Top 10 Islamic Gifts for Every Occasion

Gift-giving is an integral part of Muslim culture and can bring tremendous happiness and appreciation for those you care about. Your thoughtful gesture will surely be remembered fondly!

This Islamic desk ornament features the Arabic calligraphy for “Allah”, making it the ideal present for any special event or holiday.

1. Quran

Muslim religion reveres the Quran as a divine gift from Allah, an Islamic holy book with 114 chapters (surahs) and over 4000 verses revealed over 23 years to Muhammad (peace be upon him).

An Islamic speaker can make an excellent present for Muslim men as it allows them to listen to their favourite Quranic verses when carrying the book is impractical. Not only that, it can also serve as a source of guidance in his everyday life and prove your appreciation of him! Giving someone this present is also a simple way of showing him your support!

2. Islamic Art

Islamic art explores multiple themes, from religion and ornaments in the shape of animals or humans to interconnections among trade, diplomacy and culture. It’s often characterized by geometric patterning and vegetal ornaments known as an arabesque.

An Islamic table clock makes an excellent present for Muslim men, reminding him to remember Allah throughout their daily lives. You could also give them an Ihram kit so they are well prepared for pilgrimages like Umrah or Hajj, something every Muslim dreams about undertaking and makes for a thoughtful and special present idea.

3. Islamic Jewellery

Muslim jewellery is more than mere fashion – it represents their faith and culture every day. So this Ramadan, give your loved ones something unique to show your thoughtfulness! Invest in Islamic jewelry that they’ll treasure and show how much you care!

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This stunning wooden zaira box, with Moroccan influence in mind, features swirling hand-drawn designs on mirrored glass. It comes as a set of small and medium zaira boxes plus one large drawer – making it the ideal addition to any home decor!

4. Islamic Books

Islamic books make an ideal present for Muslims who wish to deepen their understanding of their faith. Topics covered by these books range from Islam history and prayer practices, all the way up to prayer practices themselves.

The Tawrat is an integral part of Islam as the first scripture revealed from God to mankind. Additionally, its influence can be found within both Christian Bible and Jewish Tanakh texts.

This Islamic book provides the best collection of etiquettes, rights of people and Allah. Additionally, this text includes authentic hadith with clear chains of transmission.

5. Islamic Accessories

Islamic accessories are an integral part of Muslim culture, so they make ideal presents. Choose from an assortment of Muslim-related products like metal Ayatul Kursis or an embroidered kufi caps – great options to show how much you care.

Miswaks made from Salvadora persica tree are another thoughtful present idea for Muslim women, offering natural alternatives to toothbrushes while helping maintain oral hygiene. Also consider giving her some smoke-free candles that come in attractive gift boxes to celebrate Ramadan!

6. Islamic Jewelry

Jewelry has long been an emblem of wealth and status for Muslims. Furthermore, it serves as a sign of our obedience and devotion to Allah.

Filigree, granulation and cloisonne enamel flourished among Iranian artisans during the Safavid period, giving rise to exquisite jewelry pieces using box construction techniques with protrusions of wire loops at its perimeter. This style was especially lavish.

They may include the Arabic script of the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith that declares: Allah is One and Muhammad Is His Prophet. These plaques serve as reminders to us of Allah’s blessings while acting as protections against any future misfortunes.

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7. Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art is an elegant way to decorate your home and demonstrate your faith, as well as an ideal present for Muslim family and friends.

Islamic art features various styles and themes. While some pieces include intricate calligraphy, others tend to be minimalistic or contemporary in appearance.

Islamic decor pieces make beautiful and thoughtful presents for friends and loved ones to show how much you care. Shopping Muslim gifts is sure to add special meaning to any special event; especially Eid-al Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan.

8. Islamic Ornaments

Islamic ornament is the practice of decorating art and architecture with decorative forms and patterns of Islamic origin, such as curving plant-inspired designs, geometric motifs and calligraphy.

Islamic art uses floral motifs instead of human or animal figures in order to avoid the concept of realism. Certain flowers and plants carry spiritual significance such as the cypress tree which symbolises humility before God.

Islamic art reveals its cosmological message through geometric patterns which depict their universe through tiles, carpets and ceramics.

9. Islamic Candles

Christmas lights up December; Muslims mark Muharram as their lunar Islamic New Year by commemorating Yawm al Ashuraa, or Yawm al ‘Ashuraa. It commemorates many milestones from religious history around this date such as Exodus, God’s blessing on Moses and Muhammad’s martyrdom.

Light up your home and celebrate this vibrant tradition with Islamic candles from our selection. They make great presents for yourself or someone special! Each one comes hand-poured and packaged in an eye-catching crinkle paper gift box.

10. Islamic Gift Baskets

At Eid al Fitr, it is traditional to exchange gifts among family and friends. These may include sweet treats or even gift baskets filled with various foods.

If you’re shopping for an Islamic present for her, consider giving a decorative box of dates or halal chocolates as they will surely delight. Or give a digital Quran so she can stay spiritually connected with Allah; every time she recites His words she will be rewarded.