Meaning of the 7 Medicine Buddha Statues and How to Recognize Them What Buddhists Need to Know In Buddhist concept, there are 7 forms of Medicine Buddha…

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In Buddhist concept, Medicine Buddha It has 7 different appearances. Each of their forms or expressions has a different meaning. So in this article, let’s find out everything related to the 7 Medicine Buddha statues, how to identify and what is the meaning of each of their forms Buddhist objects Please!

Some information about Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha is the leader of the Pure Land of the Eastern World. According to the Sutra of the Vows of Virtue of the Medicine Buddha Tathagata, thanks to the 12 great vows of the bodhisattvas, when they practiced the path of eliminating all diseases and sufferings for sentient beings, they became full of good roots and attained liberation. When he became Buddha, dwelling in a world of pure crystal glass, as solemn as the world of supreme bliss.

Medicine Buddha (Sanskrit: भाईयाज्यगुरु; meaning “Physician Buddha”), also known as Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Buddha, Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Buddha, Medicine Master Tathagata, Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli, Great Medicine King Buddha, Because his original vow was “Save all disease and suffering for sentient beings”, he is also known as Tu Tai Dien Tho Medicine Buddha.

The 7 Medicine Buddha statues include:

+ Bhaisajyaguru: Medicine Master Lapis La Light Tathagata

+ Abhiyaraja: Dharma Ocean Conquered Hue Du Hue Divine Power Tathagata

+ Dharmakirtisagara: Dharma Sagar Vajra Sound Tathagata

+ Asokottamsriraja: Carefree, supremely victorious auspicious King Tathagata

+ Suvarnabhadradravimala: Golden precious light, miraculous behavior, perfect tathagat

+ Swargosarja: Precious Moon Wisdom, Light and Sound of Self-Freedom, King Tathagata

+ Suparikirti-Tanamashreeraja: Calling the auspicious name of the auspicious king Tathagata

Meaning of the German Medicine Master title

Medicine is medicine, monk is teacher. Buddha’s name is Medicine Master Lapis La Quang Vuong. The formula named the Medicine Master’s Prayer for Merit. Duck Su is a doctor. Lu Li is a transparent jade from the inside out. The slogan of Zen Buddhism is “breaking the paint bucket”. The paint bucket is compared to our five wings.

Inside there is darkness and clinging to ego, outside it is full of clinging to religion. The monk’s work will be completed only by breaking the paint bucket. The Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra teaches: “By contemplating the emptiness of the five aggregates, one can escape all suffering.” The black bucket look is caused by two main diseases: ants and ants. Opinion is either seeing wrong, thinking or thinking wrong.

00 1 20 768x768 1Statue of seated Medicine Buddha, made of sapphire blue lapis lazuli, 31 cm high

Use Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Quang Buddha Title to drink internally and externally. When drinking alcohol, every thought or idea becomes immediately known. If you know hope, hope will disappear. Whenever greed, anger and ignorance appear, we immediately know that the cause is prejudice. There is a need to purify the six senses.

The two words proposed by the Medicine Master are to remind us of our essential duty, each thought to enlighten and purify the mind. So in drinking. Apart from the rubbing, one must believe that there is a Buddha’s vow to protect the mind. Buddha is not far away. The Buddha is often right in his moments of contemplation. We are just blinded by phantasmal states, agitated emotions, altered perception, blinded by form, obscured by the five skandhas, it appears as if we are very far from the Buddha.

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Buddha statue meaning of medicine

Each Medicine Buddha has its own meaning as each of them has its own great promises. Worshiping the Medicine Buddha statue at home has the following meanings:

  • Thanks to its power, when receiving, observing, worshipping, making offerings and paying homage respectfully, it will help us fulfill our wishes and desires, and eliminate illness and suffering. Also, it helps in calming the mind, eliminating illness and suffering, and attaining immense blessings.
  • By listening to their names, accepting them, chanting them and paying homage to them with a true heart, one will destroy karma, live a long life, be free from diseases and be freed from all sufferings. All crimes, karmas and diseases and sufferings come to an end. Pray for everything to come true, to be reborn in the lotus flower of the Buddha Realm, and to be protected by the gods.
  • Help us to develop a mind for giving alms, to practice compassion, joy and forgiveness, to develop a mind to study, and to develop religious faith in the Three Jewels. Eliminate greed, lust, anger and avoid all bondages and attachments. No longer dependent on others, no shortage of food and clothing, full of warmth and comfort.
  • The Medicine Buddha Statue is considered a healing medicine with mystical elements in Tibetan medicine. Some rituals like chanting, offering prasad, worship etc. also provide health benefits.

