Top 10 Islamic Gifts for Every Occasion

The Top 10 Islamic Gifts for Every Occasion

Islamic gifts are an amazing way to show the ones you care for how much they mean to you. No matter what special event it may be celebrated at, your thoughtful gestures will always be greatly appreciated by their recipients.

Islamic art is an exquisite combination of craftsmanship and profound symbolism that makes for an excellent present for those who appreciate both beauty and meaning.

1. Flowers

Flowers are nature’s beautiful symbols of love, care, and hope; making them ideal presents for any special event or celebration.

Islamic ornaments make an exquisite and thoughtful present to give to Muslim friends and family members, especially if their design features any mystical symbols.

Portable prayer mats make an excellent and useful Islamic gift idea, whether used at mosque or travelling. A portable mat helps people maintain proper posture for prayer offerings on time while protecting them from harmful debris while adding an element of comfort to the experience.

2. Ittars

Muslim people have an affinity for unique gifts, making a personalized Islamic present an excellent way to show friends and family your care.

An embroidered Kufi cap makes a stylish and functional gift choice for men, as it can be worn during prayer services and supports local craftsmanship. A modern Athan clock can help ensure that Muslim friends never miss their prayers while also connecting them to Allah in an easy and modern manner.

3. Books

Books provide an ideal opportunity to gain more knowledge of Islam, while helping Muslims cope with life’s difficulties more successfully. This Islamic book takes an innovative approach by teaching readers how to find hope even during difficult circumstances and look for positive signs in every storm.

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Another great book option would be one on Mecca, detailing its spiritual and cultural significance as well as insights into Muslim beliefs and practices.

Shade 7 provides children with a selection of Islamic board books suitable for babies and toddlers, including an informative book that introduces head covering as an Islamic tradition.

4. Keffiyeh

Keffiyehs are an essential piece of headwear among Middle Eastern Muslims and make an attractive present. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear, they make great headpieces.

Beard oil can help any man look his best by keeping their facial hair healthy and clean while leaving his skin soft and smooth. Give one today as a thoughtful present!

Another excellent gift idea for Muslims would be the ZMLM Quran Speaker Lamp. This device plays high-quality Quran recitations in 14 different languages while serving as a beautiful nightlight.


An Islamic bookmark makes an elegant present that helps loved ones keep track of their reading progress in the Quran or other Islamic books. Easy to use and fashionable enough for any book’s cover – an Islamic bookmark will always come in handy.

Another popular Muslim gift idea is a book of poetry by Jalal-ad Din Muhammad Rumi, the legendary Sufi poet renowned for inspiring both Muslims and non-Muslims alike for centuries. His poetry makes an unforgettable way to show someone you care.

6. Bateel Bouquets

Muslim men love wearing exotic-smelling Ittars that provide soothing fragrances to their clothing. These fragrances are alcohol-free and create soothing aromas.

Gift him a prayer mat or tasbeeh as it will make praying easier while also reminding them to remember Allah every time he looks at the item.

Islamic art is an exquisite combination of intricate patterns and profound symbolism, making it the ideal present idea for anyone who appreciates beauty and craftsmanship.

7. Candles

Islamic art gifts make an excellent present idea for Muslim and non-Muslim alike who appreciate beauty, craftsmanship and profound symbolism. Zane & Noora offers exquisite pieces which will create lasting memories of faith and spirituality in recipients’ minds for years to come.

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Women wear embroidered abayas and scarves that feature Islamic phrases or imagery as gifts to show how much you care for their Muslim friends and families. Candles make wonderful Ramadan and Eid presents that show your thoughtfulness while reminding them to remember you fondly in future years. Your generosity will surely leave an impactful lasting memory with them!

8. Candle Holders

Eid ul-Adha is a time for giving, and nothing beats seeing someone light up when they open your thoughtful gift. So here are our favorite Islamic gifts sure to put a smile on anyone’s face: sisters, brothers, kids or parents alike.

These exquisite works of Islamic art combine beauty, craftsmanship, and profound symbolism for an extraordinary piece that will please both devout Muslims as well as anyone seeking beauty and meaning in their lives. Shop Zane & Noora to purchase such magnificent pieces.

9. Qurans

The Quran is one of Islam’s holiest texts and making this symbolic book available as a present is one of the most thoughtful ways you can show your devotion to your Muslim friends or family members.

For something a bit different, you could also give them Tasbih (prayer beads) made from pearl, crystal, or wooden beads for use when praying the Quran. They will appreciate this thoughtful gift!

10. Candle Holders

Eid is an important celebration for Muslims, making it the ideal occasion to give your friends and family members something that will enhance their faith and home life. You could give a piece of Islamic art that adds vibrancy and color.

Give them something useful – such as a beautiful miswak holder – so they can keep their favorite oral hygiene twig easily accessible, giving them something they will use and cherish throughout their lives. They’ll thank you!