What does a bracelet with 108 beads mean? Special significance when wearing a 108 bead agarwood bracelet 1. Origin and meaning of the 108 bead bracelet, legend has it that…


1. Origin and meaning of the 108 bead bracelet

Legend has it that at one time the Buddha and his entourage traveled to the Kya Za Kwa mountain (Gradharakuta), La Due Kya country (Rajaraha). At that time of trouble the king, whose name was Ba Lu Li, sent a messenger to the world-honored man, asking for mercy and giving him the essence of the Dharma so that he could practice it easily and be free from all suffering in the next life. ,

Buddha told the messenger to tell the king: If the king wants to eliminate sufferings, obstacles and karma, he should tie 1 string. rosary of 108 beads And take it with you. While walking, standing, sitting or lying down, you should always remain single-minded, not be distracted, and each time you turn the bead chant the title: Buddha – Dharma – Sangha.

Every time we wear a bracelet with 108 beads, it will remind us of the teachings of the Four Noble Truths, which means that in order to be free, we must eliminate 108 sufferings.

03Bracelet Chain of 108 Old Garden Agarwood Seeds, Size 6mm, 8mm

2. What is the meaning of the agarwood necklace with 108 beads?

Meaning 108 beads agarwood bracelet Originating from India, it is considered an item steeped in Indian religious culture. An agarwood ring with 108 beads is often used in chanting, marking the repetition of prayers.

The meaning of the 108 bead agarwood bracelet is deeply linked to Buddhist meaning. At the same time, according to Asian beliefs, agarwood is considered the quintessence of mother nature given to humanity. Some people believe that agarwood is the place where the spiritual energy of this world gathers. Furthermore, it also represents the quest to attain the 108 Samadhi Dharmas and overcome the 108 sorrows and sufferings. At the same time, 108 is also a compound number between 10 and 8. In which the number 10 represents the ten virtuous deeds and the number 8 represents the Noble Eightfold Path.

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The 108 Seed Agarwood Bracelet not only holds the pure spirit of the precious agarwood species, but also represents a soul oriented towards truth – goodness – love and peace amidst a challenging life.

01 2Agarwood Bracelet 108 Beads Mix Faux Charm

3. Agarwood bracelet with 108 beads is used when wearing

The 108 Seed Agarwood Bracelet not only brings deep meaning but also brings immense excitement to the wearer.

  • In terms of Feng Shui:

According to the concept of ancestors, Feng Shui Agarwood Bracelet Can help protect the wearer from evil spirits and hidden energies around them. At the same time, the use of Agarwood bracelet is that by wearing the bracelet, you will get abundant luck, peace and will be protected from bad luck. People who do business will get success by wearing it, things will run smoothly and more money will be attracted.

  • health point:

A person wearing an agarwood bracelet will be seen to have a healthy body and a clear mind. Agarwood is the spiritual energy of heaven and earth because the production time of agarwood lasts from tens to hundreds of years. That is why they contain a great source of positive energy, which helps in keeping away evil spirits and bringing peace.

When wearing the bracelet, agarwood seeds rubbed on the skin help to transmit good energy into the body, emitting a warm aroma that helps the wearer to calm down and get deep sleep.

Wearing an agarwood bracelet is also considered a way to connect with inner purity and peace, helping the wearer feel more focused in daily activities. For Buddhists, the necklace of 108 beads is also used to chant the name of the Buddha.

  • Regarding aesthetic value:

Apart from its health benefits and spiritual values, agarwood bracelets also create class and affirm the aesthetic taste of the wearer. A simple 108 bead agarwood bracelet is enough to provide many benefits to the user. However, aesthetic requirements are rapidly evolving and innovative, so more and more designs of bass rings emerge. 05 1

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The artisans have creatively combined many diverse attractions such as Mixed 108 Beads Bracelet with Red Opal Charm, jar, fox,… symbols with feng shui meanings, such a combination can bring high aesthetic value and novelty to the jewelry. This combination does not affect the inherent spiritual and feng shui effects of the agarwood bracelet.

05Agarwood Bracelet 108 Beads Mix Feng Shui Charm

4. How to wear a 108 seed agarwood bracelet

If you want the bracelet to fit beautifully on your wrist, you should measure the size to get a suitable bracelet. When wearing, face the wrist and place the largest bead, where there are 2 tassels, in the middle of the wrist, then wrap each loop one by one until the end is complete.

In addition, agarwood ring with 108 seeds can also be used Garland Saying the rosary while chanting, being mindful while sitting in a bus, while flying, or counting your breaths while meditating, etc.

5. Where to buy quality and reputable 108-bead agarwood bracelets?

A 108 bead agarwood bracelet has a positive effect on the wearer, but where to buy a quality and reputable 108 bead agarwood bracelet is a matter of concern for many people.

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