Learn about the Dharma Guru of the Buddhist Church in Vietnam The title of Dharma Guru is used to call the supreme leader of the Buddhist Church …

Learn about the Dharma Guru of the Buddhist Church in Vietnam The title of Dharma Guru is used to call the supreme leader of the Buddhist Church ...

The title of Dharma Master is used to refer to the supreme leader of the Buddhist Church, that is, the head of the Proving Council, who will issue the most important document, the Teaching, on behalf of the Proving Council. Represent the Church in foreign activities. So who is the Dharma Guru of the Vietnamese Buddhist Association today? Buddhist objects will provide you some information related to this through the following article.

I. Who is the present ruler of the Buddhist Church?

Since 1981, the Vietnam Buddhist Association has had three Dharma Masters, namely: His Holiness Thich Duc Nuan (1897-1993), His Holiness Thich Tam Thich (1915-2005), Great Elder His Holiness Thich Pho Tuy (1917 ).

In the period of the Buddhist revival, there were three people in the North who were honored as Dharma Masters: Zen master Dharma Master Most Venerable Thich Thanh Hanh (1934 – 1936); Zen Master Dharma Master Most Venerable Thich Thanh Tuong (1936): His name was Dinh Xuan Lac (1858-1936).

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His Holiness Thich Pho Tuy, Third Master of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church

During the Sixth Buddhist Congress (2007), H.T. Thich Pho Tuy was honored by the Congress as the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Association and became the third Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Association. On 24 November 2012, at the 7th National Congress of Buddhist Representatives, it was agreed that the Venerable Most Venerable Thich Pho Tuy would be reinstated to hold the position of Dharma Master Zen Master of the Church’s Central Committee. Vietnamese Buddhism.

Second. Who is the Vice President of the Buddhist Church?

The Deputy Dharma Master holds a senior clerical position after the Dharma Master, usually reserved for an elderly Venerable who is much older in the Ceremonial Council, there are also cases that are not in the Ceremonial Council but complement. They are often invited to perform, attend important ceremonies, major events, and are often seated at the top of ceremonies.

Among the Vice Presidents, there is a person called the Deputy Dharma Lord cum Chief Secretary of the Proving Council, usually after the President of the French Council, the first Deputy Dharma Lord to be crowned Dharma Lord in the next term. It is the successor post of Dharma Guru.

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Third. A brief biography of the current Dharma Master His Holiness Thich Tri Quang

1. His life and career path

He was born in 1923, when he was 13, he was initiated with Master Hong Tuyen at Pho Minh Pagoda. After that, he studied at Fu Xuan. It was from here that his life became connected with Buddhism in the ancient capital.

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His Holiness Thich Tri Quang has made many contributions to Buddhism in the country

His name has been associated with many important Buddhist events in the country. He has been at Tu Dam Pagoda since 2013. He continued to translate and practice the sutras until his death. He was ordained a monk in 1960. He received his doctorate in Buddhist Studies from Risho University, Tokyo, Japan.

2. Missionary activities and posts

He came back from 1973 to 1975. At that time, he was appointed to the position of General Director of Translation and Authoring by the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

Then in 1981–2007, he held the position of head of the Central Committee for the Propagation of the Dharma, whose task was to train monks in evangelization.

The Buddhist association has appointed Venerable Thich Tri Quang to be in charge of many different positions, such as the head of the executive board of the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Association, editor-in-chief of the Enlightenment newspaper, head of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Association, International Buddhist Head of Department,…

In addition, he held the position of abbot and abbot in several patriarchates, such as: Abbot Quoc Tu of Vietnam, Abbot of An Quang Communal House, Abbot of Hue Nghiem Communal House, Abbot of Hue Nghiem Pagoda, and Abbot of Hue Nghiem Pagoda. Linh Son Buu Thien Pagoda, Abbot of Linh Nguyen Communal House….

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He has held many important positions

IV. Phap Hoa Colon, role of His Holiness Thich Tri Quang

After the country was unified so that Buddhists could study, His Holiness Thich Tri Quang planned and stationed a gathering of young Buddhists at the An Quang Pagoda.

1. Prepare Them First

Here, you will be in charge of the flower offering. It is an important ritual in the birthday of the great Buddha. After some time, young Buddhists would learn teachings and chanting sessions at the An Quang communal house. All together they made Ngoc Nu. These are considered to be the beginnings of Lotus Dojo.

The Ngoc Nhu group consists of young Buddhists, especially those in kindergarten through grade 1. After some time, the La Hou La family was born. This is the second group in Phap Hoa Djo, it has Buddhists who are even older than Ngoc Nhu.

Under the guidance of His Holiness Thich Tri Quang, the children attending the lessons showed more and more interest. Students study with enthusiasm and dignity. Therefore, some children memorized several books, some even memorized all 7 books.

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Phap Hoa Ashram was founded by His Holiness Thich Tri Quang

2. Dharma Flower Dojo Keeps Going Stronger

They progress very fast, live closely, remain cordial, create sympathy with people around them. Even his parents are involved in the activities of the ashram. Gradually, the Phap Hoa ashram has spread to all ages and backgrounds. This popularity led to the birth of many of them.

Phap Hoa Ashram is not only developed in the country but also spread abroad. The people who brought the Phap Hoa Ashram abroad were also disciples of the Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang.

V. The great monk made a great contribution to the construction of Huy Nghiem Pagoda

Hue Nghiem Pagoda, located in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, is a temple of the Bac Tong sect. Earlier, the land of the temple was used to produce food for the family.

After 1975, he built the temple and started the construction of Hue Ngeim 2 Pagoda. The main objective was to enlarge them and create a place for the study and rest of the Buddhists. After more than 20 years, specifically in 1998, the Hue Ngim 2 Pagoda was officially recognized.

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Composite image of Hue Ngeim Pagoda

He built a garden temple of grand beauty in an area of ​​2 hectares. The main hall honoring Buddha and Bodhisattvas is made of many precious woods. There are impressive landscapes such as the lotus pond and the fish pond at the corners of the garden. Every Sunday is a time for Buddhists to dedicate themselves to practice.

In 2000, the pagoda was donated by Thich Giak Hoang with 3 relics of Buddha, in addition to 2 sages. In the courtyard in front of the temple there is a statue of Quan the M Bodhisattva, 12 meters high. Material completely monolithic granite. In 2003, this statue was donated by His Holiness Thich Tinh Tu.

Every year, the Hue Nghiem Pagoda is chosen as the venue for the Buddha’s Birthday celebration. A large number of monks and nuns and Buddhist followers participated here. His Venerable Thich Tri Quang’s lectures always attract a lot of monks and nuns and Buddhists.

Because. the great restoration of quoc tu

The construction of the Hue Ngeim Pagoda was officially started in October 2014. The function is to welcome the 9th Congress of Buddhist Representatives in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, it is also an act to celebrate the establishment of the Vietnam Buddhist Association.

The investment cost for the project is up to 250 billion VND, with the main hall alone costing 180 billion VND. Completed items have 5 floors, which are fully functional. Including basement parking, hall floor, or office floor…

In addition, the 13-storey Da Bao Tower symbolizes the integration of 13 organizations, sects and associations. All served for peace and equality of religions in the South in 1963. As of November 2017, the works were officially inaugurated.

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Photos of Vietnam Quoc Tu

The Buddhist articles above provided readers with information about the Dharma Masters and Deputy Masters of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church. Apart from this, the respected Guru has a great contribution in the development of Buddhism in the country. If you are interested or need consultation, please contact the hotline 08.6767.1366 or visit the website www.milligorusportal.com For the fastest support and advice.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha.