Things to know about Quan Am Dieu Thien Quan Am Dieu is a bodhisattva who is no longer a stranger to anyone…

quan am dieu thien

Guan Yin Dieu is a bodhisattva who is no longer a stranger to those who know about Buddhism and Buddhism. He represents compassion, saving sentient beings. However, not everyone understands all the legends about him. To understand more about Quan Am Dieu Thien as well as his practice path, follow the following article with Buddhist Objects.

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Things to know about Quan Am Dieu Thien

I. Who is Quan M Dieu Thien?

Legend has it that, during the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420–589) there was a country named Diu Trang in India, the king of this country was Diu Trang Vuong, he and his wife gave birth to three daughters like flowers. Those gems are Diu Nhan, Diu Am and Diu Thien. Although they were born together, the three princesses had very different personalities when they were infants. Great Princess Diệu Nhan always likes to dress up and dress up beautifully, and about the second princess Diệu Am, she likes to immerse herself in court performances and ceremonies, the youngest daughter Diệu Thien always wants to do the same. Is. Going to the temple, studying the scriptures diligently, chanting day after day, and reciting the name of the Buddha very diligently.

Second. The Way of Cultivating the Religious Fruit of Guan Yin Diu Thien

When Dieu Trang Vuong grew old, he thought of passing the throne to his children. Thinking of another princess immersed in the luxury of the mountain and wine all day long, without worrying about the government, in the end, there are only three princesses, beautiful people and excellent intelligence, it is really unmatched.

Dieu Trang Vuong immediately issued a decree ordering his daughter Dieu Thien to marry soon and set up a family for the heir to the throne. A few days later, the king decided to choose a son-in-law.

The people she chose were extremely excellent, but Dieu Thien still refused, she finally expressed her heart to her father, for the rest of her life she would always turn to the Buddha, never to marry anyone. Wanted. Upon learning of this, Dieu Trang Vuong was furious, did not accept the practice of the third princess, and forced her to marry immediately.

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Dieu Thien while cultivating righteous results

He didn’t believe his daughter could face the difficulties, so he decided to challenge: “It’s December now, if you can plant spring flowers blooming on the mountains, I will. I’ll let you drop home”. . With bone-chilling cold in December, snow covered the earth and sky, Princess Diệu Thien had to climb the snow-capped mountains alone, plant each young tree and worship the Buddha respectfully.

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And since then all the young trees on the top of the mountain were covered with snow. When she looked back, the princess found that they were all in full bloom.

So the king was forced to comply with his request. Dieu Thien left the palace and went to practice at Bach Tuoc Pagoda. However, the king only pretended to allow the princess to practice at Bach Tuoc Pagoda and then ordered the monks here to find a way to persuade her to return. If not, he will destroy the entire temple.

But by all means the princess could not be discouraged. Furthermore, Diệu Trang Vuong also forced her to do the most painful and arduous work of all. But because of her strong will, she still bent down to listen and did not make a sound, what was even more strange was that when she was doing the work assigned by the temple, suddenly many leopards, birds and gods came to her. Help

The news eventually reached the monk of Bach Tuoc Pagoda and quickly spread to Diu Trang Vuong. At this time, the king thought of another way to force her to leave the temple and return to the palace. He sent soldiers to surround the temple and sprinkled smoke around the temple.

In an instant, the Bach Tuok Pagoda was engulfed in smoke and fire. In that scene the princess remained as calm as ever. He prayed to the Buddha with a sincere heart and shortly after dark clouds appeared, it rained like water, which made the flames smaller and then completely extinguished. Princess Dieu Thien was at that time sitting and praying for the Buddha’s peace.

Due to anger, Dieu Trang Vung lost all sanity, he was no longer aware of the sanctity and dignity of the Buddhadharma. Enraged, he ordered the execution of Dieu Thien. Then, just as the executioner had raised his knife, a storm struck again, striking the blade with lightning, which broke the knife in half.

King Diu Trang Vuong ordered the use of strangulation to deal with crimes. Before the execution, a storm broke out, darkening the sky and the earth, but a brilliant light spread around the princess. From the green forest, the deity Hoang Bo Canh turned into a white tiger and rushed to rescue and take away the princess.

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image of buddha guan yin dieu thien

After being freed from the execution ground, Princess Diu Thien went to Tinh Thuy Lake to wash off all the dust and mend her clothes. Later, the large lake in which the princess bathed was also briefly called Phoenix Lake.

Princess Diệu Thien continued on into the forest, her path blocked by streams. The princess suddenly thought, I wish the water of the spring continued to flow like this under the rocks, so that the pedestrians would have more convenience to travel. The princess closed her eyes again and read the sutras. Within three miles of the foothills of Dai Huang Son, all the streams flowed from under the rocks and flowed unhindered. ,

The sky was getting darker than ever, so it was becoming very difficult to see the way, so the princess sat down beside a rock and said to herself: “This stone is like a bright moon that shows me the way. Something” . That’s why a new light came out from the stone, so that the princess could see the way clearly.

Finally, Princess Diu Thien came to practice in a rock cave at Dai Huong Son (later to become the famous Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Ashram for several generations, now belonging to Diu Chau China).

Third. Guan Yin Dieu Thien symbolizes the Father and the liberation of sentient beings

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Guan Yin Diu Thien is the embodiment of compassion

Years passed, his father was suddenly stricken with a terminal illness that left his hands disfigured and his eyes blind. According to another famous legend, at the time of his father’s death, suddenly a voice came from heaven: “If you want to recover, come and ask for help from your daughter Diu Thien, your illness will be relieved.”

The princess who had now attained enlightenment returned to her father and sacrificed her eyes and hands for her father. After achieving the righteous fruit, Dieu Thien embodied the Buddha and became Avalokiteshvara, a serious and solemn bodhisattva.

The royal princes of the country and the poor people also worshiped the Buddha because of his cultivation and attainment of the path. After Dieu Thien nirvana, his body did not decompose for a thousand years, leading to increased belief among Buddhist healers.

Above is the legend of the goddess of mercy and the Buddhist artefacts sent to you. Hope the above article will be of some help in your spiritual practice.

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