Islamic Gifts With a Personal Touch

The Art of Giving Islamic Gifts with a Personal Touch

Giving is a powerful force that can change lives for the better. Donating time, money or knowledge brings many rewards for both giver and recipient alike.

One of the best gifts to show our Muslim brothers how much we appreciate and care about them is a personalised prayer mat, adorned with their name or special messages that show just how much love there is between us all. This will make him feel both appreciated and special!

Personalised Islamic Wall Hangings

Modern Islamic wall art will bring any space in your Muslim home together in love and connection, inspiring children’s passion for Islam and their African heritage with stunning scenes depicting breathtaking landscapes, magnificent creatures, and stirring calligraphy that evoke the strength and resilience of their ancestors. You could also make their room special by gifting personalised prints featuring names of family members alongside beautiful calligraphy and an iconic dua (prayer) to remind your little ones of who they are while also creating barakah as part of each purchase will create barakah by giving to meaningful charities such as this insha’Allah.

Traditional Arabic Music CDs

Traditional Arabic music boasts an extensive legacy dating back to pre-Islamic times. Female singing slaves entertained wealthy patrons, inspired warriors on battlefields, and thrilled audiences at weddings with long, ornamented melodies and coloraturas that cannot be heard anywhere else in music. Arab classical singers are famed for their long melodies with ornamentation unheard in any other musical genre; its prototypical ensemble, known as takht, includes oud, qanun, rabab and ney while some groups have included electric guitar and cello.

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Now, musicians from across the Arab world draw upon various styles and influences when creating music. An excellent modern example is Al Andalus, an instrumental duo composed of oud and violin that uses their emotive music to encapsulate medieval Islamic culture in Spain and Portugal. Another is ‘Rhythmatiq’ by drummer Karim Nagi who builds individual rhythms into full songs updated for contemporary relevance.

During Ramadan, giving gifts of dates and desserts is very popular. Celebrating Life Bakery offers delicious traditional Arab sweets that can be enjoyed during iftar and suhoor meals – perfect to mark the end of fast or simply add a touch of elegance! Just be sure to give these to your friends before iftar starts for maximum enjoyment!

A Beautiful Book Wrapped in a Towel

Islamic gift giving is a key aspect of Islam that expresses love and affection, while also maintaining harmony and peaceful relations based on the teachings of Muhammad (PBUH). Gifts may be given spontaneously for no particular reason – from simple cards to exquisite shawls; when selecting the ideal Islamic present for someone close, adding personalization always makes a good statement about who cares.

An attractive Quran or dua book makes an excellent present for Muslims as it will strengthen their connection to Allah, as can be personalized with their name and message on its cover. A prayer mat or rug also makes a thoughtful addition to their home decor.

Islamic bookmarks make an ideal present for anyone who enjoys reading, and are made with materials that are kind to pages. Not only are these beautiful pieces useful in marking pages quickly and efficiently but they’re also great decor pieces – whether in your living space or as part of an Islamic gift set featuring designs from Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem mosques; making these stylish additions the ideal additions for Muslim friends!

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A Map of the World

No matter their religious faith or aesthetic taste, Islamic art gifts will make a perfect present for anyone in your life. Not only are these beautiful pieces visually captivating; but their deep and meaningful messages will encourage them to live the best possible lives.

At Zane & Noora, there are an assortment of unique pieces perfect for decorating the home and office that go beyond traditional Islamic calligraphy and design. Take this Allah desk ornament from Zane & Noora for instance: its intricate Arabic calligraphy on top of an elegant yet minimalist base makes this piece an eye-catching focal point in any room!

Personalise their prayers with a unique Islamic present that your loved one can use every day: a dua book! With various styles available and customizable with names or messages of your choosing, dua books make an ideal way to stay in contact with Allah and record prayers in an accessible format.

An appealing Muslim gift idea would be a personalized world map from AuthaGraph. Users can see how the shape of Earth has changed over the course of 600 million years while showing history of continent movements – this may help them understand global issues from climate change to cultural clashes as well as the significance of our common human connection.