What does it mean to dream of lice according to psychology?

What does it mean to dream of lice according to psychology?

While we sleep, our mind is able to generate disconcerting or even unpleasant images, which in most cases we do not know how to interpret. Among the most disturbing dreams are those in which insects appear. Psychology has found the meaning of dreaming about cockroaches or dreaming about spiders and now we are going to find out how you should interpret the appearance of lice in your dreams.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, already discovered that dreams contain messages from our unconscious which can help us to better understand, or even resolve, certain fears, phobias or conflicts in our real life. Since then, many psychologists have been able to interpret the most common dreams and have found recurring elements that appear in most dreams and that can have meaning related to our conscious life.

Animals often sneak into our dreams and in previous articles we have already seen what it can mean to dream of dogs or to dream of cats. Insects are also usually protagonists of the dream world and its presence can be interpreted in various ways. According to psychologist Barrett A. Klein, the characteristics of each of the insects will give us clues as to what they symbolize in our dreams. In his article The curious connection between insects and dreams makes sure that the insects They can mean beauty, evil, inspiration, change…And lice: what can it mean to dream of them?

What does it mean to dream of lice?

Following psychologist Barret A. Klein’s theory of the connection between insects and our dreams, we should examine the characteristics of lice to understand what it means to dream of them. Lice are parasites, so dreaming of lice means that something or someone in our real life is bothering or irritating us. So when you dream of lice, your subconscious is alerting you that some relationships in your real life are not doing you any good, perhaps because they are taking advantage of you. This dream shows you the way to start putting limits on your relationships with certain people.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about lice

Dreaming of lice can be interpreted as a symbol of real life people or situations that irritate or annoy you. If in your dream you manage to kill the lice it means that these problematic situations you are experiencing will end shortly. It would be the most pleasant version of dreaming about lice and a sign that your subconscious already perceives that those relationships that make you feel uncomfortable are about to break.

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Some interpretations of dreaming about lice tell us about these insects as a sign that luck or money will come into our life. An interpretation based on popular beliefs very close to that of dreaming about poo. However, these interpretations have no scientific basis and are not supported by any psychologist. Dreams are elaborations of our unconscious related to our conflicts or fears in real life and are never omens nor can they predict the future.

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What does it mean to dream of lice according to psychology?

To dream of nits and lice on your head may symbolize that you are worried about someone very close.

What does it mean to dream of nits and lice on the head?

If you have been dreaming of nits and lice on your head lately, it may symbolize that someone you like is in trouble and needs help. Surely you have noticed something disturbing in a close person and your subconscious is warning you to pay attention to your intuition and find out what may be going on.

Another interpretation of dreaming about nits is that you feel threatened by people around youwhich could be an obstacle to achieving what you have proposed.

What does it mean to dream of lice on your daughter’s head?

A variant of the lice dream is to dream that the parasites are in another person’s head. Usually this dream means you are worried about that person who has lice. If the person with head lice is a stranger, it can be interpreted as discomfort with people you love in general and concern about their problems and conflicts.

But what happens when you dream that your daughter has lice? To dream of lice on your daughter’s head means that you are very concerned about her well-being.. This is a dream that can be considered positive, as it is a symbol of your most motherly side and a sign that our children are one of our biggest concerns. Thinking that our children are unwell or in trouble causes us anxiety that projects into our dreams in many ways, and one of them dreams that he has lice.