Shakyamuni Buddha Statue with Flowers and Meaning of Worship

tượng phật thích ca niêm hoa vi tiếu thạch anh đẹp

The Shakyamuni Hoa Vi Tieu Buddha statue is one of the most popular statues, often seen in Zen temples and pagodas. If you intend to worship Shakyamuni Hoa Vi Tieu Buddha statue or want to know the origin and worship meaning of this statue, you can refer to the information below.

Shakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful QuartziteShakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful Quartzite

The Origin of Shakyamuni Niem Hoa Vi Tieu Buddha Statue

“Tieu’s Seal Flower” is an important story in Buddhism, considered the key and origin of Zen Buddhism. This anecdote was first recorded in the book “Saint Quang Heavenly Post” was compiled by Ly Tuan Uc in 1036. The text of this record is as follows “…The Tathagata preaches in Linh Son. The gods offer flowers. The Blessed One raised the flower. Ca Diep smiled. The World Honored One said to all: “I have the correct Dharma-eye bag, the wondrous mind of Nirvana, and I give it to Maha Kassapa.“. According to the Nirvana Sutra (Northern version), the Buddha’s words are written: “Monks, I have the unsurpassed Righteous Dharma, which I give to Maha Kassapa, who will be the refuge of bhikkhus, just as the Tathagata is the refuge of sentient beings.

It can be understood, “Su flor vi Tieu” means to hold a flower and smile, derived from a meditative anecdote with the fact that Shakyamuni Buddha seals flowers (brings flowers to show), the venerable Kassapa vi Tieu (shows flowers smiles) . This story is explained as follows, one day on Linh Thuu Mountain in front of a large crowd, the Buddha did not preach the Dharma as usual, but quietly raised a flower branch. They were all puzzled and did not understand what he meant, but only the great old man Maha Kassapa smiled and understood. This story represents the method of transmission of the mind, this method is not expressed in words, only sympathy, broad dynamics in the mind of the Buddha and the venerable Kassapa, showing the magic of Nirvana.

Lien Hoa Vi Tieu is a famous anecdote, becoming a special koan in the Zen forest of Chinese Buddhism, popular from the Song Dynasty onwards. According to Zen history, the Buddha later entrusted the venerable Maha Kassapa to become the first patriarch of Zen Buddhism in India, the twenty-eighth patriarch Bodhidharma, and he is also considered the first patriarch of Zen Buddhism in China. The Sakyamuni Buddha statue also belongs to this anecdote which has become increasingly popular and widely worshipped.

Shakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful QuartziteShakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful Quartzite

The meaning of the story “Seal flowers vi Tieu”

It is considered as a seed of meditation that Shakyamuni Buddha planted in Buddhism when he had not yet entered Nirvana. This seed was sown in China by Bodhidharma, during the time of the Sixth Patriarch, Hui Neng, so that it flourished, flourished, and has been passed down to this day. Bodhidharma is an Indian, considered the father of Zen Buddhism in China, he is the twenty-eighth and last patriarch of Indian Zen Buddhism and the first patriarch of Chinese Zen Buddhism.

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According to the explanation of the research experts, the story of the seal flower has many deep, hidden, profound and mysterious meanings. The Buddha picked up the flower and did not speak, while Kassapa saw it and did not speak, but her face smiled brightly. Obviously, he had clearly understood the Righteous Dharma of the Buddha, he knew how to combine the Eye and Mind with the Buddha. In this story, the flower represents the mind, the silence represents the Dharma. Mind and Dharma, although they do not exist, although they exist, they do not exist.

The Buddha brought the flower, that is, he brought the Mind for the monks to see. But the monks only saw the flower and did not understand the Mind of it. Only the venerable Kassapa was able to see the Mind, understand the subtleties of the Dharma and thus attain the esoteric seal of the Buddha. According to the records of the book Lien Dang Hoi Compendium, the Buddha Buddha said:I have the Eye of the True Dharma, Nirvana, the Wonderful Mind, the Realm of the Formless, the Gate of the Wonderful Dharma, without any text, and a special teaching that is transmitted to Mahakasyapa.“.

