Thai Bach Star Tablets and Prayers for Drought Relief It is very important to prepare the tablets to worship the star for drought relief. If…

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It is very important to make a tablet to offer Arghya to the stars for relief from drought. If you wish to worship the Thai Bach Star, the following is the Thai Bach Star Tablet and detailed instructions on how to write the tablet as well as how to pray and worship accordingly.

What is Thai Bach Star?

Vesper, also known as Venus, is the star that must be maintained in business. People with this Nakshatra should beware of being harassed by small people, wasting money, causing big losses and facing official risks. Lunar months 2, 5 and 8 with the white moon are the worst times and should be avoided throughout the year.

However, people with bad luck can also gain benefits and luck by meeting the Thai Bach Star, which can increase good things in life. For righteous people, this star can bring opportunities and career advancement.

If planning to get married, people with the word Thai Bach need to be careful about stomach-related health problems. To reduce the negative effects of the Thai Bach star, people often hold ceremonies to worship the star to get rid of bad luck and attract good things.

Like the other stars in the Nine Wonders system, the Thai Bach star also cycles every 9 years, returning to the same age as the person carrying this star.

The Thai Bach star is one of the ugliest stars in the system of 9 stars that guide human destiny. People who shine the Thai Bach Star often face enormous difficulties and obstacles, leading to the ruin of their fortune and property. However, at the same time, there are also cases where you meet the Thai Bach Star and are lucky enough to receive good things and blessings in life.

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What is Thai Bach Star Tablets?

according to the law, Thai Bach Star Tablets Should be written on white paper and titled “Western Can Tan Kim Duc Thai Bach Tinh Quan Van Tien”. Below are two sample tablets that you can download.

Sample of Thai Bach Star offering tablet in national language

how to play thai bachSample of Thai Bach Star tablet in national language

Sample of Thai Bach Star presenting tablet in grape style

Bai Wei Sao Thai Bach 2Thai Bach Star tablet model in Confucian script

A prayer for deliverance from the curse of the Thai Bach Star

Meet this star on the 15th and use water elements such as volcanic rocks, or wear gemstone jewelry such as black quartz…
On the evening of the 15th lunar month, arrange the altar facing west, place 8 lights (candles) on the altar to observe the position of the stars.
Tablet: Use notes to write on white paper: Western Canh Tan Kim Duc Thai Bach Tinh Quan Vi Tien”

Use the ax (if available) to block the top. Use the red cloth to cover the amulet and axe. Remember to place this item behind the 3 incense sticks offered. Then, face Chinh Tai for meditation (sitting still).

Wish you Amitabh Buddha! (3 times)

  • I bow to the nine directions of heaven, the ten directions of the Buddha, and the ten directions of the Buddha
  • Nam Thieu Thien Supreme Kim Quiet Jade Emperor
  • I respectfully bow to Horoscope Trung Singh the Great, Lord Trung Thien, Lord of the North Pole
  • I respectfully bow to Mr. Ta Nam Cao Luc Ty Duyen Tho Tinh Quan
  • I respectfully bow to the ninth-ranked Zi Yeok star Lord Duk Hu Bak Daw
  • I respectfully bow to the Western God of the New World, the Golden God of Thai Bach Tinh Quan
  • I bow to the essence of the original soul, Chan Quan, Lord Thuong Thanh
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The name of my trustee is: ………(read full name, date of birth)

Today is the day…month…year…, my believer sincerely makes offerings, incenses camellia flowers and fruits, burns incense sticks, sets up a spiritual altar (read the address of the place of worship )… …to hold a ceremony to welcome and relieve the Thai Bach Star.

I hope that all of you who accept the gift of silver will bless you and ward off bad luck; Bless us with blessings, fortune and long life to experience peace, escape from all evil, have a peaceful family and be prosperous.

The believer bows sincerely, pays homage to the court, and bows to ask for blessings and protection.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha! (3 times)

Phuc Du warned!

After the ceremony, wait until the incense burns out, then turn over the notes, pills, and gold coins and sprinkle them with alcohol. Then take rice salt and sprinkle it in all four directions.

So, through this article, we hope you have learned more about Thai Bach Star Tablets and how to worship the star for relief from drought.

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