Top 10 Islamic Gifts for Every Occasion

Islamic art gifts are an exquisite and thoughtful way to show your affection for your Muslim friends and family members. Each intricate creation combines beauty, craftsmanship and profound significance all into one breathtaking package.

Give him the perfect present: wooden stamps in the shape of the Holy Kaba or Islamic words to practice his Islamic calligraphy! This gift will allow them to learn this art.

1. CD of Traditional Arabic Music

Islamic Music

Both folk Arabic music and classical Arabic music differ in terms of rhythm, melody and ornamentation – yet they share one feature – using maqams as common threads.

Modern Arabic music reflects European cultural influences while sh-sha’abi popular/people’s music more closely embodies Arab traditions. This album investigates these two styles at their intersection.

Bring some funky contemporary music into the mix with this exciting selection from New Internationalist.

2. Islamic DVDs

Gift this thoughtful four-DVD set as a special and thoughtful present to anyone who appreciates Arabic music, practicing Islam or the cultural beauty of Islamic art. Included are Bible teachings by Walid Shoebat – an ex-ISIS terrorist turned Ambassador for Christ!

An Islamic book stand is an excellent gift to help a Muslim man enjoy reading his Quran more comfortably, while creative educational play games that teach alphabet or knowledge games make a fantastic present for his children!

3. Islamic Books

Islamic art gifts combine beauty, craftsmanship, and profound symbolism into stunning pieces that make thoughtful presents for Muslims as well as anyone interested in the rich history and culture of Islam.

Reading can be an enthralling and educational experience; for those who appreciate books, why not give the gift of Islam or its history as an unforgettable present. These books feature Muslim characters and settings that will engage and inform readers alike.

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Muslims believe that God revealed several holy books or scriptures to his prophets, such as the Quran, Torah, Injeel (Gospel), and Zabur.

4. Islamic Calligraphy Kit

This Islamic gift idea is an exquisite way to show someone you care. Additionally, it will serve as a constant reminder of Allah.

Your friend can enjoy this lovely piece of Arabic artwork, connecting them with their culture and language at all times! Plus, this keepsake keeps Ayatul Kursi close at hand!

These Islamic gifts will make any Muslim feel special on Eid, Ramadan and any other occasion. So give these special surprises to your friends and family members today!

5. Islamic Candles

Candles make wonderful feel-good gifts that everyone enjoys, but this Islamic-inspired candle takes that sentiment one step further with its special design, featuring an etched du’aa that illuminates through when lit.

Make someone special feel appreciated with a thoughtful gift from you – they’ll remember your thoughtful gesture every day when they see this lovely desk ornament on their desk! Give one now to show your affection! They’ll keep this desk ornament as a constant reminder.

6. Islamic Jewelry

Islamic jewelry is an exquisite combination of beauty, craftsmanship, and profound symbolism, making it the ideal present not only for Muslims but also anyone who appreciates exquisite artwork or meaningful symbols.

Embroidered kufi caps make an excellent present for Muslim men to wear during prayers or special events, providing stylish head coverage while being useful over many years.

An Ayatul Kursi metal wall art piece will add beauty and joy to any room, while being an exquisite way of reminding loved ones that they’re being thought about.

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7. Islamic Candle Holders

One of the finest gifts for Ramadan or Eid would be an exquisite Islamic candle holder, which combines beauty, craftsmanship and profound symbolism into one gorgeous package.

Gifts such as these make excellent presents for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, as they transcend religious barriers. Your recipient will treasure it and use it for years to come!

8. Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art is an elegant way to add style and flair to your home decor. Perfect for any room in the house, Islamic wall art offers stunning artwork to liven up any walls in a home or business space.

Islamic art encompasses many disciplines, including calligraphy, painting, glass blowing, ceramics and fabric design. Giving someone an Islamic wall art piece as a gift is a fantastic way to show someone you care.

Gift your friends and loved ones a set of beautifully decorated dates to remind them to worship Allah throughout the year. Your thoughtful gesture will certainly be greatly appreciated and treasured!

9. Islamic Jewelry Box

This Islamic gift is an elegant way to show your support for Muslims and their traditions. Perfect for any special occasion and perfect to show someone special how much you care!

Keffiyahs are a wonderful way to show your support for Muslim women and men. Not only are they fashionable accessories, they are also useful during Ramadan or Eid celebrations.

10. Islamic Cushion

Cushions embroidered with Islamic verses make an excellent present for Muslim women who like to add decor and decoration into their homes. It allows them to sit comfortably when praying or reading from the Quran.

34. Embroidered kufi caps make an excellent present idea for Muslim men and can be worn during prayer services.

Muslim siblings can benefit greatly from using a traditional miswak, which you could give as a gift along with its storage holder. Not only can it help them to keep their teeth clean but it’s also used for performing ablution ceremonies and more!