What is the meaning and content of Wu Lan Bao Hiu? The Wu Lan Bao Hiu Sutra discusses the filial piety of people in Buddhism…

kinh vu lan bao hieu

The Wu Lan Bao Hiyu Sutra discusses the filial piety of people in Buddhism, containing many deep meanings about the virtues of generosity, tolerance, and a spirit of selflessness. In the following article, let Buddhist material giving details of ingredients and chants Kinh Wu Lan.

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What is the meaning and content of Wu Lan Bao Hiu?

1. Introduction to the Wu Lan formula

qinh vu lan bao hiu is a book series consisting of three parts Prayers will be offered throughout the Wu Lan season, which is the seventh lunar month each year. The sections of the Wu Lan Sutra are the introduction, the main sutra, and the dedication. You can chant a daily sutra in memory of a deceased parent or dedicate a virtue to a living parent. So that the family tradition can be passed on to the children and grandchildren.

The applicability of Wu Lan Sutra is very high, you can recite it on many big occasions Wish parents a happy birthday, wish them a long life or wish a wonderful holiday for deceased parents and nine ancestors.

There are many questions about the time of Vu Lan Kinh’s appearance, although the exact date is unknown, but it can be estimated in the 3rd century AD. The sutta is linked to Chinese culture, but it still retains the value of educating the daughter-in-law and human morality. Chanting the Wu Lan Bao Hiu Sutra is a way of developing gratitude and gratitude to the birth parents.

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wu lan formula passed down through generations

2. Meaning of Wu Lan Sutra

The full meaning of Wu Lan is Wu Lan Bon, which is the Chinese pronunciation of the Sanskrit word “Ullambana”. There is also another word that is translated O lam ba na, but Buddhists do not use this word, so it is not as widely used as Wu Lan.

According to the Nine Patriarchs Tri Huk Grandmaster, Ullambana means “Rescue from the Mysterious Island” or “Rescue Suffering”. where “reverse” means upside down, bowing the head to the ground, representing an extremely painful posture of punishment; “Xuan” means hanging. Presumably, “resolving the mystery” means removing the perverse punishment of bad karma, helping sentient beings to be relieved of extreme suffering.

In the Wu Lan Sutra, the most miserable beings are in the realm of hungry ghosts. By removing the punishment of hanging upside down, the suffering of hungry ghosts and suffering in the world of hell goes away.

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The meaning of the Wu Lan Sutra is to free people from the hungry ghosts and suffering of the realm of hell.

3. Contents of the Wu Lan formula

It is a long-standing legend that, when the Buddha paid homage to the dry bones of his past lives, he taught about the ten qualities of parents as follows:

1) Take care of your baby during pregnancy.

2) Difficulty in delivery.

3) Worrying about hundreds of things till the time the child is born.

4) swallow the bitter and leave the sweet

5) let dry and remain wet

6) nurturing

7) Bath and Care

8) love and miss

9) too much for you, even doing evil

10) I love you forever.

Therefore, it is the duty of children and grandchildren to repay the kindness of their parents in both material and spiritual aspects. For fathers, the grace of heaven and earth belongs to the part of parenting and education. There is a whole sky of love for a mother, 10 months of pregnancy, 3 years of breastfeeding, till the kids grow up and become happy in life.

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Fatherly devotion to parents is a quality that should be developed in every living being.

The most prominent feature in the Wu Lan Bao Hiu Sutra lies in the content of daughter-in-law as a method of practice. The Wu-lan Sutra mentions Sri Muc Kien Lien in paying filial piety – a disciple renowned for his miraculous powers, while in the Retribution Sutra, filial piety is explained by the incident that the Buddha was buried in a pile of dry bones. Bowed down in front. In which there were monks and nuns. His ancestors.

The general educational value of both these sutras is immense. Notably, both the sages and the Buddha understood and fulfilled the word of the daughter-in-law towards the parents. Thus, it can be seen that piety is the foundation of the religion of the human being and the religion of the saints. If this quality is destroyed, then the morality of man will be broken and he will not be able to become a sage worthy of praise and study.

The way Moggallana saved his mother from starvation was through the vows of the bhikkhu community which included his own merit. This is the main point in the Wu Lan Sutra. At this time, the glory of the community is seen as a vast ocean, capable of liberating people from the shackles of the world of ghosts.

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Mr. Muk Kien Lien saved his mother from the world of ghosts by community morality, merit and mother’s self-centered efforts.

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The content of the Wu Lan Bao Hiu Sutra is intended to teach us to practice, to do Buddhist work, as well as to live by relying on community morality. In which community morality has been considered as the ideal solution to all the moral and character problems of that time. It is thanks to the community morality of the sages and high monks that his mother Muk Keen Lean turns the hungry ghosts’ bad karma into good karma and is reborn in a good realm. This process is seen as the foundation of self-centered striving. Because if his mother Muk Kien Lin, even with the hundreds of thousands of merits of monks, had not tried to change his bad deeds, it would have been difficult for him to get rid of the evil hungry ghosts. This is very important in the Wu Lan Sutra.

The sutta is for all human beings who are responsible for repaying the labor and upbringing of their parents. In addition, the Wu Lan Bao Hiu Sutra also helps sentient beings who are suffering from past and present evil deeds. Sonship is for everyone, whether you are a lay disciple or a monastic disciple; whether alive or dead.

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The Wu Lan Bao Hiu Festival takes place every year on the full moon of July.

4. How to Chant the Wulan Sutra

The content of the Wu Lan Sutra has a very deep and wonderful meaning. Every word in the sutra is highly metaphorical, if you read it only once or twice, it is difficult to understand the core of the problem. Therefore, while chanting, you should be devoted with all your heart and have a sincere heart to cherish each and every word.

Before reciting the Wu Lan Bao Hiu Sutra, you should wash your hands, clean your mouth, and wear respectable clothing. Sit in straight posture. Focus on keeping your body dignified when bending or kneeling. Read by mouth only for listening, do not chant so loudly that it affects the people around.

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Rules on clothing and personal hygiene must be followed when reciting the Wulan Sutra

Through the path of self-transformation of our mind, our deeds and words become good. The Wu Lan Sutra and the filial piety will endure through time, as long as the ethics of filial piety and the ethics of being human still exist in everyone’s heart.

The above article is a summary of useful content related to Kinh Vu Lan Bao Hieu. Buddhist objects I hope the readers have understood the meaning and the basic content of the sutta from which the word Hiu is placed as the basis of ethics.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!