Reciting the Bodhi Mala and taking the name of Buddha will yield immense virtue. 1. What does it mean to wear a Bodhi rosary? “If one uses papaya seeds…

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										1. Đeo chuỗi hạt bồ đề có ý nghĩa gì?  “Nếu ai dùng hạt bồ...

1. What does it mean to wear a Bodhi rosary?

“If one uses the Bodhi seeds as rosaries, or uses them for chanting, reciting, or simply holding, reciting, and chanting all at once, the blessings he receives are immeasurable, incalculable, and immeasurable. It is difficult.”

According to the So Chau Kang Duk Sutra and the Yogacara Nim Chau Sutra, it is written: “The bodhi seed is very excellent.”

Not only does it have sacred meaning in Buddhism, bodhi rosary It also has good feng shui meanings to help attract wealth and luck. With its roots deep into the ground, tall, strong trunk and bright green leaves, the Bodhi tree is said to be able to absorb the life forces of both heaven and earth. That is why in Feng Shui, Bodhi seeds are a harmonious combination of heaven-earth-humanity.

bodhi seed necklace Brings many good things to the wearer in terms of wealth, luck or helps in changing fate. Because it is a Buddhist weapon, anyone is suitable to wear this necklace. In addition, Bodhi Mala also has the effect of warding off evil spirits and providing protection.

in ring chain, Garland Or chains made of Bodhi beads have the same meaning: to remind practitioners of the vows and practice path of Buddha Shakyamuni until he attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Based on this, the practitioner has more motivation and strong will to cut through greed, anger, ignorance, pride, and wrong knowledge and wrong thoughts, so as to soon step onto the path of enlightenment, as the word “Bodhi” True for.

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2. The most popular Bodhi bead necklace models today

The Bodhi tree also has many different varieties, which are grown in different places, so many types of Bodhi seeds are also used to make beads.

In terms of shape, it is often divided into two types: round-seeded bodhi and wrinkled bodhi. Bodhisattvas with round seeds often appear in areas with hot and humid air, while Bodhisattvas with wrinkled seeds often appear in areas with cool air.

01 8The bracelet has 18 linden wood beads With a size of 12mm, suitable for wrists up to 15-16cm, helps you wear it comfortably on your wrist. Each Bodhi wood grain has been carefully selected, highly refined, with meticulous lines, creating a truly beautiful and luxurious product.
02 8Lotus Charm Bodhi Seed Bracelet Ivory White is a meaningful and spiritual jewelery product. With a harmonious combination of natural beauty and high spirituality, this product promises to bring luck and fortune to the users.
03 4a rosary of bodhi crystal beads Wearing a bracelet is not only a piece of jewelery but also a discreet way to show your kindness and respect towards the Buddha. Wearing Chandra Bodhi Bracelet will be very beneficial for the body, bring luck, auspiciousness, pray for peace, happiness and help purify the mind, help reduce pressure in daily life.
01 9Bodhi Pearls Mixed with Dong Dieu Ngoc Son Thuy Will help the wearer focus their mind and help them attain the Pure Land state. This product also brings peace, luck and good fortune to the wearer, helping them live a happier and more successful life.

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3. On which hand should you wear the Bodhi Mala to get the best effect?

wearing bodhi rosary Anyhow there is one important thing which you have to find out carefully. Each different way of wearing will bring its own meanings:
  • Wearing Bodhi Mala on your right hand: Helps you avoid bad luck, protects you when visiting dangerous places, negative energies, strong bad energies.
  • Wearing a rosary in your left hand: Helps you achieve good luck in your career path.
Depending on your wish, you can choose on which hand to wear the bead bracelet that best suits you.

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