Unique Islamic Gifts That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Unique Islamic Gifts That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Here are a few unique ideas to mark Eid al-Fitr and wish your loved ones a Happy Islamic New Year: Eid al-Fitr greetings will surely leave a lasting impression!

This Islamic gift for men stands out among many with its multifunctional nature – from organizing books to celebrating Islamic culture and literature.

1. Kaaba Bricks Islamic Toy Building Blocks Set

This Kaaba Bricks Islamic Toy Building Blocks Set 786101 makes an excellent present for children of all ages as it helps them master brick building while learning about Islamic architecture and tradition. Plus, kids will love unleashing their creative side with all kinds of designs created using these colorful building blocks – they’ll love being creative with whatever designs come their way! Accurately reflecting important details of the Kaaba such as its interior pillars and Black Stone in its eastern corner is also an engaging way to introduce children to Islamic knowledge, stories and traditions!

2. Mahnur Kaaba Model Crystal Ornament

An Islamic gift is a lovely and thoughtful way to commemorate its values and customs. From traditional pieces such as prayer beads or Islamic calligraphy art, to something modern like an app that offers access to Quranic content or reminders – finding the ideal present will make an occasion memorable and enrich their life forever.

Additional thoughtful gift options include prayer mats and misbaha, which facilitate religious devotion. Furthermore, custom items bearing dates significant dates or quoting beloved Quranic verses or featuring messages of gratitude or affection can also be both thoughtful and uplifting.

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The Mahnur Kaaba Model Crystal Ornament is an exquisite blend of spirituality and craftsmanship, honoring one of Islam‘s holiest sites while adding elegance to any space. Additionally, Qibla Wall Art creates an ideal ambience for prayer or meditation.

3. Qur’an Wall Art

Islamic art does not belong to one period, religion, or medium; rather it encompasses works from across 14 centuries and represents all those lands and peoples that fall under Muslim control.

Patterns and Arabic calligraphy are among the hallmarks of Islamic arts. Muslims hold that depicting human figures constitutes idolatry against God (see verses below), so such depictions are prohibited as they would constitute idolatry (see verses below). Instead, Islamic artists devote religious significance to geometric, floral or vegetal designs as well as calligraphic text that have religious connotations.

One of the most beloved forms of Islamic art is carved woodwork. Wood is easy to shape into beautiful pieces of Islamic wall art, so it makes an excellent medium. The best Islamic wood carvings show exquisite attention to detail while boasting both modern and traditional influences in their design.

4. Islamic Metal Bookend

When purchasing unique Islamic gifts, it is essential to consider their interests and preferences. For instance, if they enjoy reading, why not give them an exquisitely bound copy of the Quran or book about Islamic history? Or if home decor is their passion then give them an elegant Islamic calligraphy art piece or prayer rug?

Eric Broug’s Islamic Geometric Design (Thames and Hudson, 2013) makes an important contribution to this field. Unlike Lynn Gamwell’s Math + Art, it does not focus solely on geometric patterns on surfaces such as walls or domes; rather it includes woodwork like minbars and bronze doors, tiles, screens and the occasional plate – not solely covering strictly geometric Girih strapwork designs but also Moroccan arabesques Zellige designs as well as Islamic-influenced abstract geometric motifs such as Girih strapwork designs as well.

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5. Arabic Calligraphy Cards

Show your Muslim friend just how much you care by giving a unique Islamic present that will leave an everlasting impression. Redbubble offers many Islamic calligraphy cards featuring the Holy Kaaba or any Islamic-themed words written in Arabic calligraphy; these one-of-a-kind cards will surely put a smile on their face and brighten his day!

Arabic calligraphy has developed and transformed over time, taking shape as various styles with unique characteristics and histories have emerged.

Muhaqqaq style was inspired by early scripts such as Thuluth and Kufic, featuring more fluid shapes that feature more rounded angles and shorter lines than geometric Kufic script. Furthermore, Muhaqqaq was used as the initial Quran transcription script – making this style very significant and still highly influential today in Islamic art.

6. Personalized Prayer Beads

Protestant prayer beads (sibhah) provide a useful way of focusing the mind, being still, and remembering God’s presence. Furthermore, Protestant prayer beads may serve as a source of healing – wooden rosewood prayer beads have long been known for alleviating nervous tension and headaches as well as acting as an antiseptic, antifungal, sedative and aiding immune defense against viruses.

Misbaha beads, often round beads with leader beads and tassels at either end, are used to count recitations. Made from glass, stone, amber or other materials they may even come as simple strings of 33 beads separated by flat disks into three sets of 33 for an easy count system.

Beads used in Muslim prayers, commonly referred to as dhikr or worry beads, are widely available from jewelry stores and pilgrims returning from Hajj.