What are the signs to recognize that the dead cannot come back? Stories related to the manifestation of the dead may not progress further…

bieu hien cua nguoi chet khong sieu thoat

stories related to expression of a dead person is not transgressed It is probably still mentioned on many days today, leading many to wonder about the cause of the matter as well as how to identify it. Let’s read the article below to find the most suitable answer for this matter!

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What are the signs that show that the dead cannot come back?

I. This is the reason why the dead cannot escape

The first reason why the dead do not survive is that the dead feel indifferent to their death. There are cases where people die due to accidents: traffic accidents, work accidents or sudden and incurable diseases.

Another reason can be given that the dead person died unjustly, at that time they felt injustice and anger, so they could not escape.

Furthermore, it is possible that when the dead man was alive, he did many things that were not in line with his conscience, so when he died, he was afraid that he would be condemned by the King of Hell. Depending on the circumstances, the soul may or may not survive.

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Cause the dead can’t escape

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Second. Expressions to know that dead people cannot escape

1. Manifestations of the Dead Do Not Transcend – Bardo Body

Those who die after death take up to 3 days to realize that they are dead and during this time their souls have to go through a very dark phase. At that time their spirits were present in the house and were watching their loved ones sad and crying. Although they wonder why their loved ones are suffering, no one can listen. This is what makes their little gods feel hopeless, helpless and sad.

At that time, they moved and could not think of good and evil in the field, leading to a situation where the soul lived in a lonely, helpless state and could fall into the evil path; And this will make it impossible for their souls to escape.

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Manifestations of the Dead Can’t Transcend – The Bardo Body

Furthermore, the souls of the dead do not escape because their predestined fate is so heavy that they have to wander in Hades. He saw many scenes of storm, rain, lightning etc. When they became very scared, they tried to hide in mountains, bushes and forests. Since he did not know the way back, he wandered off, making it impossible for the soul to escape.

2. Manifestations of the dead do not survive – taking the dead to the house

Cases can be mentioned in the form of dead people in the sea, rivers and on the road. At that point, family members need to perform a death calling ceremony to call the house. Furthermore, every family has a gatekeeper, which makes them feel awkward and unable to recognize their home.

However, those who have not yet crossed over will not be able to perform the death invocation ceremony. For 49 days after death, the dead will know where they are going; They may be reborn in another life, but it may also be because of having done too many bad deeds that they are unable to escape.

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3. Manifestations of the dead do not move – transform into an animal species

Peng birth can be understood as 1 of 3 species, namely ovoviviparous, inferior and chemical. Accordingly, if the soul goes into the ovum, it will turn into terrestrial species like dog, cat, snake,…; If it is a low species, it will become a filthy species, living on the ground like a worm…; If you become a species, you will become a dragon, phoenix, bird, butterfly, etc.

Third. How to help save the early dying?

1. Help them accept death

Death is often very painful and difficult to accept, especially for fish that die from accidents, sudden illness, unjust death, etc. At that point, the family members need to call a shaman to perform rituals to pray for help. Help them get out quickly.

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Help the dead accept death by performing rituals

At that time, the dead will realize the law of birth and death in the world, making it easier for them to let go of everything and their attachment to family so that they can die most peacefully.

2. Help the dead make their wish come true soon

The reason for the dead not being saved may be that they have not fulfilled their wishes. In order for them to be rescued soon, the family can ask about their wishes so that they can be fulfilled.

3. Bringing spiritual incense, bringing the souls of the dead back home or sending them to a temple

For people who die from accidents, drowning, road deaths, etc., it is necessary for family members to perform a ceremony to bring the soul home or send it to a temple.

4. Praying for the dead and reciting the name of the Buddha daily

The daily practice of offering prayers and reciting the Buddha’s name helps the deities to better understand and accept them; In addition, it helps to vent the grievances of the dead, helping them to escape more easily.

5. Do a lot of good deeds, accumulate virtue so that the dead can get salvation soon

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Give up life and do good deeds to accumulate virtue.

Performing good deeds can help show devotion to the deceased and the sincerity of family members, which can help the deceased to rectify their mistakes in the past. Donating should not be much of a hassle, it can be done by doing small things like dropping animals, giving food, helping poor etc., but the important thing is sincerity and dedication.

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