Meaning and how to draw Earth God of Wealth card to attract lots of luck. Earth God of Wealth Card is an essential puja material that is a must have…

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The Tablet of the Earth God of Wealth is an essential worship material that should be on the altar of the God of Wealth, it has important feng shui meaning, and helps in increasing purity while performing the puja.

What is Earth God of Wealth Tablet?

god of wealth earth tablet Simply put, it is a card inscribed with the names of the gods of earthly wealth whom we worship. This tablet is not only a common worship material but also has an important Feng Shui meaning, which helps in the worship of the Earth God of wealth and brings many blessings and fortune to the homeowner.

What does it mean to make a God of Wealth and Earth tablet?

god of wealth earth tabletThe Tablet of the Earth God of Wealth is an essential worship material on the altar of the God of Wealth

According to long-standing religious tradition, Vietnamese people have gradually formed a tradition of worshiping gods to bring convenience and good fortune in life. Among them, worshiping Prithvi, the god of wealth, is considered a deity that helps in business growth and bringing luck and fortune in business. Therefore, many businessmen and traders have built altars to the earth god of wealth to bring convenience and growth to their businesses.

Often we think that worshiping Prithvi, the God of Wealth, is worshiping two different gods, the God of Wealth and the Earth, Prithvi. However, in reality it is just a common term, which holds symbolic meaning in worship rituals. Specifically, in worship, we believe that there are five Gods of Wealth and five Gods of Earth corresponding to the five directions East, West, South, North and Centre.

Usually, the God of Wealth card is placed behind the idol of Shri Prithvi, the God of Wealth. Tablets come in many different colors and designs, however, the most common are tablets with a red background with gold or black letters, as well as tablets with a white background with gold letters. The words on the tablet are written carefully, clearly and meticulously, recording the names and positions of the deities whom the householder worships. Therefore, it is an essential worship material at the altar of Ong Dia Than Tai. If you worship Prithvi, the God of wealth, without the pill, there will be no meaning of worship and no spirituality.

To understand the meaning of the God of Wealth tablet and consider whether it is necessary or not, the answer is that the God of Wealth tablet is a worship object that records the title and status of the God whose household worships. Does. The Tablet of the God of Wealth is an important part and should be worshiped carefully and cannot be ignored. While placing the tablet of the God of Wealth and the altar of the God of Wealth, the homeowner should place the tablet towards the main door. It will contribute to bringing luck, fortune and auspiciousness to the homeowner, and will also help partially neutralize evil spirits and avoid disasters.

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How to Draw Earth God of Wealth Card for Good Luck

Properly arranging the altar of the God of Wealth helps us attract more luck in our career and business, as well as more luck in our family on important occasions such as Full Moon Day, Tet holidays and many other occasions. Other. The God of Wealth is the deity responsible for managing wealth and bringing luck and happiness in life. Therefore, the worship of Ong Diya, the god of wealth, has always been respected and attention has been paid to even the smallest things. Decorating the altar of the God of Wealth is one of the important factors that cannot be ignored for any homeowner.

The arrangement of the God of Wealth and Ong Dia altars should be carefully designed and in accordance with Feng Shui as well as Vietnamese worship traditions. To worship the God of Wealth and Earth to attract prosperity and luck, please follow the instructions below.

  • The God of Wealth – Ong Dia tablet is placed at the end of the altar, often with the words “Chieu Tai Tien Bao” or replaced by a pair of parallel sentences such as “Earth energy produces white jade – Earth produces gold. Can do”. One hundred paper gold bars should be placed on the tablet.
  • The statue of Ong Diya, the God of Wealth, is placed on either side of the altar, when viewed from the outside, the statue of Ong Diya is on the right and the statue of the God of Wealth is on the left.
  • 3 jars filled with rice, salt and water. In the middle of the altar, place 3 jars filled with rice, salt and water. Note that all 3 jars must be replaced at the end of the year.
  • According to Feng Shui in the arrangement of the altar of Shri Diya and the God of wealth, the tray with fruits will be placed on the left side, while the vase will be placed on the right side. The principle of “Eastern Binh-Western Quế” is followed.
  • The flowers offered to the god of wealth Sri Diya are usually chrysanthemum, gerbera, rose etc. Do not use strong smelling flowers on the altar of the God of Wealth. The fruits chosen are the Five Fruits, consisting of 5 types of fruits with different shapes and colors, which bring beauty and good fortune to the family and household.
  • In the middle of the altar, a bowl of incense should be placed. You should use an altar set made of ceramic so that it is easy to clean and can create a sacred and luxurious look for the altar. Even for burning incense, certain procedures have to be followed.
  • Homeowners should not use wet towels to clean the altar because according to Feng Shui, the fire element altar is not compatible with water. While cleaning the incense stick, avoid shaking it too much so that your luck and fortune are not affected. 502 glue can be used to hold the incense bowl in place.
  • The altar is arranged with 5 cups of water in a cross shape, symbolizing the growth and development of the five elements – the five directions.
  • Mr. Cock is placed on the left side next to a tray of five fruits to attract luck and prosperity. Focus on turning the toads outside in the morning and back indoors at night to ensure good luck.
  • The deep bowl placed on the ground outside the altar is a beautiful ceramic or glass bowl. The householder pours water and sprinkles roses (also known as Minh Duong Tu Thuy), which symbolize wealth.
  • In addition to the above items, homeowners can place a statue of Maitreya Buddha on the altar of Ong Diya – the god of wealth. Vietnamese people believe that the statue of Maitreya Buddha will prevent and manage the gods from doing bad things.
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Some important notes while making Prithvi God of Wealth tablet:

  • To increase sanctity and good fortune, choose the day to purchase the God of Wealth and Ong Diya altar set depending on the age of the homeowner. This also helps in bringing consistency and convenience.
  • According to Feng Shui, choose the right direction to place the altar to attract wealth and good fortune into your family. This also ensures that it will not cause problems in business and will not affect the health of the family.
  • To set up an altar to the God of Wealth on earth, the householder can choose the day of the God of Wealth, usually the 10th day of the lunar calendar in January every year or the 10th day of every month.
  • On the day of the God of Wealth, prepare all the offerings and perform the necessary rituals. Additionally, you can choose the first day to set up the altar, a full moon day or a day appropriate to the destiny and age of the homeowner.
    God of Wealth Altar of the EarthHomeowners need to install Earth God of Wealth tablet as per Feng Shui to help them get good luck and fortune

Where is a good place to ask for an altar to Earth, the God of Wealth?

There are many places selling it these days Gun Shot However, in order for the puja to be convenient and not to violate taboos, you should choose an address to invite the revered earth god of wealth. If you are wondering whether to choose a good place to buy God of Wealth Tablet, you can refer to Buddhist Supplies – an e-commerce site that specializes in providing quality tablets. This space will help you create a sacred, feng shui-compliant worship space for the god of wealth.

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