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mr tao’s pill Also known as the Tao Quan Tablet, it is an important worship object when worshiping the Kitchen God. However, many homeowners still do not fully understand the meaning, benefits of the Kitchen God Tablet and how to arrange it to receive the many benefits and blessings. The article below will help you understand those things.

Meaning of Kitchen God Tablet

According to the tradition of Vietnamese people, worshiping the Kitchen God is an important custom, almost every house has an altar to worship the Kitchen God. Thus, it is essential to have an altar to the Kitchen God as it is considered to be the place where the spirits of the Kitchen Gods and congregants reside when we perform ceremonies and pujas.

When worshiping Tao Quan, we worship not just one God but three, including Tho Cong, Tho Dia, and Tho Ky. Among them, according to the legend of Mr. Kang and Mr. Tao, the turkey is a goddess. The Tao Quan Tablet is considered an object that can help the gods easily return home after ascending to heaven and reporting to the Jade Emperor. Furthermore, this tablet also helps the householder to remember the deities who have contributed to the management of the land and the care of the family. It is a way of expressing the wishes and prayers of the householder whenever he burns incense and performs puja.

mr tao's pill Kitchen God Tablet is a common and indispensable worship material in every Vietnamese family.

According to folk beliefs, Sri Tao is the god in charge of fire, smoke, cooking and every family’s good fortune.

The meaning of Kitchen God Tablet is shown in the following points:

  • The Kitchen God Tablet is considered to be the convergence of the spirits of Mister Kang and Mister Tao whenever we worship and perform rituals.
  • For Mr. Kang and Mr. Tao, the tablet is considered an object that helps these gods easily find their way back home after ascending to heaven.
  • When we burn incense and worship it helps the owners of the house to express their wishes and send prayers to Mister Kang and Mister Tao.
  • The tablet also helps the homeowner pay homage to Mr. Kang and Mr. Tao – the deities who have taken care of our kitchens and land management.
  • In addition, the Kitchen God Tablet is also a part of the tradition and allows descendants to always remember the merits of the three gods Tho Cong, Tho Dia and Tho Ky.

The most accurate way to request a Kitchen God tablet

Vietnamese people often say, “The land has tho cong, the river has ha ba”, meaning that every land has innovation from the gods. Just as there is a kitchen in every home, Mr. Kang and Mr. Tao are also present there. Therefore, it is necessary to set up an altar and invoke the Taoist tablet to pray for blessings, ward off bad luck, and protect the peace, prosperity, and happiness of the family.

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Usually, the Kitchen God Tablet is placed on a small altar in the kitchen, it can be kept in a kitchen cabinet or in a high place by protecting it from contact with water as the altar has the nature of fire and water, which is negative for fire. Is. , and does not create a homey feeling. If we do not have a separate altar, we can place tablets on the ancestral altar to burn incense and make offerings, but we should not worship directly in the kitchen. According to the concept of the five elements of yin and yang, it is very appropriate to place the kitchen god’s altar in the south, as this direction is related to fire and can bring luck and fortune to the homeowner.

The altar of the Kitchen God usually includes the following items:

  • Altar shelf or altar.
  • Mr. Tao’s pill.
  • Incense sticks.
  • fruit plate.
  • flower vase.
  • Glass of water.
  • Candles.
  • During the process of invoking the Kitchen God Tablet, the homeowner will prepare appropriate offerings depending on the financial situation. Typically, the offering tray includes:

  • Three sets of clothes and hats (2 men and 1 woman) along with gold paper and money. After offerings, these items will turn into gold.
  • A delicious feast with traditional dishes such as boiled chicken, stir-fry dish, soup dish, pork sausage, gac sticky rice, sweet soup, candies, rice, salt, wine, betel nuts and betel nuts… depending on proficiency and individual conditions of. Homeowner gift trays can be simple or complex.
  • The puja ceremony and request for the Kitchen God Tablet will be conducted in the kitchen.
  • After the offering objects and offering tray are fully displayed, the householder will personally burn incense in the incense bowl, then place the incense in the urn to invite Mr. Tao to enter the home and perform the ritual of Tao Quan in their Will pray to welcome you to the new home. Next, water will be boiled, tea made and offered to the gods and ancestors to begin the kitchen.
  • The most accurate way to make Kitchen God tablets at home

    Making the Kitchen God Tablet is part of a serious and sacred spiritual ritual. The most basic and standard steps for making Kitchen God tablets are given below:

  • Materials: Ong Tao tablets can be made from jackfruit wood, thi wood, paper or metal.
  • Shape: The shape of the tablet is often chosen to bring luck and fortune to the homeowner. According to Feng Shui concepts, some common sizes for making a Kitchen God tablet are: height 38 cm – width 17 cm, height 41 cm – width 18 cm, or height 61 cm – width 21 cm…
  • Inscription: The total number of words written on the Tao Quan tablet must be divisible by 4 or when divided by 4 there must be a remainder of 3, and there must not be a remainder of 1 or 2.
  • Contents of the Kitchen God Tablet: The contents of the Kitchen God Tablet are written in Han Nam from top to bottom and right to left. In the center of the tablet are the names of the 3 Tao Quan: Ban Gia Dong Tru Tu Menh Tao Phu Thanh Quan, Ban Gia Tho Dia Long Mach Ton Thanh, Ban Gia Ngu Phuong Ngu The Phuc Duc Chinh Thanh. If you don’t know how to write Han Nom, you can ask the priest to write your name on the tablet or buy it ready-made. If you have the ability to write then you can write as per the available templates.
  • Location of the Kitchen God Tablet: Place the incense burner (small altar) on the larger altar and close to the wall. Then, place the Kitchen God Tablet on this incense burner and place 3 wine stands in front.
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    Note, making a Taoist tablet is a serious ceremony, so please follow proper rules and traditions, as well as learn and consult with experienced people to ensure seriousness. and improve the preparation process Gun Shot,

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    It can be seen that the Kitchen God Tablet has a particularly important meaning for every family. We always believe that any family blessed by the kitchen gods will always have a bright kitchen and enjoy a prosperous, peaceful and blessed life. When worshiping Mr. Tao, if you diligently do good deeds and accumulate blessings, you will receive blessings and support, which will bring good fortune to your family, your children will study well and have a prosperous business.

    Currently, there are many places that sell Kitchen God tablets, however, in order for the puja to be convenient and not violate taboos, you should choose a reputable place to request for the Kitchen God tablet. If you are wondering whether to choose a good place to buy Kitchen God Tablets, you can refer to Buddhist Products – an e-commerce site that specializes in providing quality Kitchen God Tablets. This space will help you provide a sacred, feng shui-compliant space to worship the Kitchen God.

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