Manh Ba Soup – Origin and Meaning of Manh Ba Soup According to legend, a bowl of Manh Ba soup can help the deceased forget everything…

Manh Ba Soup - Origin and Meaning of Manh Ba Soup According to legend, a bowl of Manh Ba soup can help the deceased forget everything...

legend, bowl mind ba soup Can help the deceased to forget all about the past and to be reborn in another life, to live a completely new life. To understand the details of the origin and meaning of the Manh Ba bowl of soup, please read the following article on Buddhist objects.

1. Origin of Manh Ba

Canh Manh Ba originated from a woman born in the Western Han Dynasty, named Manh Ba. According to the records of Ngoc Lich Sao Truyen, Manh Ba was a natural connoisseur of all kinds of Confucian books. As an adult, he devoted himself to reciting Buddhist sutras.

During his life, he devoted all his energy to advising many people to adopt vegetarianism, especially not to kill. After the age of 80, Manh Ba Ae Nai went deep into the mountains to practice and attain enlightenment. Because he knew that there were still many people in the human world who had been reincarnated into a new life, but still clearly remembered their past lives, causing disturbances to the human order, so the Jade Emperor Manh Ba was given a special order to become the ruler. the underworld.

His duty is to sit on the Nai Ha Bridge and let those crossing the bridge drink a bowl of manh ba soup before being reborn into another life. After drinking a bowl of soup, everyone will forget all hatred, love, hatred in this life and start a new life in the next life.


Man Ba ​​Soup helps people to forget all hatred, hatred, love and hatred after death

2. What is Kanh Manh Ba?

Mah ba soup is a type of soup of white color, thick consistency, attractive aroma, which is made from medicinal herbs of the world. People also call it rice porridge. While drinking this bowl of soup at Wong Huang Dai, the spirits will forget whatever happened in the previous life.

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The bowl of Maan Ba ​​soup will have 5 different tastes including sour, spicy, salty, sweet and bitter, which represent the joys and sorrows of human life. People who do good deeds while alive often take rebirth and live a glorious, prosperous and prosperous life. On the contrary, those who do evil will have to change their lives and live a difficult life full of pessimism and hardships.

However, there are still some souls who hold many attachments and refuse to drink man ba soup to forget what happened in the past. At this time, Manh Ba would mark those spirits and release them into the Vong Xuyen River. Beneath the river, the soul clung to resentment and suffering pains and tortures for thousands of years before being transferred to another life.


If you don’t drink Man Ba ​​Soup, your soul will suffer pain and suffering for thousands of years

3. Meaning of Manh Ba Soup Bowl

To be reborn as a human being one always has to go through a long journey. Based on the qualities and deeds accumulated over a lifetime, the world in which each soul is to be reborn will be decided.

The karma mentioned here means good and bad deeds done during the course of samsara. If you do a lot of good deeds, it will be called good karma, and if you do bad deeds, it will be called bad karma. Whether we do well or excel, we must take responsibility for what we have done.

The main meaning of the Man Ba ​​soup bowl is to remind sentient beings to overcome greed, hatred, delusion and ignorance in human life, to move out of worldly imagination, emptiness and illusion, to move towards rebirth. Words, live a life free from sorrows, without sadness, without anger…

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Can Mana Ba helps souls to forget all greed – anger – delusion – ignorance in human life

4. Why do some people drink manh ba soup but still remember their past lives?

From the above analysis, it is possible to realize the power of Man Ba ​​Soup in purifying the past and being reborn in another life. However, there are also many cases where many people still remember memories from their past lives.

For example, in the book Ky Vien Ky So Ky – Recorded by the author Trieu Cat Wei, there is a story about a man named Ho Tan. His wife unfortunately passed away. At the same time, a family 80 miles away gave birth to a baby girl, the baby girl grew up and told the family that she was Ho Tan’s wife.

When the servant from Ho Tan’s house came to give this news, this girl recognized him too and told his name correctly. When she met her husband in her past life, she told in detail how it happened, especially the story of the underworld.

She said that, when she was about to drink a cup of manh ba soup, suddenly a small dog came running and broke her soup bowl, so she did not drink the soup. That’s why he remembered the events of his past life very well. Furthermore, there are some cases where it is said that there is no other way to resist the will of God and the soul.


There are also some reincarnation cases but I clearly remember my past life

Above is a detailed description of the origin and meaning of Manh Ba Soup. Buddhist objects is an entity that follows the Buddhist tradition, providing a variety of materials for non-profit Buddhist practice. Hope the above information will be useful for you.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!