What does it mean to wear a Buddha or Bodhisattva pendant? 1. Meaning of Wearing Buddha and Bodhisattva Pendant According to Buddhist concepts, God…

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1. Meaning of wearing Buddha and Bodhisattva pendants

According to Buddhist concepts, the Buddha loves sentient beings, is kind, tolerant, accepts being condemned by others without hatred and is always sympathetic and tolerant towards all. Therefore, in Feng Shui, the image of Buddha symbolizes compassion, goodness, good omen, and neutralizes bad luck and sadness in life.

Also, wearing Buddha and Bodhisattva pendants is a personal decision based on religious beliefs and respect for Buddhism.

The image of Buddha is very sacred. When wearing a Buddha necklace, you should not just treat it as a decorative piece of jewellery, but rather as a protective amulet to be cherished like a treasure when encountering unexpected or dangerous things in life. Is. In life, recite “Namo Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva” or “Namo Amitabha Buddha”, the Buddha and Bodhisattva will protect you.

Wearing a Buddha pendant also means reminding yourself to always remember to chant the name of Buddha, keep the 3 actions of body, speech and mind pure and maintain peace in the soul.

Even for newborn babies, adults often give special ornaments. Buddha face silver necklace To help you grow faster and survive the cold.

Or older people wear it often Avalokiteshvara Buddha Pendant With a desire to pray for peace and health for yourself. Specifically, it can help make their minds more honest and pure.

Especially for business people, when they wear this type of necklace, they wish to get the blessings of fortune, also give them the blessings of good luck to make their business more favorable.

02 1Silver necklace with Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara pendant in 99% silver

2. How to choose and buy Buddha pendant correctly

,Choose the right Buddha for your age:

The first thing to do before deciding to purchase a Buddha product for Buddha support is to find out which Buddha will protect your zodiac animal. Because Buddha’s luck will accompany you in a certain way throughout your life according to your age, it will not change according to the year.

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02Buddha Bodhisattva Necklace, Obsidian Jade Material

there are 8 flavors Buddha’s destiny For the 12 zodiac animals, you can choose to buy Buddha pendant according to your year of birth:

  • People born in the Year of the Rat should buy a necklace with Thien Thu Thien Nhan Buddha pendant.
  • Ox zodiac people should buy necklace face of buddha void store bodhisattva,
  • People born in the year of the Tiger should buy the Void Store Bodhisattva Buddha Pendant Necklace.
  • People born in the year of the Cat should buy necklaces Face of Buddha Manjushri Bodhisattva,
  • dragon people should buy necklace Face of Buddha Samantabhadra Bodhisattva,
  • People born in the year of the Snake should buy a necklace with the face of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.
  • People born in the year of Horse should buy necklaces Face of Mahasthama Bodhisattva,
  • People born in the year of the Goat should buy necklaces Face of Tathagata Mahavairocana Bodhisattva,
  • People born in the year of the Monkey should buy a necklace with Tathagata Mahavairocana Bodhisattva pendant.
  • People born in the year of the Rooster should buy necklaces face of immovable buddha minh vung,
  • People born in the year of the Dog should buy necklaces Amitabh Buddha’s face,
  • People born in the Year of the Pig should buy Amitabha Buddha Pendant

– Where to buy guaranteed, quality and reputable Buddha necklace?

In the market today, there are many establishments and stores selling Feng Shui jewelery in general and Buddha necklaces in particular. However, you should visit the most reputable stores.

La Boi Buddhist Products Joint Stock Company is an enterprise that creates e-commerce platforms VatphamPhatgiao.com Trading Buddhist cultural goods, communicating Buddhist values ​​to customers through unique Buddhist works of art; It is one of the addresses that is highly appreciated by many customers for its product quality and sales service. Especially with the media sponsorship of the Venerable Monks and the Editorial Board Vietnamese Buddhist Information Portal,

01 1VatphamPhat Giao.com is a reputable Buddhist business address that Buddhists should know.

– How to wear Buddha necklace properly

You should wear Buddha pendant only in positions like neck, absolutely not on arms or legs as these are positions exposed to impure things during personal hygiene, work, living…

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Place the Buddha face in a clean, dry place. Do not leave it in unsightly places like toilet, bathroom or leave it on the ground or in dusty places.

If the pendant is broken, you need to wrap it in paper and burn it on an odd day according to the lunar calendar. Don’t throw it around at all.

Wearing a Buddha pendant means that your heart should also be pure, good and not act contrary to what the Buddha taught. Only then can the good effects of this Feng Shui ornament be promoted.

When wearing a Buddha necklace, you should take off the Buddha necklace when you take a bath or go to bed, because when worn, the necklace is in contact with your body throughout the day so as to keep it in the cleanest possible way.

You should not keep the Buddha necklace in a closed cupboard or box, but keep it in a high, prestigious place in the house.

3.Pay attention when wearing necklaces with Buddha and Bodhisattva images

When wearing the Buddha face necklace, you should respect the Buddha, have a good heart and not do bad things.

Do not leave it in unhygienic or dirty places.

Don’t let Buddha’s face get dirty.

While washing, keep the Buddha’s face on a clean place, take care that it does not fall and wash it with clean water.

When not worn the necklace should be kept in a clean place. You can use yellow or red cloth to wrap it. Do not place the face of Buddha under other objects.

The Buddha necklace is a very sacred item, so when using it, you need to be careful not to violate taboos that will reduce your luck.

So, through this article we have learned together about the Buddha pendant, one of the distinctive symbols of Buddhism. The face of Buddha is not just a piece of jewellery, but it is also a symbol representing spirituality and devotion towards Buddhism.

Vatphamphatgiao.com Vows to bring natural objects created by the talented hands and minds of artisans from many regions of Vietnam to Buddhists, religious friends and customers who believe in peace and live a happy life. Happy.

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