Japanese Girl Enters Islam After Drinking Zamzam Water

Japanese Girl Enters Islam After Drinking Zamzam Water

I Was Guided By The Quran: A Japanese Girl Entered Islam After Drinking Zamzam Water

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Is Japanese morality close to that of Muslims? Do they easily accept Islam?

Girl: My name is Yuki Asya, I am a Japanese Muslim living in Japan, I am 28 years old and I work at Masjid Assalam in Tokyo.

Sheikh:a muslim womanWell he gave Zamzam water and she brought it from Mecca to Japan. Miss Asia is shocked…! Why would this woman give me something that she thinks is precious?

– Asya, why are you looking for Islam?

Girl:My history with Islam began when I was seventeen years old. I didn’t think of accepting it until I started to think about the purpose and value of this mundane life. When a bad image of Islam was spread in Japan, but I felt a desire to know more about it, so I started reading about it and suddenly found out that Islam is not what I was. We hope to know more about it.

Sheikh:Asya moved from her city to Tokyo in search of Islam. This is due to the lack of Muslim and Muslim centers there.

Girl:When I came to Tokyo to seek Islam, I was 18 years old. I have left my home where there are no mosques or Muslims. Arriving in Tokyo, I met a hijab-wearing Muslim woman who works in an Indonesian spice shop and asked her to help me learn Islam… and she was like my mother in Tokyo.

Sheikh:That Indonesian woman had a great blessing in leading her to Islam. What happened between you and her?

Girl:I used to visit her every week. I saw in her the true virtues of Islam in the way I treat myself and others. I see Islam in her in her actions and qualities, not just in words and words.

Sheikh:The treatment of the Indonesian woman is to practice the words of the Prophet when he said: “Your money will not be enough for everyone, but your smiles and good manners can make it whole.”

Girl:After returning from Hajj, he invited me to his house. When we were in the kitchen, I saw a bottle and asked her about it, and she said: It is water that I brought from Makkah Al-Mukarramah. For the rest of my life, I will probably never forget the day my Indonesian mother invited me to her house and gave me Zamzam water to drink, even though I was not a Muslim at the time. She poured water for the kids and saved a portion for me and said, “You should wish for something before you drink it,” so, I made a wish and asked Allah to guide me in Islam. Then I drank it, and tears welled up in my eyes because she gave me this blessed drink, although I am not a Muslim.

Sheikh:Do you really feel that Allah Almighty has answered your prayers when you were praying while drinking Zamzam water?

Girl:Before I practiced Islam, I thought that Allah was far from me, so I often read about Him and prayed to Him in the hope that I could get closer to Him. After I converted to Islam, I knew that Allah always saw me and was close to me. me after my birth and even before I was born.

Sheikh:Ms. Asya was a women’s rights activist before converting to Islam and today she believes that the best rights for women are to apply Islamic law.

Girl:I think it’s true that I should work indoors and outdoors like I did in Japan for many years. Until I really got to know Islam, the religion that gives men and women real equality and justice; clear division of duties and responsibilities according to the nature of each gender. Since Allah is the One who created our different bodily natures, He knows the roles and abilities of each of us. So sorry for working moms. Islam values ​​women and truly gives them their worth.

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Sheikh:The lack of available information about the Islamic religion and the lack of communication between the Japanese and Muslims is one of the main reasons for the weak spread of Islam in Japan.

What is its relationship with the Qur’an? I want to know about your moving message from Quran.

Girl:I heard the Quran for the first time, and it was a long time ago, and it entered my heart without any book from other religions that I have heard. Anyone, even if they did not know Arabic like me at that time, felt the greatness of the Qur’an and that it was truly the word of God. The Qur’an enters my heart and affects it, and that is why I approach Islam and guide it.

Sheikh:For 5 years he struggled with the unusual changes in his soul, until guidance settled in his heart.

– Hello Asya, I want to know when you converted to Islam and proclaimed your testimony of faith Shahadah and where. I want you to detail this pivotal moment.

Girl:I proclaimed my Shahadah faith testimony in Syria in 2009, and that was after a long journey that took me 5 years of searching and hesitating to convert to Islam. I entered Islam before the month of Ramadan because I wanted to experience the month of Ramadan that every Muslim is waiting for. I entered Islam the day before Ramadan 2009 at a friend’s house and I couldn’t hold back my tears at that moment, and that’s what I’ve been waiting for a long time. I am very happy to hear the congratulations from those around me because I have started a new life and that God has forgiven everything I have done and I have been born again.

– When I told my family that I had converted to Islam, they jokingly told me: “Then you won’t be able to eat much of our food.” But, thank God, they accepted that and I didn’t have any difficulties with them.

