What is Sao La Hau Tablet? According to general research, Rahu star must be written on the Prasad card…

Mẫu bài vị cúng sao la hầu bằng chữ nho

According to general research, the card should contain offerings to the Rahu star and the words “Hand of Heaven, Star of Rahu planet, Star of Wealth” should be inscribed on it.

Things to know about Sao La Hau tablets

According to ancient beliefs, each year a person is born has a special star, there are 9 stars in total and this cycle is repeated every 9 years. Even if their age and year of birth are the same, men and women also have different fate stars.

Among the 9 constellations, there are good constellations and inauspicious constellations. In a year when bad stars shine on your destiny, you will have to face bad luck, face many risks, diseases and difficulties in life.

To ward off bad luck, ancient people often made offerings to the stars at the beginning of the year (best) or every month in a temple (best) or outside the home to ward off bad luck. This puja ceremony is to seek the blessings of the Star Lord, so that you, your family and your descendants remain safe, healthy, prosperous and fortunate.

According to folk beliefs, the stars that guide destiny appear only on specific days of the month, making the Tara Puja schedule as follows:

  • Surya Tara: Offered on the 27th day of every lunar month.
  • Thai Am Star: Worship on the 26th day of every month.
  • Jupiter: Worship on 25th of every month.
  • Star Van Han: Worship on the 29th day of every month.
  • Shani: Worship Shani on 19th of every month.
  • Thai Bach Star: Worship on the 15th day of every month.
  • Mercury Nakshatra: Worship on 21st of every month.
  • Sao Rahu: Worship on Ashtami Tithi of every month.
  • Two Nakshatras: Worship on the 18th of every month.
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Worshiping the stars these days is considered a way of seeking protection and praying for goodness, happiness and convenience in life.

According to folk beliefs, to worship the stars, prepare pills, lamps (candles) every month on the day the star shines on the earth, and place the offering plate in the right direction for the ceremony. so sao la hau tablet There is a card and it says “Thien Kung Thanh Thu La Hou Tinh Quan Vu Tien”.

Below is a sample of the Sao La Hau Offering Tablet, which includes both Confucian and national language characters, so you may choose to download it and print it on yellow paper to perform the offering ceremony.

Sample of Sao La Hau tablet presented in Chinese charactersSample of Sao La Hau tablet presented in Chinese characters
Sample of Sao La Hau's national language tablet offeringSample of Sao La Hau’s national language tablet offering

Choose one of the two models and make the necessary preparations to conduct a ceremony to worship the Rahu star, to hope to receive blessings and luck from the Star Lord in life.

A prayer for deliverance from the curse of Sao La Hau

The details of offerings for relief from the curse of Rahu star are given below:

Wish you Amitabh Buddha! (3 times)

  • I bow to the Nine Heavens, the Ten Buddhas, and the Buddhas of the Ten Directions.
  • Nam Thieu Thien Supreme Kim Quiet Jade Emperor
  • I respectfully bow to Lord Trung Thien, Lord of the North Pole. Horoscope of the Great Emperor
  • I respectfully bow to Mr. Ta Nam Cao Luc Ty Duyen Tho Tinh Quan
  • I respectfully bow to the ninth-ranked Zi Yeok star Lord Duk Hu Bak Daw
  • I respectfully bow to the Heavenly Palace Divine Hand Rahu Duc Tinh Quan.
  • I respectfully bow to His Holiness Thuong Thanh, the guardian angel of Nguyen Thanh Chan Quan.
My lender is: ……………
Today is…. Month……..Year………I sincerely buy prasad, incense camellia flowers and fruits, burn incense sticks and set up a spiritual altar at (address)…….Ceremony to get relief from the fate of Rahu star to do:
I hope that all of you who accept the gift of silver will bless you and ward off bad luck; Bless us with blessings, fortune and longevity so that we may experience all good things, avoid all evil and have a peaceful, prosperous family.
The believer bows sincerely, pays homage to the court, and bows to ask for blessings and protection.
Wish you Amitabh Buddha! (3 times)Note: Offering to ward off bad luck at the beginning of the year is a psychological measure to make everyone feel more secure. The monks in the temple are just helpers, but people themselves have to be careful and aware to stay safe.
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