Learn about Reincarnation and Reincarnation There are many views that death is the end, the dead person will no longer be…

Learn about Reincarnation and Reincarnation There are many views that death is the end, the dead person will no longer be...

There are many views that death is the end, the dead will no longer be with us. Actually, every religion has a different view on this matter. He believes that death does not mean the end. After death the soul will be reborn and it will live in a new form, a new life. So you have to wonder whether the dead can be reincarnated or not? Buddhist objects will provide you some information related to reincarnation in the article itself below.

1. What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation can be understood as rebirth from one soul or body to another. The beginning is when a person lies down and will transfer to the just born body. Reincarnation and reincarnation will “absorb” the results from past lives and the law of karma, it is a cycle of rebirth that Buddhists always find a way to guide living beings to escape. Because all the deeds of the past life are also not good deeds, if you cannot get rid of it, then you cannot reach the highest level of nirvana.

However, rebirth is not a negative direction. Because with each new life, people will gradually have more contemplation and depth. Accumulation of good karma to be able to solve the problems of past lives.

Understanding this problem also means understanding that there are things that we cannot have in this life. Because sin was committed by sinning in the previous birth, but if you continue to sin in this life, you will definitely suffer in the next life. Just like that, there is no day that can end the sufferings to come.

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The essence of Buddhism is to liberate the mind and develop good nature within each person.

About the Reincarnation Story of the Pollock Twins

Buddhism has clearly shown the relationship between past, present and future on an infinite time axis (no beginning and no end) according to the law of cause and effect – samsara (samsara is rotation, return is return). The phenomenon of reincarnation and reincarnation is one of the phenomena that comes under the law of reincarnation.

2. If I become a human in this life, can I become a human in the next life?

In Buddhist teachings, rebirth will revolve in six paths: heaven, asura, hell, preta, animal, and human. The destination in the next life will be determined based on the “artificial seeding of karma” in the past life, which is one of these six paths.

Rebirth in this life is due to cause and effect and the deeds of past lives. Therefore, if you are a good person in this life, living well and accumulating virtue, and actively neutralizing the karma created by your past lives, you have the potential to move forward into a new and higher realm. There will be an opportunity to

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In Buddhism, rebirth and rebirth revolve around the 6 realms: heaven, asura, hell, preta, animal, and human.

2.1. scientific explanation of reincarnation

This problem also means that if we don’t practice actively, only think about ourselves and do wrong things, we will not only be a beast, but also a hungry ghost, even Hell in the next life too.

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In order to get out of the vicious circle of rebirth, every person in this life needs to actively practice and practice every day to stop bad karma to develop good karma for themselves and those around them .

The most important factor that determines where a person will be reborn (but not the only one), is karma. These are considered to be verbs with the same direct effect in the past and present.

So when a good person dies, it is often said that he or she will soon go to heaven. And if a person does bad deeds then people will curse that the next birth will be of an animal.

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reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul from one body to another

2.2. Reincarnation Story in Bhutan

Buddhism is basically about freeing the mind and developing kindness in each person. So, when we are stagnant, indifferent to practice, it also means that we create evil, toxic in our development. However, every person also needs to understand that if they want to have a better life in the next life, they have to actively live honestly and healthily in this life, then only all good things will come. Thus, it is possible to neutralize bad things for yourself when reborn and reborn.

The above article has helped you to answer the question “If this life becomes a human, can one be born again as a human in the next life?” Hopefully, through this sharing, you will be able to gain a better understanding of rebirth as well as knowledge related to Buddhism.

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