What is a tablet, what are the types of tablets, where is a good place to get a tablet? The tablet is a card for entering information about name, date of birth…

Bài vị là gì, có mấy loại bài vị, thỉnh bài vị ở đâu thì tốt?
										Bài vị là một tấm thẻ để ghi chép thông tin về tên, ngày sinh...

The tablet is a card recording information about the name, date of birth, and date of death of the deceased. The tablets are not only simple worship material but also symbolize the feeling of remembering the source while drinking water and gratitude to the ancestors.

what is tablet?

pills Also known as Spirit Plate, God Plate, Dragon Plate, it is an important and indispensable worship material, which is used to engrave the name, date of birth and date of death of the deceased. Tables can be made of paper, wood or bronze… It depends on the conditions and wishes of the homeowner.

In Asian cultural traditions, ancestor worship is important, which is closely linked to the fate of the entire family. We have always had the concept of “Earth is as good as Hades”, so the arrangements of worship and altar…must be perfect and dignified…only then can we enjoy blessings, fortune and peace. Tablets are considered a place for the spirits of the deceased to return on every death anniversary, worshiped on the first and full moon days… Making a tablet represents remembrance, gratitude and gratitude to grandparents. Ancestor.

For puja to have multiple benefits, installation of standard tablet also plays an important role in it. Before making the tablet, the homeowner should consider the material, engraving, pattern… as well as the feng shui arrangement of the entire altar. Understanding these things, Buddhist Items is a place that offers many beautiful tablets, made by the hands of renowned artisans, of good materials. You should choose tablet samples here.

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what is tablet? Sample of the Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs Tablets among Buddhist objects

There are many types of tablets in worship today

Currently, tablets exist in a variety of designs and made from many different materials.

  • Depending on the materials that make up the tablets, we have 3 types:
    • Wooden tablets: Mainly made from camphor wood, jackfruit wood… Artisans will carve by hand or may use laser technology.
    • Stone tablets: Mainly made of marble or granite. This type of tablet is considered by many customers to be highly durable and fast.
    • Bronze Tablets: This is a highly durable type of tablet, which produces grave blessings.

    2. According to the purpose of worship the tablets are divided into the following 3 types:

    • The Nine Mysterious That Patriarch’s Tablet: This type of tablet is used to worship the ancestors of 9 generations of the family and clan. The Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs tablets in the middle often contain the word 九玄七祖, which, when translated, means “Nine Mysterious That Patriarch”. On either side are a pair of tureens that show reverence for virtue and respect for the creation work of the great and profound ancestors.
    • Ong Tao Tablet: Due to the long-standing tradition of worshiping Ong Tao, making Ong Tao tablets is also quite popular. On this tablet form, the title would often read “Dinh Phuc Tao Quan”. Around this, additional motifs, mascots and handwriting can be carefully and meticulously designed.
    • God of Wealth Tablet: This is the tablet that is usedWrite the name of the god of wealth whom the householder worships. However, the God of Wealth alone would have 5 lines engraved on the tablet as follows:
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    – line 1: Wat Hue Thien Buu Nhat – meaning golden branch and jade leaf.

    – Line 2: Five Directions, Five Earth Dragon Gods – That is, the dragon gods of the five directions and the five elements.

    – Line 3: Landlords before and after Tay Thanh – meaning landlords in previous and future generations and gods of wealth.

    – Line 4: Nhan Keat Dia Linh Thoi – meaning Silver Tree in Bloom.

    – Line 5: Immortals and friends of the divine position – i.e. the ancestors and friends of the divine position.

    Wooden tablet model on Buddhist objectsWooden tablet model on Buddhist objects.

    Where should I ask for the tablet to be good and get many benefits?

    We must understand that, when the altar and tablet are arranged properly and as per Feng Shui, it will bring peace, blessings and fortune to the family members. Therefore, the choice of tablet material, design of the tablet…should be reasonable and aesthetic. Therefore, one of the issues we cannot ignore when buying a tablet is to choose a reputable address that offers good quality products at affordable prices. If you are concerned or wondering where to buy the tablet, please visit Buddhist Products – an e-commerce site specializing in providing quality tablets with beautiful, sophisticated pattern designs.

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