Origin and meaning of rosary? Why should people use rosaries to chant Buddha’s name and recite mantras? 1. Origin and meaning of rosary- Origin of rosary…

Nguồn gốc và ý nghĩa của tràng hạt? Vì sao người niệm Phật, trì chú nên dùng tràng hạt?
										1. Nguồn gốc và ý nghĩa của tràng hạt – Nguồn gốc của tràng hạt ...

1. Origin and meaning of rosary

– Origin of rosary beads

Garland Originated from India and has become an important item in the religious life of many religions, especially Buddhism. Along with the culture of ancient Indians. In Buddhism, rosaries are personal items of practitioners that help them concentrate on reciting thoughts. And go deeper into a state of concentration to give birth to wisdom.

In Buddhist scriptures, the origin of the rosary and praying the rosary while reciting the Buddha’s name is based on the Buddha’s revelation to King Ba Luu Li. It is based on the Wu Huan Zi Sutra. Monks often carry rosaries with them as a treasure, a magical weapon to support them on the path to studying Buddhism.

The use of rosaries with different numbers of beads also varies in symbolic meaning, depending on total Dharma numbers according to Buddhist concepts:

  • According to the Mok Hon Tu Sutra, the rosary consists of 108 beads, this number symbolizes 108 sufferings including 88 thoughts, 10 thoughts and 10 obstacles.
  • According to the So Chau Kang Duk Sutra, there are 4 types of pearls: 108 pearls, 54 pearls, 27 pearls, 14 pearls.
  • According to Dharani Sutra, there are 4 types of rosary beads: 108 beads, 54 beads, 42 beads, 21 beads.
  • According to the Diamond Sutra, Neem Chau Yoga takes a string of 1080 beads as the upper level string, chain of 108 beads Make a dark colored string, make the middle string with a string of 54 beads and make the bottom string with a string of 27 beads.
  • According to Pham So Chau Nghi Tak, the upper level chain is 108 beads, the middle level chain is 54 beads, the lower level chain is 27 beads, the last chain is 1080 beads.

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-Meaning of rosary in Buddhism

Its meaning will also vary depending on the number of particles:

  • 108 pearl chain The 108 Samadhi symbolizes the quest to attain the Dharmas and eliminate the 108 sufferings.
  • The chain of 54 beads symbolizes the 54 levels of the bodhisattva’s practice process, including the ten beliefs, ten dwellings, ten virtues, ten dedications, ten grounds, and the four good roots and causes.
  • The rosary of 42 beads symbolizes the 42 levels in the Bodhisattva’s practice process, including the Ten Virtues, Ten Foundations, Ten Abodes, Ten Surrenders, Complete Enlightenment and Great Enlightenment.
  • The rosary of 27 beads represents the 27 levels for Hinayana practitioners of the four directions.
  • The rosary of 21 pearls symbolizes the 21 beings, the ten Paramitas, the ten Paramitas and Buddhahood.
  • The rosary of 14 pearls symbolizes the 14 fearless dharmas of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.
  • The rosary of 1080 beads represents the 10 worlds, each realm having 108
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2. Why should people who chant Buddha’s name and recite mantras use rosaries?

In the Sutra of the Book of Merit, because he wanted to benefit all sentient beings, Manjushri, Dharma-king-tu, the Bodhisattva Ma-ha-tat showed great mercy. Tell the public:

“Because we wish to benefit ourselves and help others, and hope that all Dharma will be quickly attained and effective, the method of praying the rosary should be like this, so we should try to maintain : If someone uses iron to make a rosary, to pray, reciting it once is five times more blessed than reciting Shunyata. If someone makes a rosary out of red copper and recites it once, he is considered to be reciting Shunyata. Ten times more blessings are received.

If one uses pearls, coral… to make a rosary, recites it once, he will receive a hundred times more blessings than reciting the emptiness. If one uses the seeds of the Tra tree (Wud-hon-tu) as a rosary, reciting it once, he will receive a thousand times more blessings than by reciting the Emptiness. (If you wish to be born in the Pure World of Buddha and be born in heaven, you should accept and maintain this rosary).

If someone makes a rosary of lotus seeds and recites it once, he will get ten thousand times more benefit than zero recitation. If one uses the seeds of Dhar-da-la-khasoa as a rosary, chanting it once, he will receive a million times more blessings than if he recites it to emptiness. If one uses the seeds of Oloda-la-khasoa as a rosary, chanting the rosary one grain at a time, one at a time, has a thousand times more virtue than chanting emptiness.

If someone makes a rosary of glass beads and chants them once, he gets ten thousand times more blessings than if he chants zero.

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if anyone uses it make bodhi seed rosaryOr used to recite, recite, or simply hold, recite, and once recited, the blessings are immeasurable, incalculable, and hard to measure.

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Furthermore, the purpose of the rosary is to remind us not to be absent-minded. As soon as I saw this rosary, I was immediately reminded of it. This rosary has a huge effect. The point of rosary is not just to remember the number, the most important thing is to remind yourself to be mindful.

We not only have to constantly remind ourselves, but in the environment around us, people see this rosary, they also know how to chant the name of Buddha, they will be influenced by this idea. It is not certain whether they know how to recite or not, but they must have the idea in mind. This idea is a good idea. There are also such ghosts which we cannot see with our naked eyes. The ghosts saw your rosary and reminded them to chant the name of Buddha. Yin and Yang benefit both ways.

so, People chanting Buddha’s name carry rosaries It has great benefits, many benefits, which remind all sentient beings to be alert.

3. If the rosary breaks, how should it be handled?

When a rosary breaks, many people mistakenly consider it a bad omen. Actually, this is a misconception.

We should know that any item that is used for a long time will suffer from wear and tear. So, if the rosary string is broken, you just need to replace it with a new one to continue using it.

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