What is the age of the three unions and four elements in Feng Shui? Surely, we’ve all heard the phrase “three…”.

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Surely, we’ve all heard the phrase “three unions”, “four element pulse” at some point when learning about the ages of luck in Feng Shui. The three union and the four impulses greatly affect the career, marriage and fortune of these two groups of people when they are close to each other. So what will be the age in third or fourth impulse and what will be the effects? Let us find out more about Buddhist objects through the following article.

How is the behavior around?

Creation of the 12 Zodiac Animals in Feng Shui

I. What is a triangle?

According to Feng Shui, the 12 animals will be divided into 4 groups, each group having 3 animals with similar characteristics and related to each other. These groups are called triads.

How is the behavior around?

4 groups of animals belong to triads

The distance between the animals in the triad is 4 years, and people who belong to the triad, when they have business relationships, husband and wife, etc., are often successful, everything goes smoothly, and always Support each other in your work.

Second. What is a quartet?

It can be understood that the “pulse of the four elements” refers to people whose destinies are in conflict with each other. The four elements are a group of four zodiac animals that have opposite characteristics in terms of personality and thoughts, quarreling, harsh words, and plotting with each other in life.

How is the behavior around?

3 groups of animals related to the four elements

From 12 animals, four specific impulses are divided into 3 groups:

  • The first group of four elements includes the years of the Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Pig.
  • The second group of four impulses includes the years of the Dragon, Dog, Ox and Goat.
  • The third group of four elements includes the years of the Rat, Horse, Rabbit and Rooster.
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Third. group of triangles in 12 zodiac signs

Triangle people will often have great fortune in life, profit in work and many opportunities for growth in all aspects of life, work and marriage.

The 4 groups of triads in 12 specific animals are as follows:

  • The three unions of the fire department: tiger – horse – dog age (with the same sound) and will start in the order of Dan Mock then go to Ngo Hoa and finally enter Tuat Tho.
  • Wood-triple: Pig – Rabbit – Goat (with Yang) and Water will start in the order of Pig, then Rabbit, and finally enter Mui Tho.
  • The three unions of the Water Department: Monkey age – Rat age – Dragon age (with the same sound) and would start in the order of Tham Kim then go up to Ty Thuy and finally enter Dragon.
  • The three elements of metal: the age of the snake – the age of the rooster – the age of the ox (with the same yang) and fire will start in the order of the snake and then the golden rooster, and finally enter the ox and earth.

1. Persistence group: Characteristic of the three associations Body – Rat – Slender

The Monkey-Rat-Slender age group is a group of destiny aged people with a high sense of responsibility, who always have determination and persistence in everything to accomplish their goals. This age group usually consists of people who do not like to talk much and focus on work.

How is the behavior around?

The group persists in the three associations of Body – Rat – Thin

People born in the Year of the Rat are agile and clever, but often falter in the face of difficulties and challenges. Therefore, this era needs the fierceness and courage of the Dragon year, but the Dragon people lack the creativity and sophistication of the Monkey year. At the same time, the Monkey year also requires more energy than the Dragon age and the creative flexibility of the Rat year. So when these three animals meet, they make an intelligent, creative and powerful group.

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2. Group of intellectuals: characteristics of the three snake-rooster-bull unions

The specialty of the triad group is wisdom including the age of Snake-Rooster-Bull. This group usually has sharp thinking, high imagination, especially strong personality, perseverance and determination to achieve the set goals.

How is the behavior around?

group of intellectuals in snake-rooster-ox triad

People born in the Year of the Ox are often honest, hardworking, and responsible for their work, but still need the agility of the Snake and the Rooster. On the contrary, people born in the year of the Rooster are too quick-tempered and do not think thoroughly, they need the calmness and balance of the Ox to help them.

3. Independent Groups: Features of the Dan-Horse-Tuat Triad

The Tiger – Horse – Tuat triad group is an independent group, which means that people in this group will have a tendency to enjoy free, independent lives and travel a lot to discover things around.

How is the behavior around?

Independent group in the Dan-Horse-Tuat Triad

Horses are generally people who are rich in feelings, rich in imagination, but they also need the determination and strength of the Tiger to work. With the restraint and thoughtfulness of the Year of the Dog, new work becomes easier. At the same time, the mildness of the Dog is needed to balance with the Tiger’s hasty and impatient personality.

4. Diplomatic group: characteristic of the three unions of the Pig-Rabbit-Moy

The Pig-Rabbit-Goat triad group is a group of people who are good at communicating, ready to listen, always supporting and empathizing with those around them.

How is the behavior around?

Diplomatic group in the triangle of Pig-Rabbit-Mui

The Year of the Pig is usually energetic and hardworking, but still requires the subtlety, caution, and agility of the Rabbit and Goat years to make things work smoothly. In contrast, people born in the Year of the Goat and the Year of the Rabbit have to work hard like a pig to get things done.

post on Buddhist objects Explained in detail about Trik and Chaturthi in 12 zodiac signs. Hope this helps you better understand the implications of living in these two groups in everyday life.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!