Meaning of the statue of Dai the Chi Bodhisattva, Notes when worshiping Dai the Chi Bodhisattva, one of the oldest and most important bodhisattvas…

Meaning of the statue of Dai the Chi Bodhisattva, Notes when worshiping Dai the Chi Bodhisattva, one of the oldest and most important bodhisattvas...

great bodhisattva One of the oldest and most powerful Bodhisattvas. He is the attendant of Amitabha Buddha, standing to the right of the Buddha, holding a blue lotus flower in his hand and a lost pearl around his neck. The bodhisattvas Dai Shi Chi and the bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara and Amitabha Buddha are often referred to in the West as the Western Three Saints of the Realm of Ultimate Bliss. What does the statue of Dai Thi Chi Bodhisattva mean? What should we pay attention to when inviting a Bodhisattva statue for home worship? To know more follow the link given below.

Who is Dai Thi Chi Bodhisattva?

Dai The Chi Bodhisattva is also known as the Infinite Light Bodhisattva, Dac Dai Bodhisattva, Linh Cat Bodhisattva, Dai Tinh Tân Bodhisattva and is often abbreviated as The Chi. They have a great vow of great power, great compassion, and it is a vow to tame and help the powerful beings in the Saha world. According to the Sutra of Quantitative Life, the Great World Chi is understood as a bodhisattva who uses the light of wisdom to illuminate the ten directions, helping sentient beings in the three evil paths to become free and with He has unique power.

GZS SB66 768x768 1Seated bronze statue of the Great Buddha, bronze plated, height 52 cm (total leaf height 66 cm)

In ancient times, at the time of the immense merit of happiness, at that time the Buddha was called Kim Quang Lion, Tu Du Huy, he appeared to save sentient beings. At that time there was a king named Oi Duk in the country, who ruled the people with good religion, so he was called Dharma King, he used to worship Buddha a lot. One day the king was sitting on the samadhi, coming out of the samadhi, the king saw two lotus flowers growing on either side, each lotus had a medium. The king went to the Buddha’s place with two disciples to listen to the Dharma. At that time, King Oi Duk was an ancestor of Shakyamuni Buddha, and his two companions were Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and Dai the Chi Bodhisattva.

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The meaning of the statue of the Great World Chi Bodhisattva

The Bodhisattva Dai Chi does not hold any religion or depend on his wind, but is a blue lotus flower. The blue lotus is a symbol of purity, that is, the cessation of virtue. He represents the spirit of great wisdom, and Avalokiteshvara the bodhisattva represents the spirit of great compassion. Those who follow Buddha Mind always need compassion and wisdom to understand all things.

If you want to save sentient beings on the Pure Land, you must first teach them to get rid of their impurities and impurities. Therefore, the meaning of the Dai Shi Chi statue, with an aura like the light of wisdom, illuminates sentient beings, clearly shows their impurities, and at the same time gives them the power to eliminate these impurities, so that they Can bring in pure. Earth.

wfnze27 35 768x768 2Standing statue of Dai Dai Chi, gilded Taiwan bronze, size 88x34x34 cm

The deep meaning of worshiping the statue of the Bodhisattva Dai Di Chi is to guide people to good, remind oneself, eliminate evil, through which all disasters are neutralized. At the same time, people should always use intelligence and insight when looking at problems, avoiding impurity and misconceptions to obscure things. Gaining new boundless power towards peace of mind and body.

Important Notes When Worshiping the Statue of Dai the Chi Bodhisattva

As with any other Buddha or Bodhisattva, when worshiping at home, there will be some warnings and taboos for the owner to understand. Only in this way can we not commit any great sin or disrespect the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

The altar should be placed in such a way that the bodhisattva faces the main door. In that case the host family will have a beneficial effect on the deceased. He will save, relieve the suffering of a loved one and help him escape.

+ Do not place the Buddha altar near the kitchen, toilet, bedroom or places prone to infection such as the corner of the stairs and the direction of the bathroom.

+ Householders are not allowed to worship other deities with the Western Three Saints, because the Holy Spirit is still in the six paths of rebirth. If the householder would perform the act of worship together, it would break taboos in Buddhism.

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TDV TPTTD48 768x768 119 Inch Gold Plated Bronze Statue of Three Saints (Approx. 48 cm, 56 cm in total)

+ If worshiping the Three Saints, attention must be paid to the arrangement of the two Bodhisattvas on either side. The location of the altar should be at the highest point, at least the top of the Bodhisattva statue should be higher than the top of the worship lord’s head.

+ Only fruits should be used while offering mass and should be kept on a fruit plate. And especially the fruit items for worship are not used for other things or for worshiping with the ancestors.

+ If there is an ancestral altar in the house, it should be placed on the left or right wall of the Buddha altar. Worshiped in the 10 directions and the 3 realms of sentient beings, the Buddha is the teacher. Even those who have died need wisdom from the Buddha, that’s why they are placed next to the Buddha altar.

Above is some information that will help you better understand the image and meaning of Dai the Chi Bodhisattva as well as worshiping his image. Worshiping the idols of Buddha and Bodhisattvas is primarily a gesture of respect for the three jewels of the householder, it is not important in terms of form as the altar should be grand or the idol should be large in size, the material must be right. Made of gold, honest made of jade.

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