what is happiness? The Viewpoint of Happiness in Buddhism There are many different views on happiness in Buddhism, which fall into two categories…

what is happiness?  The Viewpoint of Happiness in Buddhism There are many different views on happiness in Buddhism, which fall into two categories...

In Buddhism, there are many different perspectives on happiness, including two main categories: from experience and from sensory feelings in life. Happiness is the ultimate destination for which everyone strives, but what is happiness, How to feel and find happiness? Soon, Buddhist Items will share with readers the concept of happiness in general and happiness in Buddhism in particular, as well as the teachings that make life more beautiful.

I. Concept of happiness

People work hard every day to get money, position, fame, health or success, etc. In the end, they still seek happiness. If in English, happiness is “happiness”, then in French it is “bonheur”, which expresses positive feelings, satisfaction and promotes good human development.

In short, when talking about happiness, people often talk about how they feel in the present moment, about the satisfaction and peace expressed through good words and actions before the busyness of life. But because there are personal feelings involved, there is no universal formula for measuring personal happiness. For example, for the hungry, happiness is food, not success. Therefore, when raising the definition of happiness, it is only a relative concept.


Happiness depends on how each person feels, but it will not be the same

Second. What is happiness according to Buddhist concept?

According to the Buddhist perspective, happiness lies in living and meditating ethically, peacefully and freely. Happiness requires people to practice deeply, becoming aware of and overcoming their five desires, from brilliance, form, name to reality, lobe. The main thing is that we know how to return to practice, how to get rid of impurities so that the soul can rest and purify itself in the present.

The happiness that Buddha wants to give us is nirvana in the mind. Nirvana is basically our being and is in the universe as well as in the universe. “Nirvana is happiness. Nirvana is available in the human mind. Nirvana is Hang Kuu, the true eternal. Nirvana is a state of stability and changelessness. Nirvana is possible in this world.

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In short, nirvana is a state that we can create ourselves, not created by Buddha or any god. Because according to the teachings, Nirvana is happiness, so you can feel and be fully realized in reality. Therefore, the path to liberation and happiness is a journey to find one’s true heart: “Looking outward and searching – everything is stupid – turning inward but relying on comfort – everything is true.”

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Buddhist concepts of liberation of the soul, awakening of the mind and happiness

In the Dharma Bao Dan Sutra, Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng shared that: “Teach yourself, practice yourself, look to your Dharma body, look to the Buddha in your heart, and save yourself.” In short, the saying for us to be able to find the truth is: “The way inward is – the deeper you go, the more wonders you will see – the mind is bottomless and limitless – where in the vast universe does it go?”

Thus, to be able to find the true heart or Buddha nature, you must find it in your own heart. The Buddha said to Ananda: The true nature is always within you, but you do not believe but follow my mouth to find the true nature, have you seen it wrong? (云何, 汝, 我. Van Ha has self-doubt on the part of Chan Tinh – the real personality, seeking food himself. – Thu Lang Nghiem Kinh (VNPT Association Publication), Book II, pages 16-17. – Thu Lang Nghiem – Linh Sun, Buddhist Studies, pp. 113-114)

This shows that according to the Buddhist concept, happiness is quite simple and can be achieved by anyone. The Buddha once said: “Bhikkhus, of all religions, whether conditioned or unconditioned, the religion free from greed (viraga) is the most excellent. That is, freedom from pride, cessation of greed, destruction of attachment, destruction of continence, Thirst quenching, liberation, cessation, nirvana.”

In short, happiness in Buddhism is the process of giving up “craving and attachment”, steadying the mind, and purifying ourselves so that we can realize nirvana in our hearts. Happiness is not far away in the next life or has to be sought on some other horizon, but it is here and here, which each of us can really feel.


Each of us can feel happiness in reality

Third. happiness out of the world

The joys out of this world are among all the transcendental joys, they are lighter, more sublime and help us to overcome all the sensual pleasures more easily. At that time, you will feel complete happiness as well as bring true liberation to the soul.

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The Buddha taught his disciples what is bliss and what should be avoided. During that time you will get complete divine happiness, liberation and true happiness of Nirvana.

IV. Buddha’s teachings make you happy

  • No matter how bad the past, we can always start anew.
  • We will be a new person when we wake up in the morning and what we do today is the most important thing.
  • Having a precious loved one is a blessing, so we should cherish each and every moment of life.
  • All religions are created by idealism and are the result of what man thinks. If a person speaks and acts with a pure and holy soul, then happiness will always follow that person like a shadow.
  • Purity and simplicity are the wings that help the soul to rise.
  • The mind (ego) is the most dangerous deceiver, others may lie to you for a while, but it will deceive you for life.
  • Hate is like holding coals in the palm of your hand, before you can throw it at someone else you will get burnt.
  • Fear will disappear from the mind of those who are not dominated by craving.


Some Teachings of the Buddha to Help You Feel Joyful in Life

  • Like a rock that stands firm even in the midst of a storm, a wise man will not be swayed by praise or criticism.
  • Don’t try too hard to grab onto things that aren’t yours. Letting go will bring you lasting happiness and benefits.
  • The root of all miseries in this world lies in attachment.
  • If there is birth there will be death, if there is union there will be dissolution and if there is prosperity there will be collapse. When you are happy then understand that happiness is not eternal. When you are in pain, remember that the pain will not last long. All things in this world are inherently impermanent.
  • Happiness will never come to those who are not grateful for what they have.
  • The law of cause and effect will spare no one. Be careful in your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Don’t underestimate the little things. Even a small spark can burn the whole forest. Even a small snake can kill you.

Above is useful information about happiness, Buddhist objects Hope you gain more knowledge as well as understand the way of happiness in Buddhism. Hopefully, through this article, you will learn how to neutralize, try and accept your emotions so that you can truly feel happy in life.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha.