Meaning and benefits of reciting Sanskrit Aushadhi Mantra is a very inspiring mantra, reciting which…

chu duoc su

doctor uncle This is an extremely inspirational mantra, chanting which will drive away all diseases and lead to a peaceful and healthy life. However, not everyone understands the true meaning of chanting the medicine mantra. So today’s article Buddhist Items will bring you detailed information about Medicine Master.


Meaning and Benefits of Chanting Sanskrit Aushadhi Mantra

I. What is Sanskrit medicine mantra?

Medicine Master in Sanskrit is written as Bhaisajyaguru, whose full name is Pharmacist Luu Li Quang, also known as Pharmacist Tathagata, he is understood as a physician who is able to cure many diseases Is. Meanwhile, Lulu Li is a type of transparent pearl, which emits blue light. Optical means light. The light source of the Medicine Buddha is clear and pure, spreading everywhere.

Thus, Medicine Master Lu Li Quang Tathagata can be understood as a physician. He has a pure and precious body like lapis lazuli which always shines in all directions, giving peace to all. He can cure the diseases of all the creatures of the world.

He is also known as Tu Tai Dien Tho Medicine Master Buddha, he is the Buddha symbolizing the perfection of Buddhahood in the Pure Land of Lu Li.


Medicine Buddha Lu Li Quang Tathagata is known as the Buddha who can cure all the diseases of the world

Second. dispensary mantra

The Sanskrit Pharmacist Mantra is written as follows:

Tadyatha Om Bhaishajye Bhaishajye Maha-bhaishajye Raja Samudgate Swaha


Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radja Samudgate Soha


Details about Mana Mantra of the dispensary

Third. What is the use of Sanskrit medicine mantra?

There are many causes of disease in humans, which can be attributed to the dietary habits, activities and mental health of each individual. Practicing Sanskrit Chikitsa Mantra can help people overcome any disease, be it physical or mental.


Sanskrit Pharmacist helps to cure diseases and ward off calamities

Here are 12 uses that the Medicine Master brings:

  • First: He vows that in the next life, when he attains peerless bodhi, his light may spread immeasurably and infinitely in all directions. When sentient beings see this aura, they will have a clear, pure body and mind, will diligently cultivate the six lands, and will be able to leave the world of suffering to enter nirvana.
  • Second: He vows to attain peerless bodhi in the next life, his body is like lapis lazuli both inside and out. In a dark place all sentient beings can see his body and are always at peace, contented in mind.
  • Third: He vows that in the next life, when he attains peerless bodhi, he will use the knowledge and means to teach sentient beings so that all sentient beings can always rely on each other, thereby making people prosperous and prosperous. Can help in making the country strong.
  • Fourth: He vows that in the next life, when He attains the rarest thing, if any sentient being and practices wrongly, He will bring them back to the right path. If sentient beings practice the two vehicles, it will enable them to attain unique knowledge.
  • Fifth: He vows that in the next life, if he attains unsurpassed bodhi, any sentient being who is in the teachings of the Pure Practice, he will help them in the three assemblies of the Pure Precepts. As for those sentient beings who break their crimes and hear bad names, He will help them to purify their mind and not to fall into the evil path.
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Medicine Buddha vows to help the well-being of sentient beings

  • Sixth: He vows that in the next life, if he attains the Supreme Deity, there are sentient beings who have low bodies, who do not have the six faculties and are very naive, ugly like There are deaf ears, invisible eyes, bare hands and feet. When people are healthy, hearing his name can heal them, their body is dignified and they have a clear mind.
  • Seventh: He vows that in the next life, if he attains peerless bodhi, sentient beings are unfortunately afflicted with a fatal disease that has no cure, no shelter, poverty and misery, so his name Listening will be fine. Purest, purest body and mind.
  • Eighth: He vows that in the next life, if he attains unsurpassed bodhi, there are sentient beings who are women, but they have to endure many sufferings, and extreme sorrow when their name is pure and pure. wish to be free from. Manly enough generals.
  • 9th: He vows that in the next life, if there are sentient beings who are unlucky enough to fall into the heresy of the Supreme Being, He will use His ability to teach them easily so that they may avoid the path of delusion . Practice, practice the bodhisattva and realize the unique deity.
  • Tenth: He vows that in the next life, if he attains peerless bodhi, there are sentient beings who, out of ignorance, make mistakes that lead to imprisonment and suffering. Hearing his name, all troubles will go away.
  • 11th: He vows that in the next life, if there are sentient beings who have attained peerless bodhi and fall into poverty and hardship because of the need to eat and drink, they will commit bad deeds, he will punish them for life Being dedicated will help. and maintenance. , Help those sentient beings to get enough food and teach them the Dharma of the Buddha.
  • 12th: He vows that in the next life, if there are sentient beings who experience ultimate enlightenment and are faced with poverty, they are so destitute that they have no clothes to wear, summer or winter, No matter rain or shine, if they hear his name, he will help them. They had enough utensils, clothes and extra treasure.
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Medicine Buddha vows to protect sentient beings from disease and suffering in the next life

IV. sanskrit medicine mantra meaning

The medicine mantra in the short version is written as: “Tayta Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha”. Each word of this mantra has the following meaning:

  • Tire: It means transcending all limits, going beyond samsara and nirvana.
  • About this: Expressing the meaning of spiritual power and full presence.
  • Once upon a time: Means calling the name of Medicine Buddha twice in a row.
  • Maha Bekandze: Referring to the immeasurable qualities of the Medicine Buddha.
  • Radza Samudgete: It means complete liberation or awakening.
  • Soha: It means to dissolve in every living being.


Sanskrit Chikitsa Mantra is of great importance to all sentient beings

V. How to chant Medicine Master Mantra?

People can read and practice sanskrit chikitsa mantra at home or anywhere. Here are some things to know while reciting Aushadhi Mantra at home.

1. Exact Steps to Chant Medicine Master Mantra

Read the Sanskrit Aushadhi Mantra as per the following steps:

  • Step 1: If you have a lot of free time in the day, then you should chant Aushadhi Mantra in the morning, afternoon, afternoon and evening. Each recitation occurs 108 times. And if you are busy then you should take out time to recite at least once a day and recite 108 times.
  • Step 2: Families who have bought a Medicine Buddha Luu Li statue should offer 3 incense sticks and recite while sitting in front of his body. For families that have not bought a Buddha statue, just keep a picture with his image or keep in mind the concept and practice of the day of the barber.
  • Step 3: Read the Sanskrit Pharmacist Mantra clearly and correctly


How to chant medicine mantra

2. Notes while reciting Sanskrit Aushadhi Mantra

To make the mantra most effective, you need to know the following:

  • You can recite standing, sitting, lying down as long as your mind is always in deep faith in Dharma.
  • The person chanting this mantra should not be half-hearted at all. To chant the most inspired mantra one must have a very steady mind.
  • When we recite the Sanskrit Medicine Master Mantra, if we always think of the great Medicine Master Luli, he will surely get an inspiration, bringing good things to the aid of sentient beings.
  • Before reciting the mantra, you should take a bath, choose a discreet and modest outfit, and prepare some additional offerings like lamps, incense, flowers, etc.
  • Maintain a neat and dignified reading posture. The sound level is moderate, enough to be heard. The most important thing is to have a pure mind, so the new mantra is most effective.
  • Loyal and faithful attitude should be kept, chanting should be done sincerely for 1 to 7 weeks.
  • Do not let other emotions dominate, need to keep the mind calm, live in harmony with everyone.

post on Buddhist objects Shared information related to Sanskrit Medicine Master. Hope to help you understand this mantra better and apply it in the most effective way.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!