Sheikh:Hello Asya, after converting to Islam, guided by Allah, she put on the Hijab and Alhamdulillah, she became a true Muslim woman. Was it difficult for you to do it?

Girl:After declaring the Shahadah, I knew that wearing Hijab was mandatory, but I couldn’t, for fear that it would be difficult for me to find a job, which meant that if I wore Hijab, I would not be able to live here in Japan. So I only wear hijab when in Masjid. One day I was attending mass in a church on Sunday, I saw the women with a thin headscarf on their heads and they took it off as soon as they left the church, suddenly, I thought that God is with us everywhere and all the time. time. , not only in church or Masjid or in Salah, so i decided to wear Hijab to obey Allah and i will never take it off and i always pray to him to help me easily to obey him, to wear hijab, to renounce the forbidden. food, as well as in overcoming any difficulties I have to face, and with the blessings of Allah, he answered my prayers and blessed me.

Sheikh:Hijab is both a thing to beautify and a thing to protect women, Allah Almighty does not impose anything except what is good. The female Sahabahs when Allah revealed the Hijab, they immediately cut their clothes to make the Hijab.

Girl:With the hijab, I feel that I am a true Muslim and I live Islam and I am spreading it to everyone who sees me, because without it, people would not know that I am a Muslim.

– I want to tell Muslim sisters, be proud to be Muslim, you must change the wrong view of Europeans and non-Muslims when they believe that Islam is unfair to women. Teach them that Muslim women practice their religious rites freely and with love. And Muslim sisters know that we have a role to play in spreading the religion and benefiting the community and Muslims.

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Sheikh:After Islam, we would like to know which Quranic verses have firmly established her in Islam and have had a great impact on her.

Girl:I went through a difficult period after joining Islam to adjust to it and the change that was taking place in my life. Maybe I suffered a little at first. During that time, the Japanese Muslims who followed Islam before me taught me a verse from the Ash-Sharh chapter, which is “Ina ma’al usri yusra” with means “Truly, with difficulty comes ease.” So this verse is a blessing from Allah to me and He has removed the difficulties I went through.

Sheikh:How did Ash-Sharh’s writing strengthen your heart?

Girl:Of course, when I heard this verse, it occurred to me that Allah has alleviated my problems by giving me the good company of my Muslim friends at the right time, my relatives and my family. After returning to Japan, I practiced religious rituals alone and sometimes felt burdened doing Salah and waking up for Salah Fajr. But thanks to these friends, their encouragement and support, I no longer feel alone and am able to overcome my difficulties.

– After my conversion to Islam, I felt a great responsibility to call Allah, especially my family, because I was the only Muslim in my family, and at first, when I was new to Islam, I wanted to stay in an Islamic country where halal food and salah services are available without any difficulty but i feel it is my responsibility to call my compatriots to the religion of islam so i came back.

Sheikh:After trying to find the right job for her new life, Asya found a good door, a job that calls upon Allah Almighty. Currently, she is working in one of the Masjid in Tokyo.

Girl:I started working on this Masjid last September. My job is to teach Japanese Muslims and others about Islam, I am also a library secretary and I organize lectures in Arabic and the languages ​​of the Qur’an. So I praise and thank Allah for blessing me when I can work here in Masjid.

– I know that we Japanese Muslims face many difficulties. There is no difference in Islam between race and nationality. Every Japanese, Asian or Arab Muslim lives under the mercy of Allah and Islam. If we Muslim men and women, when united, can improve each other in our situation, we can help each other overcome difficulties and strive to obey Allah. We must hold Islam firmly in our hearts, we must be proud and honored by it, so let us be steadfast in our faith and do our best.


{You (believers) cling to the rope (Islamic religion) of Allah and do not divide.}(Chapter 3 – Ali ‘Imran, verse 103)

Sheikh: Indeed, my brothers, Allah commands us to unite and not divide, He commands us not to divide and separate, He says in verse 46, chapter 8 – Al-Anfal:{Do not argue or fight among yourselves, lest you lose your strength and become weak.}

And Allah reminds us that this is a great favor from Him, He said:{And remember the favor that Allah has bestowed on you: when you were enemies, He united your hearts, and by His grace you became brothers. .}(Chapter 3 – Ali ‘Imran, verse 103)

– And the Messenger of Allah said that Muslims, the way they love each other, the way they have mercy on each other, they are kind to each other, they are like a human body, if any part is injured, the whole body Fever and insomnia can occur.

Girl:The reality of Islam is that we live for Allah and fully believe in Him. This is the splendor and greatness of Islam. Without it, our lives would be completely different from what we are now.