What does it mean to dream of crocodiles according to psychology?

What does it mean to dream of crocodiles according to psychology?

Animals are usually the star of many of our dreams and when it comes to reptiles as impressive and wild as crocodiles, they can turn them into real nightmares. But don’t be intimidated by the terrifying presence of these animals. Dreaming of crocodiles is more common than you think and, for this reason, psychology has sought what our unconscious could tell us with these dreams.

Since Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, wrote his book The interpretation of dreamswe know that while we sleep, our unconscious generates images in our mind that respond to our real fears, anxieties or frustrations. For this reason, psychology is able to interpret these dreams as a way to understand and even overcome the conflicts of our daily lives.

Obviously, the interpretation of a dream will depend on each person’s circumstances and relationships in their real life. But psychologists have discovered that recurring elements can be identified in the most common dreams and can be assigned meaning. For example, psychologist Ian Wallace, author of the book decipher your dreams guarantees that when animals appear in our dreams, they symbolize “the instincts and creativity we have in our real lives, which means we can solve problems using our experience and wisdom”.

There are many animals that tend to sneak into our dreams and we have already told you what it can mean to dream of snakes or rats or how one can interpret dreaming of cats or dreaming of dogs. Now we are going to find out what crocodiles can represent when we dream of them.

What does it mean to dream of crocodiles?

Dreaming of crocodiles can be a manifestation of your wildest side and your most primal instincts represented by a reptile that we all perceive as dangerous and very aggressive. Related to this theory we find another interpretation in which these reptiles would symbolize the obstacles we encounter on a daily basis and which prevent us from achieving the objectives we have set ourselves.

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By uniting the two readings, we can conclude that dreaming of crocodiles it means that our unconscious is alerting us that this most aggressive and impulsive facet of our character can become an obstacle to achieving our goals.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about crocodiles

Crocodiles symbolize in our dreams the most primitive instincts we all have and keep hidden. Dreaming of crocodiles would be a manifestation of that dark side that we all have.

Along with this explanation supported by psychology, there are theories without scientific basis which assure that crocodiles when they appear in our dreams they are a warning of bad omens and threats. Don’t worry. Dreaming of crocodiles can NOT predict that nothing bad will happen to yousince dreams are formations of our unconscious that feed on our daily worries or conflicts.

Dreams explain things about yourself And it is the psychologists who will interpret its meaning depending on the elements that appear in the dream and your personal situation at that time.

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What does it mean to dream of crocodiles according to psychology?

To know what it means to dream of crocodiles, we need to analyze where the reptile is and how it behaves.

What do crocodiles mean in dreams?

We already know that crocodiles in dreams symbolize our wilder and more dangerous side, but to correctly interpret what it means to dream of crocodiles, we must see where is the reptile and what is it doing.

For example, if the crocodile is in your house It can mean that we have a problem or a conflict at home or with our family. In this case, the crocodile would symbolize that you are facing this situation in the wrong way, let your more aggressive side take the initiativewhich does not contribute positively to the resolution of the conflict.

The size of the crocodile also influences the interpretation of the dream, which will vary depending on whether the crocodile is large or small.

  • Dreaming of small crocodiles. If you dream of small crocodiles, your subconscious signals to you that the most aggressive part of your character is beginning to appear in your life, but still insignificantly. You are probably starting to build up anger or resentment, and even if it hasn’t shown up yet, it can become a problem in the future.
  • Dreaming about big crocodiles. If the crocodiles that appear in your dreams are big, it means that your most negative emotions have become prominent and have taken over your life. Your subconscious warns you that your more impulsive and violent side prevails when making decisions or managing conflicts, which can harm you and complicate your life.

What does it mean to dream of a crocodile in the water?

In the dream world water symbolizes birth as long as elements appear submerged, leaving or inside the water. Other psychological theories claim that water represents our emotions and our passions.

By uniting the two explanations, we come to the conclusion that dreaming of a crocodile in the water can mean that our most aggressive emotions, which we tend to keep hidden, begin to surface and they become the driving force behind our daily decisions. With this dream, our subconscious warns us that we are choosing the wrong path and that we must make an effort to recover our most positive emotions.

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What does it mean to dream of crocodiles not attacking me?

Crocodiles are reptiles that we perceive as threatening and aggressive, but sometimes in our dreams they appear as calm animals that we think pose no danger to us.

To dream of crocodiles that do not attack me means that at this moment in our life, we have reached an emotional balance that allows us to live without problems with our most violent and primitive part.

We all have a dark side where more elementary instincts nest, in particular violence or aggressiveness, which are also part of us and which it is sometimes necessary to show. For example, sometimes it is necessary to remove this part of our character clarify our principles or our limits, always in the right direction, without harming others or putting ourselves in danger.

If you dream of crocodiles not attacking you, surely you are in a moment when you have reached a balance between your most positive emotions and your most basic instincts, a formula that will allow you to face the obstacles that arise in your life with more serenity.