Top 10 Islamic Gifts For Every Occasion

The Top 10 Islamic Gifts for Every Occasion

Islamic gifts are an enchanting way to show your loved ones just how much you care, as well as commemorate special occasions such as Ramadan and Eid.

An Arabic book written specifically for children makes an excellent present and allows them to understand Islam in an engaging and interactive manner.

1. The Quran

One of the best gifts you can give a Muslim is a copy of their holy Quran – it serves as guidance and inspiration throughout their faith community worldwide.

The chapters of the Quran are known as surahs and do not follow chronological order. Each surah bears its own distinctive name that often corresponds with its content – some examples being monotheism, prophetology, rewards and punishments, divine justice; these themes make up its core themes. As opposed to Judeo-Christian Scriptures, however, which tend to focus more heavily on history than on doctrine, so is Quran more theological than biblical in nature.

2. Islamic Jewellery

An idea for Muslim men that’s practical would make an excellent present is a personalised wallet, one such practical item that could come in handy daily.

An alternative option would be a metal Ayatul Kursi that is beautifully made – an indispensable item in Muslim households that can easily be displayed.

Tasbihs can also make great presents, helping Muslims keep track of how often they have read a specific verse of the Quran and keeping prayers organized.

3. Islamic Artwork

Islamic art is a style of artwork which captures the values and culture of Islamic societies. This artwork can serve both decorative purposes as well as inspiring Muslims to practice their religion with piety and live lives that reflect this value system.

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Gift a Muslim man an Islamic quote hoodie or standing Quran stand to show your respect and show him you care about his religion and values, or get him Islamic themed toys and games to add more fun to their Ramadan or Eid celebrations! He will surely appreciate this thoughtful gesture!

4. Islamic Books

Are you shopping for the perfect present to help a Muslim friend learn more about their religion? Consider Islamic books. Not only can these be read at Iftar or Eid but throughout the year!

This book introduces young readers to Islamic storytelling traditions through captivating illustrations. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of family ties within Islam.

5. Islamic Accessories

Islamic gifts can be an exquisite way to show your affection and respect for loved ones who follow Islam, while simultaneously spreading awareness about its teachings.

An elegant trinket box for your wife makes a thoughtful present that she will enjoy using daily. Engrave a heartfelt message or even her favorite photograph into it for extra personalization!

Oud, also known as Agarwood, is an irresistibly fragrant resinous wood used by Muslims during Ramadan and Eid celebrations as gifts. With its captivating fragrance it makes the perfect present.

6. Islamic Wall Art

Islamic art encompasses an expansive body of arts and skills that spans architecture, calligraphy, glass making, painting and textile design. Usually distinguished by floral motifs and geometric patterns.

Islamic wall art is an exquisite way to show your affection for Islam and your Muslim friends and family, and can serve as an invaluable reminder of their faith and source of inspiration in their everyday lives. You can purchase Islamic home decor either online or from stores – the latter options offer more selection. Ideally, invest in high-quality pieces that complement classic interior designs for optimal results.

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7. Islamic Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is permissible for both men and women so long as it does not interfere with a Muslim woman wearing her Hijab. Women must also take care that the glasses do not allow non-Muslims or dissolute women to see her face through them, or prevent her nose being placed flat against the ground while prostrating (based on Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen’s Fatwa (May Allah have mercy upon him). (13/186)…

Fragments of Islamic glass can still be seen throughout Europe in cathedral treasuries and other institutions.

9. Islamic Miniature

These miniatures, produced by fraudsters, can easily be identified as false. Yet their images continue to circulate via stock photo services and our vernacularized visual culture, even fooling experts on Islamic history.

These images offer us a fantasy that cannot provoke the amazement that could reveal that Muslim artists produced works of undeniable genius.

10. Islamic Earphones

An ideal present for men who enjoy listening to nasheeds, recitations and Islamic lectures – also a useful way of tracking his progress while reading the Quran!

Beard kits make an excellent present idea for Muslim men who appreciate beards. From beard oil and brushes, to combs for styling his beard and beard oil – it will be something they use daily! A beard kit could even become part of his grooming ritual! This gift idea will ensure he enjoys it for many years to come.