it true that mind is born, which is a sign of life?

1. Appearance Doesn’t Always Reflect Nature

In fact, appearance is an innate reflection of the mind. Chess most clearly reflects the nature of each person through their personality, behavior and approach to life. In many cases, people can see signs that can see one’s fortune and mind.

However, there are still many cases where we “can’t see the face but can catch the picture”. That is, appearance does not completely determine the nature and personality of a person. Many people do not have beautiful looks, but a beautiful and kind soul. Rather than a flashy presence, his positive energy makes people feel happy and comfortable.

On the contrary, a person who is of good looks but himself is scheming, cunning, selfish, calculating, his blessings will gradually disappear and become fierce and unfriendly.

What is birth rate?

Living With Heart, Kindness, and Kindness Will Help Change Your Appearance and Destiny

2. Is it possible to change shape to improve luck?

Many people believe that changing one’s appearance can help improve one’s fortune and change fate. Therefore, they do not hesitate to undergo plastic surgery in order to remove the features of “hungry generals” and turn them into profitable sand.

Facelift surgery will make the face and body more beautiful and confident. However, the presence of a person is not only visible through the face and appearance, but also the inner charisma. The most effective way for a person to change his appearance is to change his nature.

Actually, a person’s appearance can also change when the state of mind changes. If a person’s nature becomes more and more evil and evil then his face can be scary. Also, if they always have an honest and tolerant heart, their appearance will gradually become gentle and kind.

A good mind is reflected in outward appearance, natural and happy demeanor. When they keep in touch people around will feel that they are good hearted people ready to help and love.

Recently, it was an article to learn about the mind of life and the sign of life. Buddhist objects Hope readers can better understand the relationship between a person’s appearance and mood. Always train the mind to develop character and live honestly, looks, temperament and fortune will naturally change for the better.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha.