The Art of Giving – Islamic Gifts With a Personal Touch

The Art of Giving Islamic Gifts with a Personal Touch

Art of Giving | Religious Texts The art of giving is one of the foundational tenets of every religion, as acts of kindness and generosity can transform lives and bring great joy and contentment.

Personalized gifts are an ideal way to express your affection and show that special someone how much you value them. From books, picture frames and journals bearing personalized messages or your name can all make wonderful additions.

1. Personalized Calligraphy Canvas

Calligraphy conjures images of black writing on parchment paper – however this is an expensive form of calligraphy and no longer realistic. Today with giclee printing technology and premium materials available to us, personalized calligraphy can now be printed onto surfaces such as canvas, metal and even curved metal at a fraction of the cost and still look authentic!

Make an impressionful and thoughtful statement this holiday season with this exclusive and thoughtful present for anyone on your list!

2. Anti-Theft Money Belt

Unleashing our inner artist of generosity can bring amazing peace, happiness and trust into our lives that exceed all expectations. Now is the time to reclaim charity – an integral component of all religions!

Instead of wearing an open money belt that advertises all your valuables to thieves, consider this anti-theft version with RFID sleeves to protect passport and credit card from being scanned by thieves on the move – it’s essential for travel!

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4. Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art adds a spiritual touch to any home or apartment. Not only is it beautiful, but it sends out an important religious message when guests enter your space.

Islamic art entails various artistic disciplines such as calligraphy, tiling, painting glass and carpet weaving. Modefa provides an impressive range of Muslim decor pieces including frames with Islamic artwork or thin metal sheet wall art from Turkey with themes including Allah Muhammad or other Islamic topics – they make ideal presents!

5. Oudh

Oudh (also referred to as Agarwood or Aloeswood) is a dark and fragrant resinous wood produced by Aquilaria trees following an infection by bacteria, prized for its aromatherapy qualities and considered valuable by collectors.

Oud is widely believed to dispel negative energies in one’s home and boost one’s mood, serving both as an ingredient in herbal medicines and perfumes.

Gift it as part of your Ramadan festivities to show them your appreciation! Pair this beautiful ornament with some delicious Ajwa dates which traditionally break the fast.

6. Poetry Collections

Family conversations about giving can help foster an appreciation of gift-giving. A poetry collection could serve to open up their appreciation of language through poetry.

Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey has touched readers deeply, while poet Martina McGowan explores authenticity and love across a spectrum of subjects in her 2020 book Gumbo Ya Ya – paying homage to Zora Neale Hurston with its poetic examination of Black life in America.

7. Surah Books

Muslim children can often be eager to explore their faith and are always on the lookout for engaging books relating to surah al-Kahf (The Cave) of the Quran – making this beautiful personalised book sure to be an enjoyable reading experience!

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Beginning with Islamic court culture gift exchanges, this exhibition delves into its many layers by exploring objects associated with religious institutions, personal piety and diplomatic offerings from 8th to 19th century Islamic courts as well as Western European, Byzantine and East Asian ones.

9. 99 Names of Allah

Islamic gifts are an amazing way to show loved ones your thoughtfulness and promote spirituality and heritage pride. From beautifully rendered calligraphy pieces and books with profound meaning, Islamic presents will surely delight their recipients and show your care and concern for them.

Knowledge of Allah’s 99 Names is crucial for Muslims as it allows them to deepen their relationship with Him and expand their knowledge of His infinite attributes, providing peace and clarity into their lives. Knowing these names brings Allah closer and helps recognize Him everywhere they turn in life.

10. Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art refers to visual arts created after the 7th century in lands governed or influenced by Islam, including architecture, ceramic art, wood carving and ivory sculpture, painting, carpet weaving and more.

Islamic home decor has become a trendy trend in modern Muslim households. Religious wall stickers and murals have a soothing effect on the mind while adding religious flair to your home decor. This stunning piece depicts Allah in Arabic calligraphy surrounded by symbols representing spiritual insight like crescent moon and eye – perfect to add some spiritual depth into the home!