The Sutra of Suffering and Avoidance Bach Vai Mantra The Bach Vai Mantra is one of the famous sutras, which is popular among Buddhists…

kinh cuu kho cuu nan bach y than chu

The White Medicine Mantra is one of the famous sutras that inspired Buddhists to pass it on to each other. However, many people still do not know this sutra or do not know what to pay attention to when starting chanting. let’s go Buddhist items learn about the inspiration of the sutra and what should be noted about the sutra Bach wai than mantra through the following article.


White medicine formula mantra for prevention and protection

I. Introduction to White Medicine Dev Mantra

The White Medicine Mantra is a sutta in volume 1, number 34 of the Van Tu Sutra, also known as the Swastika Tripitaka. The sutras were composed with India and belong to Phuong Dan. Because it contains mantras for healing and protection, the Bach Wai mantra is classified as a Phuong Dang secret mantra.

Second. Pay attention to the days of the month when reciting the white dress mantra

To chant the white medicine mantra, the mattress person has to take care of the days of the month and take care of the scope as well as do many good deeds. The days of the month that people reciting the White Medicine mantra need to know:

  • January’s birthday is the 8th.
  • February is the 7th, 9th and 19th.
  • March Boys Day is the 3rd, 6th and 13th anniversaries.
  • april boys day is the 22nd
  • May Day is on the 3rd and 17th
  • The first day of June is the 16th, 18th, 19th and 23rd.
  • July Boy’s Day is on the 13th and 15th.
  • There is no Boy’s Day in August.
  • September birthdays are the 19th and 23rd.
  • October is October 2.
  • November’s birthday is 19th.
  • There are no days in December.

Note that for months with leap days, the days are still counted according to the main month.

According to folklore these days, four kings (also known as the four great heavenly kings) will come to earth to judge good and bad deeds, and the devil will also take advantage of the opportunity to wait for the wicked to do so. Harmful. Therefore, during the days of Buddhist boys, they should know how to keep themselves and do many good deeds to accumulate merit.


Those who recite the sutras need to focus on eating, drinking, and activities to increase spiritual inspiration.

When reciting the White Ying mantra in young days, the reciter should eat only clean and frugal dishes, avoid meat and fish, etc., and avoid the Five Tans. Especially for those who know how to take care of themselves, they will ward off their misfortunes and multiply their blessings in the future.

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Third. Meaning of White Medicine Rescue and Rescue Science


Reciting or printing 1,200 copies of the White Potion spell to pray for anything that works

The White Medicine Mantra is a sutta that is recited by many monks and Buddhists because it brings many meanings to Buddhism and life. Anything to chant 1,200 times or print 1,200 books for worship will be effective. Wishes can be obtained as follows:

  • Pray for the children as per your wish.
  • The disease will go away.
  • Future statement.
  • Blessings to you and your family
  • The accident happened as expected.
  • Steady career, always smooth travel.
  • High pass studies.
  • And many other wishes that the reader wants to convey.

IV. People have recorded the inspiration for the white dress chant

Here are some effective sayings of the Bach Y Mantra Sutra which are recorded as follows:

  • A woman with the Tran surname is often ill, and after becoming the bride of the Ngo family, she has no children. At that time, she started chanting the white medicine mantra every day as well as printed 1,200 books, so that she always recovered from her accident, recovered, was no longer ill, and gave birth to a son, who later Became a great officer. in Ho Chi Minh City. Thi Lange Ministry.
  • There was a man named Lee Nu Lam who lived in Manchuria, when he was going to a place where he encountered big waves and strong winds, he thought he was about to drown. At this time, Li Nu Lam prayed and promised to print 1,200 volumes of the Bach Wai Mantra Sutra. Soon after returning to pray, the wind suddenly stopped, the sea was calm and Lee Nu Lam’s boat was out of danger.
  • There was a young man named Vuong Thien who, although he had been applying for an exam for many years but never failed, still owed his pen to him. Then the young man had a dream and saw a great white-clad sage telling him that he would have to keep chanting the white potion mantra to gain fame. As soon as he woke up, Vuong Thien printed out 1,200 volumes of the White Medicine Mantra and recited it. The result was that the boy passed in the yellow board in the next examination.
  • Zhou Keqing was caught in prison while working as a supervisor in Shandong province. One night, while he was sleeping, he saw the great white doctor tell him to chant the Bach wai mantra during the day to get rid of the bondage of sin. After that, he followed the instructions to recite it 1,200 times, in fact later he escaped from prison and even saved his family.
  • Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh is from Son Vuong District in a family of three brothers. In Mr. Khan’s family, he is the one who believes in the Bach Y Mantra Sutra and recites it wholeheartedly. So, in a family accident, he dreamed that he was saved by the great white doctor, the other two brothers burnt to ashes.
  • During the Li family, the father of a believer in Dai Hung District suffered from a serious illness. He stubbornly chanted the White Medicine Mantra 1,200 times and promised to print 1,200 sutras. After that, his father became healthy and free from illness.
  • A family selling rice in Cua Dong has been married for many years but has no children. After chanting the white medicine mantra 1200 times, the wife gave birth to a son.
  • A young man named Hua Nguyen Cat, who lives in Hua Chau, was born into a poor family. As he was fed up with his family situation, he decided to end his life by jumping into the river. Fortunately, an old man picked it up and advised Hua Nguyen Cat to keep reciting the Bach Wai chant. After listening to the boy, he did the same and later gained a lot of fortune and escaped from poverty.
  • A Vietnamese woman living in Texas always chants Bach Wai whenever her family is in trouble or her job is happy. Also, it printed 1,200 books of this sutra for tourists in the ten directions and taught them to recite it. Therefore, their family always survived the accident, lived happily and in harmony.
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V. Best way to chant White Medicine Mantra


Altar arrangement to add a dignified part while chanting mantras

  • The basic element of reciting the great compassion mantra is to put the mind in the first place. You need to know how to maintain the precepts, avoid breaking the rules or doing many things that should not be done in order to get the inspiration that comes from the mantras.
  • To avoid body odor, keep your body clean by taking a regular bath and wearing clean clothes. Also, before you start chanting, you should brush your teeth, rinse your mouth and wash your hands thoroughly to remove odor and bacteria.
  • If your family has the conditions, you should make a separate worship room, keep an idol of the Bodhisattva at home while chanting the Bachha Vai Mantra. While placing the idol, you should make sure that the idol is facing west, filled with fresh flowers and fruits and incense burner. More beads can be used to support the chanting area.
  • While reciting the Bach Y Mantra, the chanter should use a deep but clear, loud and clear voice while breathing from the belly. Note that loudness here does not mean shouting, but the voice should be clear, adequate sentences and clear words should be heard.

post on Buddhist objects Shared with you the information about the pain and suffering of Bach y Mantra. Hopefully, this will help you understand more about the sutras and develop your xinxing so that everything goes smoothly, lives happily and peacefully.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!