Western Bliss and Scientific and Buddhist Perspectives The Western Pure Land is believed to be the final destination of Buddhist monks…

Western Bliss and Scientific and Buddhist Perspectives The Western Pure Land is believed to be the final destination of Buddhist monks...

western bliss It is believed to be the final destination of monks. This place is said to be a world of only bliss, bliss and peace, where scenes will exist according to our wishes. So is the west of bliss real? Today’s article of Buddhist objects will help you to know western bliss and the scientific and Buddhist outlook of the place.


Perspectives of the Western Pure Land and Science and Buddhism

I. What is the west of supreme bliss?

Western Pure Land, also known as Pure Land, en Lac Country. From a Buddhist perspective, this place is a spiritual world and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Western Ultimate Bliss was created thanks to the virtues of Amitabha’s vows and practice and is referred to as “everything is lost in the ten directions of the Buddha Realm”. It is a world where there is only happiness, there is no pain or sorrow. The flowers of spring are always in bloom in the nature here.

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Second. Does the West of Ultimate Bliss Really Exist?

1. Waste of Ultimate Bliss is based on Scientific Approach

From a scientific point of view, the Western world of ecstasy would be categorically rejected. However, no one is sure that science can always explain all the things and events in this world. There is always a proper balance between science and spirituality, both contradictory and complementary, to explain all the mysteries of this world.

Legend has it that, when science was still unknown, the Buddha saw thousands of living things (germs) in a bowl of water. He also saw that there were countless other worlds that were not known to science until 20 centuries later. Science has always had its shortcomings. But Buddha saw things with his eye of wisdom that science could not recognize.

About 20 years ago, humanity discovered the presence of aliens from flying saucers that crashed in the Philippines. However, despite all the efforts to find out, science has not yet been able to find out where this alien origin comes from? Science cannot know all the other worlds beyond the earth. Therefore, science has not yet dared to confirm whether the West of Ultimate Bliss really exists or not.

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Science Can’t Confirm Whether the Western Pure Land Really Exists

2. The West is based on the Buddhist view of ultimate bliss

For every Buddhist, Western bliss is a spiritual but definitely existential world, hell, like hungry ghosts.

However, this world cannot be seen with the naked eye. Only those who have attained enlightenment or who have attained the Celestial Eye of the Buddha or the Enlightenment Eye of the Buddha can see.

When living beings cultivate, when their faith can be felt with their mind, they can immediately feel the existence of that world. By constantly chanting the name of the Buddha and practicing cultivation, the soul can be reborn in the Western Pure Land when it dies.

Without faith, good things will never come, but if you believe, surely this world will continue to exist. It is also a challenge for Buddhist followers.

Third. Where is the west of supreme bliss?

According to the scriptures, the Western Pure Land, also known as the Western Pure Land, is a world located in the west and from here there are 100,000 crore Buddhas. This world is covered with the fragrance of flowers, heavenly music and treasures. This is the place in which the bright light of Amitabha is contained.


The Western Pure Land is the place of Amitabha’s bright light

IV. The Western World View of Bliss in Buddhist Scriptures

The Amitabha Sutra says: “In that land sentient beings suffer no pain, rather they enjoy all joys and pleasures, hence it is called ecstasy.” The doctrine that, in a world of bliss, sentient beings would be completely free from the four kinds of miseries (birth – old age – illness – death), separation from love and suffering, and other kinds of suffering.

The world of ecstasy is described as a place where the garments are dignified, shining bright, radiant and radiating glorious light. The whole country is made of lapis lazuli, and the roads are made of pure gold. The flowers in the sky are fragrant, the trees are clean and adorned with treasures like gold, silver etc. The cool breeze is slow, the trees are whispering with soothing sounds of nature with birds singing and sunshine. The aroma wood creates a soothing tune to purify the soul.

All types of beneficial water are contained in the ponds of the world of bliss. The water of the lake cannot be compared anywhere in the world. The water is as clear as lapis lazuli, neither hot nor cold, it tastes sweet, it is both moist and salty, and the tiger reflects the light of the pond. According to legend, this water can eliminate hunger and thirst, nourish the mind and add many good roots to the mind. There is no muddy soil at the bottom of the lake, but the bottom is completely covered with yellow sand. Lotus fills the lake, is big and gives beautiful light.

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The sky of the world of ecstasy has neither hail nor snow, only circles of five colors and a faint fragrance. In the sky, white storks, peacocks, magpies, relic birds, songbirds, and so on sing and recite the meanings of the 37 Articles of Buddhist Practice. According to legend, these birds are not sentient beings of our world, but are born out of vengeance. The purpose of all these birds was to propagate the Dharma by Amitabha Buddha. The sound of the Buddha’s teachings and the sound of the wind and bells remind our minds of the virtues of the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha and the Three Jewels.

According to the “Eternal Life Sutra”, a person who is reborn in the land of the Buddha will live in the palace and move about freely. When you want to eat and drink, the utensils and bowls will naturally appear, but all kinds of gold, silver, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, etc. Food and drinks also appear naturally without missing anything.

The faces of all the sages in the pure land are very beautiful. Clothes, food, drink, flowers, jewelry, music, houses, palaces, etc. are all owned according to the concept. These items appear everywhere in the Land of Eternal Life and are sufficient to supply all celestial beings.


The world of ecstasy is described as a place where the garments radiate dignified, bright, radiant and glorious light

Amitabha Buddha used great compassion to create a dignified western blissful world. He again explained and revealed the Buddhas of the Three Realms and the Ten Directions to save sentient beings. The mind of a Buddha always prays earnestly to free sentient beings from the ocean of suffering. Amitabha Buddha, the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and the bodhisattva Great the Chi are revered in the West as the Three Saints, who together rescue sentient beings. Beings who wish to be reborn in the Blissful World must have a foundation, believe in the name of Amitabha Buddha, wish to be reborn in the Blissful World, and be welcomed and motivated by the benefits of rebirth. Can enter the actual displacement displacement.

In short, human science cannot know whether the Western Pure Land exists or not. However, from the point of view of Buddhism, it is a spiritual world, but definitely existent, where there is great happiness, joy, peace and there is no pain or sorrow. Buddhist objects Hopefully this article has brought you lots of useful information to help you answer your own questions about Western Paradise.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha.