Nine Mystic Tablet of the Seven Ancestors: Meaning and How to Keep It One of the important worship objects in spiritual culture…

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One of the important worship objects in the spiritual culture of the Vietnamese people is the Nine Myths That Patriarch tablet. However, many people still do not fully understand its meaning and how to dispose of the Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs Tablets in a suitable and blessed manner. Please read the information below to understand this type of tablet:

What are the nine myths that are the Patriarch’s Tablet?

Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs TabletsThe Seven Ancestor Tablet is an important worship material, which holds sacred meaning in the Vietnamese tradition of ancestor worship.

To understand what the “Qi Huyen That Patriarch” tablet is, we must first understand the phrase “Qi Huyen That Patriarch”, which is translated in Chinese characters as follows:

  • Cuu: means nine, ninth
  • Huyen: means generation
  • That: means seven, seventh
  • Patriarchy: means patriarchy or matriarchy.

“Qi Huyin: Nine generations: high, senior, ancestor, father, brother, son, grandson, great-grandson, great-grandson. Seven ancestors: seven generations: Cao, Song, To, Cao Cao, Song Sang, To To, Cao To. This Thus, the term “nine mysteries” is broader than the term “seven ancestors.” Because the “seven ancestors” refers to the previous generations, while the “nine mysteries” refers not only to the previous four generations, but also to the following four generations. Refers.

So what does the Nine Myths That Two Tablet mean? It is a type of tablet which is used to worship the ancestors of 9 generations in one’s family and lineage. at the altar, The Nine Mysteries That Patriarch’s Tablet It is placed in the middle, on top of the ancestral altar to show respect to the ancestors.

Meaning of the Nine Mysteries That Patriarch’s Tablet

The four words “Qi Huyen That Ancestor” are meant to honor and remember the ancestors who have contributed to the upbringing and education of their descendants to live the life they have today.

For some people who understand Feng Shui, when they understand What is Jiu Xuan That Patriarch? One will realize the importance of this tablet for family peace, fortune and good fortune. The tablets will help in adding sanctity and solemnity to your family worship place.

Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs Tablets It has value as a plaque to preserve and commemorate the gratitude of grandparents, parents and predecessors across many lives. This is the beauty of our country’s tradition of drinking water, remember the source and remember the one who planted the tree while eating the fruit.

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Some people believe that: If the parents are still alive, they should not worship the Nain Hien That ancestor at home because the Nain Hien That ancestor is worshiping the parents, but if the parents is still alive, then shouldn’t he be worshiped like that? However, depending on each person’s concept, should we worship the Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs Tablets or not?

We always believe that “yin and yang help”, if we worship our ancestors carefully, we will receive blessings in the future.

The Ritual of Establishing the Altar of the Nine Mysterious Seventh Ancestors

The Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs Tablet was provided by Buddhist Supplies If you want ancestor worship to be beneficial and bring lots of blessings, choosing an altar tablet is very important.

According to our research, we know that whether the Nin Huyen That Patriarch Tablet is written in Vietnamese or Chinese, the way of writing the tablet should also follow the rule of ghost – crying – spirit – listening. This means that the total number of words written on the tablet must be divisible by 4 or when divided by 4 there must be a remainder of 3. Because, the tablet is meant to worship those who have passed away in the underworld as per reincarnation.

Regarding the ritual of placing the Nine Huen That Patriarch Tablet, homeowners need to do and pay attention to the following:

  • First, the householder must choose to purchase or order the Nine Hyeon That Patriarch Tablet from a reputable establishment, wrap it in newspaper, and bring it home and place it in a sacred place to wait for the day of the consecration ceremony.
  • Note that after requesting a tablet, you must go straight home, not stopping or stopping on the side of the road. After that, the homeowner has to make proper arrangement and arrangement of the altar. If the family worships the Buddha together with the ancestors, the Nine Hyeon That Patriarch tablet should be placed below the Buddha statue.
  • Prepare incense sticks, vases, fruit trays, water and candles for the puja rituals during the peace ceremony.
  • On the day of the ceremony, arrange the altar in the correct order: outside, place incense sticks in the middle, place a vase on the right, a plate of fruit on the left, pour clean water into the bowl, make a small tea pot, place pots on top, light candles.. .
  • When it is time for the ceremony, the householder should wear clean clothes, open the paper wrapped on the tablet, and use a clean towel mixed with a little white wine to wipe the surface of the tablet. While cleaning, chant the mantra “The blue project erases Ha” 9 times, then place the tablet inside the altar.
  • Light incense in the incense burner, light the lamp, burn incense, stand solemnly in front of the tablet, make 3 apologies, then quickly place it on your forehead and pray:
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,Today is the day….month….year….
(Our) name is …………., ……..years old, living in ……………………

In auspicious days and months, (we) respectfully invite our paternal and maternal relatives, the Nine Huns That Patriarch, to come and sit in the same place, proving the sincerity of our descendants.

We respectfully pray that the heroic spirit of Nin Hien That Patriarch will bless you and your family with being safe and healthy, eliminating diseases, overcoming accidents, and good luck in your business.

(We) sincerely respectfully request and are extremely grateful to Nin Huiyen That Patriarch and the Greatness of the Inner and Outer Sects.

It is a respectful request. ,

Za ba za. Put the incense sticks in the incense burner. Long incense sticks are placed in the front, short incense sticks are placed in the back (inside) to form three distinct, arranged points (not placed randomly or randomly). Kneel and bow four times. Stand up and pray.

Note: Householders should choose an auspicious day of the month, Snake Hour (9 to 11 am), to conduct the ritual of placing the nine-hyphenated-the-ancestor tablet.

Where is a good place to ask for the Nine Mysterious Seven Patriarchs Tablets?

From the above information about Nine Huen That Two Tablet, we definitely have a basic understanding of this type of tablet as well as its meaning, benefits, and how to organize the tablet.

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