The meaning of worshiping the Shakyamuni Buddha statue

The saying of the Buddha giving the Dharma and initiation to the venerable Kassapa has become the core of Zen Buddhism. Therefore, Zen Buddhism is also known as the Buddha Heart School, taking the heart to convey the mind as a support for enlightenment. Zen Buddhism emphasizes the role of realizing the Buddha nature, a practitioner’s goal is to understand his own pure mind, whether it is to realize that Buddhahood is pure, live with his own mind, have causes and conditions, and help to growers. get rid of samsara

Indian Zen Buddhism spread to Vietnam thanks to Zen masters Mau Tu and Khuong Tang Hoi. Chinese Zen Buddhism was first introduced to Vietnam by an Indian-born Zen master named Tinida-luu-chi. Indian Zen Buddhism has some southern thought, which can be mentioned as the practice of meditation, the four holy fruits of Arahant status. Zen Buddhism in China is divided into different stages of development.

Today, the Shakyamuni Buddha statue is highly revered in monasteries, pagodas, or at home by Buddhists who follow the Zen method. The worship of this statue is aimed at affirming the source of Zen Buddhism, which is truly handed down from the Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, according to the lineage of the patriarchs, Zen masters still exist and develop to this day. In addition, the worship of statues also shows the desire to achieve enlightenment like the venerable Kassapa and the Zen patriarchs and masters.

Shakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful Quartzite

The Shakyamuni Flower Vi Tieu Buddha Statue brings worshipers peace, tranquility, gentle peace. The statue has deep spiritual value, showing the direction to the wondrous mind of Nirvana, where the true form is also the formless. Furthermore, it is believed that the story of the seal flower and the Buddha’s teachings may have appeared only in the Song Dynasty without being recorded earlier, so they may be false scriptures, not true. However, its meaning is extremely real, becoming the essence of Zen Buddhism. Those who practice according to this principle have achieved certain benefits in life, in practice, and have achieved high realization.

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Shakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful Quartzite

Shakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful QuartziteShakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful Quartzite

Where Should I Visit Shakyamuni Niem Hoa Vi Tieu Buddha Statue?

One of the prestigious and reliable addresses you can choose to visit Shakyamuni Buddha statue, Bodhisattva statue… is Loc Phat Worship Shop. Loc Phat Buddha statues are made of high quality stone powder with advantages such as:

  • Statues with spirituality, high feng shui energy: Stone statues are made of natural stone blocks that contain accumulated energy of the quintessence of heaven and earth. Therefore, these statues have feng shui energy and high spirituality, bringing positive feng shui energy, good influence on owners and relatives. Additionally, stone statues also help promote the ability to be peaceful and emotional more effectively than other materials.
  • High Durability: Durability is also one of the advantages of stone Buddha statues. The statue is made of natural stone powder, making it resistant to changes in the environment. The surface of the statue is coated with many nanolayers to increase gloss, dust-proof and smudge-free.
  • HIGH AESTHETIC: All Loc Phat statues are handcrafted by skilled and experienced artisans. Therefore, the lines of the statue are elegant, the colors are beautiful, and they exude the spirit of Buddhists.
  • Shakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful QuartziteShakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful Quartzite

In addition, Loc Phat Do Tho store is also highly appreciated for its service attitude and product warranty and shipping policy. Buddha statues generally have a 10-year warranty, accept product returns if the manufacturer’s fault, will support the warranty if there are problems during transportation or during use. In particular, the store is known to have a free shipping policy for customers in the Ho Chi Minh City area and supports shipping nationwide.

Some Notes on Visiting and Worshiping the Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

When visiting and worshiping the Shakyamuni Buddha statue or any other Buddha or Bodhisattva statue, owners should also keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Worshiping Buddha and Bodhisattva images should come from the heart, only ask, worship when truly reverent, should not be improvised, worship for beauty, worship because others worship too.
  • You have to prepare all the necessary worship items, prepare the Buddha altar ready so that when you visit the statue, you go home from the store and put the Buddha image right on the altar.
  • If you worship Buddha at home, you should choose a quiet and dignified place to place the Buddha image. In the case of terraced houses and tube houses, the statue should be placed in the highest place, in a quiet place, absolutely not in a place where guests are frequently received or gatherings are held.
  • Do not worship too many Buddha statues in the house, it is better to worship only the trio of Buddha and Bodhisattva images. When the old Buddha image wants to be replaced with a new one, the old statue must be brought to the temple for a ceremony, and then a new one should be invited.
  • Worship offerings do not need to be too cumbersome, but should be respectful and sincere, especially fruits and tea should be changed regularly.

Shakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful QuartziteShakyamuni Flower Buddha Statue and Beautiful Quartzite

Above is information to help you better understand the origin and meaning of the Seal Flower anecdote and the meaning of worshiping the Shakyamuni Niem Hoa Vi Tieu Buddha statue. If you would like more information about the statue and how to worship it or need more detailed advice on how to worship it, you can leave a comment or contact us via our website or phone number 093.173.8189.