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According to Vietnamese Buddhist tradition, each time we take refuge in the Three Jewels to become an official disciple, a new name will be the name Buddhism. How to use it while alive and dying or not yet taking refuge. When you learn about it you will know the origin of the name that can be given to you when you take refuge in the Triple Gem. Buddhist Objects will answer this question as well as provide you with some information related to the name Dharma.

legal name

Each Buddhist will have a different Dharma name before taking refuge in the Three Jewels.

1. Legal name, legal letter, history of formation of legal name

When Buddhism spread to China, Dao An (312–385) proposed taking the Buddha’s family name (Thich-Shakya) as the family name for monks, and they also changed their name to Thich Dao An. Since then, the monks have started bringing the Thich family.

In Vietnam, Zen masters of the Li-Tran dynasty often used the name Dharma, but did not keep the surname Thich. Zen masters such as Viện Chieu (replaced for Mai Truc), Nộn Diệu Nhan (replaced by Li Ngoc Kieu), etc. also used the name of the dharma.

In full, after being officially ordained a monk, the guru will confer the legal title. In some cases, the dharma name may be given by medical instructors, teachers or monks, or it may be self-declared and then presented to a lord and verified.

legal name

The name Dharma is used by monks and nuns in daily life

Later, the name Dharma came to be used by monks and nuns in daily life. However, there are still cases where monks and nuns have no religious name. The use of religion names, legal names and liberties is due to the individual views of each monk or nun, or to the practice of monks and nuns in different regions and regions. But for the most part, venerable monks and nuns will use the name Dharma.

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2. Evaluation of religion name which you don’t know yet

For ordinary Buddhists, there is no word “like” in front of the religion name, but only words like Layman, Faithful, Daoist, Buddhist… In addition, Buddhist followers will be given a dharma name to use during the funeral rites after their death if they have not yet taken refuge in this world.

After taking refuge in the Three Jewels a person will officially become a Buddhist, giving them a dharma name transmitted by the teacher of the Five Precepts.

3. What does your legal name structure mean?

The name Dharma is made up of two words: The first syllable relates to the origin of the sect according to the slokas of that sect. The latter word is chosen by the guru based on the meaning of the disciple’s name (pratishtha) to create a double word that has good meaning and encourages practice.

For example: a person named America, taking refuge in a master whose first name is TAM, his name is usually Dharma, the first letter is Nguyen; The next letter is yaar. That is Nguyen Man.

Sometimes the disciple’s name already contains a word that has a meaning and it matches the word in the verse, if the name cannot find the conjuncts, they add words to the name of the arhat, bodhisattva, etc. to make them. You can use. Hence the French name. In the past, gurus used words from the book Kim Quang Minh Tam Tu to name their disciples Dharma.

legal name

Legal names are usually words that match the words of the verse

Currently, Vietnamese Buddhism comes from Zen Buddhism, most of which are from the Cao Dong and Lam Tey lineages. The forefathers of all ancestors recorded lam te, but the practice was both pure and tantric. For example, in Hue, each patriarch of the sect has at least three lines of lineage, but all belong to the Lam Te lineage.

4. Summary of Some Common Legal Names

According to Doan Trung Cong’s Buddhist Studies Dictionary: Dharma name is a moral name, ordinary people who are brought up by the world no longer use their names according to the world, but are required to take the Dharma name given by the guru. Is. Those who adopt or practice the three precepts, the five precepts, at home are also entitled to the name of Dharma, also known as Dharma Nama.

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There was a high monk at Long Thien Tu Pagoda who explained the name Dharma as follows: When you want to become a Buddhist, you must take refuge in the Three Gems, then the appointed master will give them a Dharma name based on a verse. they were given. disseminated in the sect of that Guru. The High Monk recites a verse for use in naming his disciples:

“Essentially Taoist Ancestor Buddha”

Minh Nhu Hong Nhat Le Trung Nguyen

Phong Tho to Linh Nguyen Quang Nuan

chiu the son dang wan tradition”

Each patriarch would take a turn from the poem as the first word of the Dharma name. The word behind will be chosen by the coordination master, but it is necessary to take a word that has the same meaning as the proper name.

5. Meanings of some beautiful legal names

legal name

Summary of some beautiful legal names with meaning

5.1. The Zen master Van Phong Thoi Man (Hai Duc Sect, in Hue, Thap Thap Di Da Sect, Binh Dinh) also used this verse:

“VC Dao Gioi Dinh Tong”

Phuong Quang Witness Information

true supernatural happiness

liu dat ngo chon khong

Like Nhat Quang Thuong Chieu

Puzhou Benefit Dong

tin huong san fuoc hue

The Future of Chan Tu Fong”

The highest generation of teachers in this sect is in the category of the word CHEN.

5.2. Most other temples belonging to the Sect of Mr. Liu Quan use the following verse:

“The Sacrifice of the Truly Great Dao

thanh hai thanh trung

Tam Nguyen Quang Nuan

duc bon tu phong

principles of prosperity

information gymnastics

Vinh Siu Tri Fruit

secret code of success

walk through magical truth

chong tong choir

satisfaction award

Reaching Wu Chon Khong”

Most generations of teachers in this sect are in the word TRUNG.

Central and South are the places where these two lines flourish

5.3. In addition, in Hue, the sect of Quoc An Pagoda replicated by Tu Nguyen Thieu used the poem of the 31st generation Dao Man as follows:

“Essentially Taoist Ancestor Buddha”

minh nhu hong nhat le trung thien

Phong Pho to Linh Nguyen Quang Nuan

chiu the chon dang wan ko hyen”

The highest generation of teachers in this sect is in the word LE.

5.4. In Quang Nam Da Nang, there is a sect called Chuc Thanh Pagoda which is related to Mr. Minh Hai Phap Bao who reputedly wrote another poem:

“The Whole Chapter of Truthfulness Fa-Chapter

n chon nhu thi dong

Blessings to the Holy Spirit Thien Kuu

national flag of earth

Wei Tuyen’s Law Winning

Congregation for the Way to Happiness

bodhi tree flower

Happy and Prosperous Thien Trung”

5.5. In addition, there are other verses in the 41st generation such as Sri Tri Thang Bich Dung:

,pure intelligence

vien minh ethics

chon nhu tanh hai

common test

Tam Nguyen Quang Tuc

Bon Giak Xuong Long

the power of the sacred fruit

is often performed

Duy Truyen Dharma Seal

Chief Justice of the Association

don’t follow instructions

Vinh Ke To Tong”

5.6. In response, Mr. Minh Hanh Et Toi also published a poem:

“Minh Chon Nu Told”

kim tuong chung chiu thong

chi dao thanh chanh

General Foot Awakening”

5.7. Mr. Tri Jiao Nhat Cuy of Tu Dong School also published a poem:

Drilling Jiak Dao Born Thi Chanh Tam

Confessions Almond Honey Confessions Luong Hue

Dang Pho Chiu Hoang Phap Vinh Truong”

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Wish you Amitabh Buddha.