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The altar plaque is considered a medium, a place where the spirits of ancestors come to reside whenever people worship and worship. This makes it not only an object of worship that symbolizes spirituality, but also a symbol of the family descendants’ love and nostalgia for the deceased. So, what does altar tablet mean?

what is tablet?

pillsA sample of tablets on Buddhist items

Article VPoop, also known as dragon fruit, is one of the worship objects with extremely sacred meaning, used on ancestral altars to honor the deceased (similar to the worship of images). The tablet is usually a card made of paper or thin wood, in the center of which is recorded the full name and title of the deceased, with on either side the dates of birth and death of the person being worshipped, called the deity. Owner.

For families of means, the altar tablet is often placed in a coffin or throne to show respect and gratitude to the ancestors.

Today, tablets are a way to remember the dead and a means of transmitting the attributes of deities and ancestors to future generations. Therefore, traditional bullets made of wood or paper were gradually replaced by bullets made of bronze. Apart from being convenient, durable and termite-free, bronze tablets are also popular due to their refined beauty, which helps in adding grandeur to the pooja room.

What types of pills are there?

Today’s altar tablets are divided into two main types: Ancestor Altar Tablets and Nine Hyeon That An Ancestor Worship Tablets.

  • Ancestor altar plates are used to record the names, years of birth, and death of deceased family members. It is an essential puja item in families where the eldest child is the eldest child or has a puja room in the family.
  • Nine Mystical Tablets for the Worship of the Seven Ancestors: The nine mystical seven ancestors involve 9 generations in a family, or in other words, ancestor worship. Worshiping Cuu Huyen shows respect to our ancestors and predecessors who nurtured, taught and guided us, how to do business, how to behave and how to follow morals, to create good things in the family.
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Basic principles while making puja pills

pills When it comes to Buddhist supplies, homeowners will be able to choose beautiful, quality tablets that are suitable for worship tradition and feng shui.

Select tablet size

When choosing the size of an altar tablet, you can follow these rules:

  • The size of the tablet is usually 3 cm – 4 cm wide and 13 cm – 21 cm high, which is large enough to write words on its heart.
  • Below are some common sizes when making puja tablets:
  • Width 17 cm x Height 38 cm – Good bow for Thiem Dinh and Wealth.
  • Width 18 cm x Height 41 cm – Nice bow for profit.
  • Width 21 cm x Height 61 cm – Good bow for great luck, advancement, profit and luck.
  • Additionally, the homeowner can also choose certain dimensions engraved on the Lu Ban ruler to ensure balanced proportions for the puja tablet.

Essential Ingredients in Tablet

In a puja tablet, the contents are usually written in Han Nom from right to left, top to bottom. In the middle is the name of the person being worshipped, on either side is the role or information about the year of birth and death of that person.

The role of the deceased will be written on the middle line of the puja plaque. For example, if it is three, write it as manifest; Grandfather’s writing skills were on par; Great-grandmother spelled it Pardadi; The nun is a high priest. Next, write the title (if any), followed by the full name, surname or first name, patronymic, surname and posthumous name (if any) of the person being worshiped. The years of birth and death of the deceased are often recorded on both sides of the altar plaque.

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Writing on ancestral altar plaque

The writing on the ancestral altar plaque must comply with the following rules:

  • The total number of words written on the tablet must be divisible by 4, or divided by 4 leaving a remainder of 3. There should not be 1 or 2 letters left.
  • The sequential order of writing letters is as follows: demon – cry – linh – listen.
  • If the deceased was male, the handwriting should be “Linh”; If you are a woman then the handwriting should be “Thinh”.
  • Where to buy a good and quality tablet?

    So, through this article, we hope you have gained more information about tablets, which is one of the products that holds deep meaning in Feng Shui and spirituality. The tablet is not only a beautiful decorative item but also has the ability to bring good luck and peace.

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