What is Dao? What is the purpose of studying Tao? Tao is not a religion, an idea, a path or anything like that…

dao la gi

The Tao is not a religion, an idea, a path, or something so new and mysterious. Whoever believes or does not believe, rich or poor, healthy or sick, old, young, great and small, he is living in the four forms of the word Tao. So has anyone lived according to the word Tao? Let us know more about Buddhism with Buddhist objects through the article given below.

Dao La Gi

What is Dao?

I. Concept of Tao

what is tao, take it roughlyTao is a worldview that revolves around the word Nhan, but Nhan must use his mind to understand and improve that worldview.

  • For a builder, his religion is building, brick and mortar etc.
  • For farmers, their dharma is paddy fields, fields, manure etc.
  • For engineers, their worldview revolves around machines, tools, design
  • For merchants, their worldview revolves around commodities, currencies, etc.
  • For exorcists, their worldview is offerings, offerings, etc.
  • Worldview of newly married couple Party, congratulating relatives,…

House, vehicle, livelihood, country, etc. are all Tao. The body, the cup of water, the road, the sound, the holy spirit, the devil, etc. are all within the Tao. Birth, old age, illness and death are all the Tao before birth.

A human word is a Tao word. Where Tao is, it is human, not far away, hard to find, mythical. The things that people have not seen, the answers to which have not been found, are also the path. People go to school, go to work, tolerate, unite, destroy the ego, this is also the way. One needs to use the mind to find it, to understand the word Nhan, not to cultivate, not to eat, not to run, not to chant the name of the Buddha.

Dao La Gi

where there is tao, there is man

Second. purpose of studying tao

Studying the Way is a way for us to use our minds to better improve our worldview.

Simply put, reform means not creating karma, not clinging to self, anger, delusion, hatred, love, tolerance and helping. Help the people around you with generosity, charity, rejection, hatred.

More broadly, renewing community and society, helping the world no longer in the smoke and fire of war, no strife between religious sects, etc.

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Third. The form and mind of the word Dao

Regarding Heaven – Earth – Human as the term Dao, 3 questions have to be answered:

  • Who Am I and Who Am I: Related to Thien, In Which Heaven Was I Before Practicing Cultivation?
  • What is your duty in life?: Related to the word HUMAN. Is it the duty of a farmer, officer etc. to marry, give birth to children, earn a living?
  • Where do we return after death: Relating to the earth. i.e. body and mind return to the motherland

The form of Tao is also reflected in the integrated worldview of past-present-future.

  • Past: Experience or accumulated karma accumulated over many lives.
  • Present: Reflecting on each person’s past, many lives, many lives accumulate blessings, then this life (present) will enjoy favorable conditions.
  • Future: Don’t know where to go, go back to heaven or go to hungry ghosts, beasts or reincarnate as a human?

If you want to know the future, look at your present life to see what you have done, whether you have sown the circumstances for good or bad.

  • By sowing bad conditions, there will be karmic consequences in the next lives, falling to hungry ghosts, animals, or being reborn as sick, suffering, poor people…
  • If you sow good conditions, you will not suffer, and you will benefit according to the book of fortune

Heaven-earth-man have become one on the word Manav. Each character present will interact with people and add a form of East-West-South-North fusion. That is, where there are people, there is Tao. To go towards perfection, understand the Dao. Tao is not a religion, the division of lineage is made by sentient beings and disciples…

Dao La Gi

Understanding the Dao to Lead to the Highest Perfection

IV. What is the meaning of the word Dao?

1. Tao is the Way

A question was asked: why is the word “Chinese” not used in the term “street robber”, but instead the word “thief” is used?

Usually Sino-Vietnamese words are born to shorten the word but still show the same meaning. “Dao” is a Sino-Vietnamese word, so in terms of starting point, it should be considered from Chinese history. In the old days, there were very few books, people used stone steles to engrave words and wrote on bamboo cards to store and transmit information. But this method is quite difficult, because if the word is long then it will take time to carve and write the word. Therefore, in Sino-Vietnamese the term dao is used to shorten time and effort.

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Secondly, used to refer to a description of the meaning of a noun. For example, we have many expressions to see such as: Mandarin, look, listener, binoculars, look… The word Dao is similar. Different from “path” or “lo”, because the word Dao simply means “way” of perception.

Dao La Gi

Tao is the path of awareness

2. Tao refers to sect, organization of thought, process of practice

How many religions and sects have been born in the society, Tao is combined with how many words:

  • Taoism: Take the idea of ​​Lao Tzu. They believe that the word “Dao” is the root of all things, that it can explain all things, based on the concept that nothing comes naturally, nothing comes naturally. There is a reason to come or go. The reason for this is hidden in the word Dao.
  • Buddhism: According to Buddha, it is a religion that develops the mind. In the past, Buddha was a prince, he saw that life was suffering, so he decided to give up everything, find a way to develop the mind to find the way to liberation. “Liberation” must first understand the “Eighty Paths” and practice accordingly.
  • Shu Dao: A sect of research and enlightenment through words to find the deeper meaning of life. If the purpose of “calligraphy” is to push text into beautiful art, then Thu Dao aims for a higher desire than relying on words to find the principle of life.

Dao La Gi

In general, the heart of Dao

3. Tao is all that is clear and right

From ancient times to the present day, many people often use phrases such as “The Thien Han Dao” which means “doing what is right and right for Heaven’s sake”. Other common examples are “Dao Han”, “Dao Quan”, “Dao is a son”,…

So why say “Tao is life”?

There is a third layer of meaning in the word Tao which refers to the explicit, underlying law of life. Life is a void in which everything is always moving and developing according to the laws of nature. As the big fish swallows the small fish, so will success come with perseverance… This is the Tao.

4. Dao is also a verb that takes the essence of the things of this subject to form another subject of similar nature.

In the Sino-Vietnamese dictionary, the word dao also has both negative and positive connotations. Therefore, when using the word Dao, it is necessary to put it in the right specific circumstances in order to clearly express the meaning we want to convey.

For example, “moral” can mean both “right” in some cases and “reason” for its use in others.

Dao La Gi

Tao also means liberating oneself

It can be said that Tao is not something very distant or beautiful, but actually something close in our life, in the worldview around us. Hopefully, the above article on Buddhist items can help you answer your questions. Buddhist Items has always adhered to the traditions of Buddhism, providing non-profit authentic Buddhist literature.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!