Unique Islamic Gifts That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Unique Islamic Gifts That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Celebrate Eid in style this year by giving your Muslim spouse the gift of an elegant keffiyah, which makes a wonderful accessory that’s lightweight yet comfortable to wear.

Help him organize his life with a deck of reflection cards containing numerous questions and statements to aid in self-reflection, and keep track of daily Quran readings.

1. Qur’an Necklace

This thoughtful Islamic gift is the ideal way to recognize someone special who practices Islam in your life. Featuring a luxurious Emerald green soft-touch Quran embellished with Islamic designs and an accompanying Tasbih (prayer beads).

This pendant features one of the most beloved verses from the Qur’an: “Ayatul Kursi,” meaning “The Throne of God.” This famous phrase beautifully illustrates that Allah reigns supreme over both heavens and earth and oversees everything that happens within. Additionally, it serves as a reminder not to care too much what others think of our beliefs or how we practice Islam.

As for whether wearing written verses from the Qur’an is permissible, there are various opinions. While they should never be worn during menstruation as this would violate one of the conditions necessary for performing ablution, wearing them in bathrooms or other locations where water might come in contact would generally not be permitted as this constitutes ritual impurity.

However, scholars contend that wearing such necklaces is permissible so long as they do not act as amulets or talismans. They point to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who was seen wearing one containing verses from the Qur’an as evidence against evil eye. Furthermore, there are hadiths which support deflecting evil through prayers to Allah or du’a.

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2. Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are an exquisite way to express yourself, suitable both indoor and outdoor settings. Flowers have long been used as an expressive means, providing an avenue for communicating feelings that cannot be articulated through any other medium – symbolizing peace, hope and love with lasting impressions on those they touch.

Designing an arrangement involves taking many factors into account, such as physical balance, visual balance and the overall aesthetics. Physical balance refers to the distribution of materials and weight across an arrangement so it remains stable without being at risk of tipping over. Visual balance refers to how pleasing a design appears upon first glance – contrasts in light/dark/rough/small provide variety within floral designs and make designs more visually engaging.

An arrangement’s shape can have a significant impact on its style. A compact arrangement creates a classic and timeless aesthetic while dome-shaped arrangements tend to feature fuller appearances than compact arrangements. Filler flowers are an excellent way to enhance an arrangement’s structure such as Chrysthanthemums, Baby’s Breath or Statice which may not be as visible but help add fullness and density within an arrangement.

3. Islamic Jewellery

Your spouse who practices Islam would appreciate an exclusive piece of Islamic jewellery made from gold and precious stones, featuring intricate designs inspired by Muslim culture and traditions. Pendants, bangles, rings and bracelets with crescent moon/star symbols or Arabic alphabet letters or zoomorphic designs would all make great additions.

Islamic culture values poetry and literature deeply. So giving your spouse poetry books from famous Islamic poets could make for an excellent present that shows you care while encouraging her writing skills.

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Date-loving Muslims would certainly appreciate receiving an attractive box of assorted dates as a thoughtful Islamic present. This gift could prove especially useful during Ramadan when finding suitable halal food can sometimes be challenging.

A portable prayer mat makes an excellent present for Muslims as it enables them to pray anywhere – be it home or away. Not only that, but you can even personalize it with their name or any word/symbol of their choosing!

4. Traditional CDs

When selecting Islamic gifts, it’s essential that they reflect their recipient’s faith. This could range from religious jewellery or prayer accessories, all the way through to home decor and accessories for home prayer – anything that connects with them spiritually will do just fine! Giving meaningful Islamic presents can also serve to strengthen and deepen relationships among its recipients.

Halal food hampers full of delicious sweets can make an excellent way to show your Muslim friend or loved one that you care and encourage them to fast during this Ramadan!

An exceptional gift for foodies would be a Halal cookbook, as this will allow them to prepare delicious yet healthy dishes which are suitable for fasting and Iftar during Ramadan.

Children’s books that teach about Ramadan and Eid can make great halal gifts; Bachar Karroum has written one specifically targeted toward Western Muslim kids to make understanding religious concepts simpler.

For an additional personal gift, why not get them an Islamic art print with their photo or any image they choose retouched and framed to give it that special touch. Any Muslim will surely appreciate such thoughtful and meaningful present!