In general, the meaning of Medicine Buddha statue is to cure diseases, so we often use Medicine Buddha statue or statue to worship and decorate at home with the meaning of blessing healthy body, protecting peace and destroying the body. Choose painting. Except bad diseases. In Buddhism “sickness” is also understood as “sickness of the mind”, which is the sorrow and suffering that plagues every person forever.

00 8 6Set of high quality seated and drawing Medicine Buddha statue with composite halo, 65 cm high (total leaves 80 cm)

The Medicine Buddha used his wisdom, intelligence and conduct to protect sentient beings from greed and greed. By destroying those three karmas, all mental illnesses will go away, there will be longevity, enlightenment will be attained and the path to enlightenment and liberation will come closer. Therefore, eliminating physical diseases is only part of the meaning of worshiping the Medicine Buddha statue, the important thing is still to develop the mind and eliminate karma so that the heart is always pure and pure.

How to distinguish the appearance of 7 Medicine Buddha statues

Each incarnation of the Medicine Buddha has a different title, and there are also differences in their descriptions that if you pay attention, you can tell them apart completely.

The most easily recognizable feature that we should pay attention to when observing the statues of the 7 Medicine Buddhas is the color, especially as follows:

  • Calling the Auspicious King Tathagata in the world of Quang Thang, he is described as having a yellow body, his left hand bearing the seal of right concentration, his right hand bearing the seal of granting fearlessness.
  • In the precious golden light and miraculous conduct of the Siddha Tathāgata, there is the pure land of the exquisite fragrance of the world. His entire body is light yellow and his hands are tied with the Dharma seal.
  • Treasure of the Moon Tri Nghiem Light and Sound of Freedom King Tathagata, whose pure land is the wonderful treasure of the world. His entire body is red and yellow, and his right hand is covered with the seal of promise.
  • The supremely victorious Auspicious King Tathagata, whose pure land is the world without worms, has a pink body and both hands covered with the Dang Tri seal.
  • Phap Hai Thang Hui Du Hy Divine Power Tathagata, Whose Pure Land Thien Tru Bao Hai is the World, His entire body is red-brown, His left hand is made of the seal of right concentration, His right hand is made of the seal of Vow.
  • Dharma is Loi Yin Tathagata, whose pure land is the Dharma pearl of the world. His entire body is yellow or green, his hands are tied with the Dharma seal.
  • Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light King Tathagata, whose Pure Land is the Pure Land Lapis Lazuli World, his entire body is lapis lazuli green, his left hand is made of the seal of right concentration, his right hand is made of the seal of lapis lazuli. Arahant observe fast by wearing the fruit.
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    Note: In the set of 7 Medicine Buddha statues, the Medicine Buddha Lapis La Light Tathagata (the incarnation of the Medicine Buddha we are most familiar with) is always placed in the middle.

    Blessings while worshiping the 7 statues of the Medicine Buddha

    Every human being has to go through 4 stages “birth – old age – illness – death”. Among them, “illness” is one of the most painful things in a person’s life. Everyone wants to be healthy and never get sick or suffer.

    According to Buddhism, worshiping the Medicine Buddha and chanting his name is the way to rely on his light to eliminate all diseases and suffering in the human world in order to live a peaceful, peaceful and happy life.

    Should we worship Medicine Buddha at home?

    Named Medicine Buddha, many people believe that he is a physician who blesses the body with health, protects peace and eliminates diseases. Additionally, with his vast knowledge, the Medicine Buddha also heals the ailments of each person’s mind, helping them avoid suffering and be happy.

    The Medicine Buddha made a great vow to save sentient beings from greed, anger and ignorance – the three terrible diseases of the soul. Therefore, eliminating physical diseases is only a part of the meaning of worshiping the Medicine Buddha. The deeper part of this kriya is to develop the mind and eliminate karma in the heart.

    After knowing the meaning of the 7 Medicine Buddha statues, it is up to the homeowner whether to worship the Medicine Buddha at home or not. When you develop the intention to worship the Medicine Buddha, you should have reverence wholeheartedly, strive for goodness every day, cultivate virtue and accumulate virtue, do good and avoid evil. From there, life will be more peaceful and happy, and the practice will be fully realized.

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