What is a reporter? The meaning of life liberation in Buddhism is seen as the religious activity of the people…

What is a reporter?  The meaning of life liberation in Buddhism is seen as the religious activity of the people...

Liberation of life is considered a religious activity by Buddhists. What’s the point of that release? Wrong liberation can harm the self as well as the being liberated. To do liberation properly, please follow the following article of Buddhist objects.

I. What is reporter?

According to the Vietnamese concept, liberation is when you buy back animals kept in captivity to sell for meat. Then you release them in the right environment in which they live to help them avoid death.

When you release, you save a life by showing the compassion of the Redeemer himself. Mukti is also understood as letting go of the dark, impure things about greed, selfishness in one’s body and mind in order to live a peaceful life.

What is wind birth?

What is a reporter?

Second. i.e. while doing redemptive work

In Buddhism, a liberating life will help people cultivate compassion for all living beings in the world. Apart from this, it also helps in increasing the blessings for them and their descendants. When you have practiced the 5 precepts of Buddhism as well as the practice of liberation, your merit will be doubled.

Third. A Guide to the Right Release

1. Arbitrary release without form

Many Buddhists, when releasing animals, place great emphasis on formality, buying the animals and bringing them to the temple and asking the monks to perform prayer ceremonies and then locking them up for the next day before releasing them.

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What is wind birth?

Many Buddhists bring creatures to the temple to pray and then leave them

It is not wrong to pray before releasing it, but you should not be too hysterical in performing this euthanasia. You can also buy it and release it immediately because you do it from your heart, without much fuss.

2. Do not overload the volume when releasing animals

People’s compassion brings relief when they meet animals in distress. When we meet, we can help get them released, but not necessarily in large numbers. If you put too much emphasis on quantity when releasing animals, other items will be the most attractive to sell. With this you unwittingly push the creatures into greater danger.

3. Release animals but worry others will catch them

This is considered a normal mindset when free performing. You should do the work of liberation according to your mind and the recapture of another person is due to that person’s mind. So if the mind wants to do this, it does not need to think much about others. Whose fruit will be given to that person, if you do good deeds then you will get good things.

4. Know the habitat of the animal before releasing it

The most important thing in the implementation of liberation is to bring beings into the right environment in which they live so that they can continue to live there. Should you not spare living beings to get rid of tears, you will accidentally create karma for yourself.

5. Do not select the date of death

It is not good for many people to choose to liberate life on critical days or on the full moon day, the first day. Because Buddhism believes that liberating living will help to make your mind pure and peaceful, don’t look at it as a pursuit of profit.

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What is wind birth?

buddhist life pray together before liberation

That’s why you should release whenever possible, don’t wait for the day to release. Then you will be thanked by the animals you have released.

Third. Some Notes to Avoid When Releasing Animals

Salvation comes from the compassion of your heart, not from following the crowd or the trend. It is the right of every person to get a small amount of liberation in life based on the capacity of each person. Letting go of life often will help your mind become more compassionate, which in turn will help you live a happier life without too many worries.

post on Buddhist objects While doing so shared with you the meaning of liberation as well as notes. Hopefully, this will help you to understand and make the right release to bring hope to living beings thanks to your compassion.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!