What is Bat Bao Cat Tuong? Meaning of “Auspicious Eight Treasures” in Tibetan Buddhism When the symbols of the Eight Auspicious Treasures appear in any place…

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symbols of when set of eight cat tuong Wherever you appear, that place becomes a complete blessing. When the eight auspicious signs are drawn together, they form a whole of enlightenment. It is the incarnation of the Buddha in the form of auspicious symbols to bless and benefit sentient beings. Learn about the Auspicious Eight through the following Buddhist articles.

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I. What is Bat Bao Cat Tuong?

Bat Bao Cat Tuong is one of the distinctive symbols of the Buddha. Bat Bao means a blessing that brings good luck, blessings and peace. In Tibetan Buddhist architecture, magic weapon It represents spiritual power, which makes people believe in peace and happiness.

Apart from this, this symbol is also seen as the original wisdom of Buddha. At the same time it is the embodiment of the Buddha in auspicious symbols, who is fortunate enough to benefit all sentient beings.

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Second. The meaning of each item in Victorious General Cat Tuong

1. Female umbrella

The umbrella represents the head of the Buddha. The purpose of the umbrella is to protect from the burning of impurities and afflictions and to avoid suffering. When giving a treasure umbrella to someone, it is implied to pray that the recipient may always receive the blessings, protection and protection of the Triratnas.

2. Pisces

Pisces is the object that symbolizes Shakyamuni’s eyes. This symbol means to be alert, undisturbed and always active like a fish swimming in water. At the same time, it also symbolizes freshness, contentment and the absence of pain and sorrow. This pair of goldfish symbolizes compassion and wisdom, freedom to be anywhere, anytime.

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3. Treasure Vase

The treasure vase represents the neck of the Buddha, believed to be filled with sacred valuables. It is considered a bottomless vase, no matter how much you take out, the jar is still full.

It is similar to the practice of giving and offering, those objects are not lost but are transformed into a vase of this endless treasure. Apart from this, it is also a symbol of wealth and longevity. When giving someone a precious vase, it is implied to pray that that person will receive these benefits.

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4. Hoa It

The lotus flower represents the sewing needle (tongue) of the Buddha. It symbolizes the pure, true form of beings. At the same time, it also represents the practice of a practitioner who has gone beyond samsara to return to pure Buddha nature.

According to Buddhism, the lotus is one of the most auspicious symbols, capable of blessing freedom from suffering and bringing good fortune and achievements.

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5. Sea snail (jaw and)

The sea snail is also known as the horn and is a symbol of the Buddha’s dharma sound. The white sea snail, spiraling clockwise, represents the Buddha’s Dharma Dharma, which is always resonating and spreading in all directions, causing sentient beings to instantly awaken from their ignorance and suffering. It also symbolizes strength, self-control and power.

The sound of the horn is used to ward off evil spirits, prevent natural disasters, and scare away venomous species. According to Vajrayana Buddhist rites, the horn is used as a musical instrument and as a container for water offerings during ceremonies.

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6. Victory of Victory

The Vijay Mala represents the body of the Buddha. It also represents Buddha’s victory over Mara and victory over longing, hatred, anger and the fear of death.

Giving a victory flag to someone means wishing that the person achieves all his/her wishes in life and achieves many achievements on the path of achievement.

7. Endless Knots (Book Rope)

The endless knot is a symbol of the Buddha’s will, representing the union of wisdom and compassion. The image of a tight rope of the phalanx indicates a close connection of phenomena in the universe in the form of a closed circle of cause and effect. It also symbolizes harmony, balance and unity, inseparability of wisdom and compassion.

In terms of cause and effect, future good results from a present good cause. The auspicious knot is a symbol of connection, so when choosing an endless knot as a gift, it is implied that the knot will add good fortune between the giver and the recipient.

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8. Dharmachakra

The Dharma Chakra represents the four limbs of the Buddha. The wheel has eight spokes which represent the great eightfold path and the wonderful application of wisdom. Also it helps to end ignorance and end suffering. The spindle of the Falun Chakra represents training within the principles, which help to steady the mind. The rim of a wheel represents control and single-mindedness in meditation, as do spokes and rings held by its axle.

The wheel of dharma also symbolizes the teachings and truths of the universe that are always spreading and spreading in all directions for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Images of the Eight Auspicious Signs are seen in many places in Vajrayana Buddhism. Owners of a set of 8 auspicious Buddhist items, customers please contact the hotline 08.6767.1366 or visit the website www.milligorusportal.com For quick, thorough advice.